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Right choice for a birthday celebration

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

I was so impressed with my overall experience at Skirt that I felt compelled to write a review - and I'm not one to write reviews!

Their service won me over before we even dined in the restaurant. When I called to make a reservation and informed them that it was my bf's birthday, they asked me for his name and told me they would give us a complimentary slice of cake!

And when we arrived at the restaurant, the service was impeccable. The waiters were always around with a smile and extremely attentive to our needs, perhaps even too much!

As for the food, it was sumptuous. We had complimentary bread with chorizo oil (served in a dropper bottle - how cute!) and seaweed sauce. The bread was fluffy and the blend of flavours was interesting. We ordered a Blackmore Australian full-blood Wagyu skirt steak at $48 for 250g (their signature steak) to share. They served an apple bourbon palate cleanser before the mains arrived and to me this was an indication of how attentive they are to the overall dining experience. I've never tried skirt steak before but it was definitely one of the best steaks I've ever had. Although the medium was slightly on the raw side, the beef was very tender, juicy and flavourful (but not gamy!). My bf commented that it was the best steak he's ever had :) We also ordered wild sauteed mushrooms ($12) and asparagus with quail eggs and burnt butter ($8). The sides were surprisingly inexpensive and offer good bang for the buck. The mushrooms were juicy and soft and again, my mushroom-loving boyfriend said it was the best he's ever had. The asparagus was good though not out of this world. The burnt butter had a crunchiness to it and had the taste of caramel, adding a new dimension to the dish.

For dessert, we had our complimentary cake. It was good though nothing to rave about (can't complain because it's free!) but I was very touched by the gesture. We also ordered the torched honey meringue with coconut and pineapple ice cream ($18). The meringue melts in your mouth and the coconut ice-cream is light. It had pineapple chunks and a cake base to give it an added dimension. Definitely a must try if you're visiting Skirt!

On the whole, I have no doubt that Skirt was the right choice for my bf's birthday celebration. You can also take a walk along the bay to admire the yachts after dinner ;)

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The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
20 May 2014
Hi Amanda He,
Thank you for taking your time to write to us. We are really delighted to learn that you have such a fantastic experience in SKIRT. Your lovely comments will definitely be share with our team and we are looking forward to welcome you in the near future.
Subaramaniam Kuppusamy

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Great steak house with warm service and lovely ambience.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 20

We went on a thursday evening for my birthday and it was rather packed for a weekday, with only 1 empty table. A good sign. 

However, the service was attentive, although one waitress only remembered toserve our palette cleansers for the steak, halfway into our meal. She apologised profusely and we could close one eye to that as the meat was simply too good on its own. 

Both of us ordered the Tajima wagyu ribeye medium rare, and it has a fat marbling of 6, which made it very juicy and easy to swallow. The steak was seasoned with salt and pepper, and that was enough although you might want to try the selection of salts served. 

The sides were decent, with two memorable ones being the sauteed mushrooms and garlic fries. I was also pleasantly surprised with a complimentary bday dessert toward the end of our meal, bringing the night to good end. 

Definitely recommended, and do consider sharing the steak between 2 persons as the 250g serving is big. More details and pictures on my food blog at: 

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Skirt tries but execution falters

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 14

Arriving late, we were not led to our seats after I pointed that we found our friends who were just directly opposite the entry way. It became the tune for the rest of the evening because no one came to find out whether we needed drinks, whether we would like to see a menu and even when we were all ready to order mains, no staff in the restaurant indicated they were ready. It was very very difficult to find service.

When service was available, it still needed fine tuning because this self-proclaimed semi-fine dining restaurant did not know that you do not serve over someone else' plate, you do not try to take away someone's plate unless the cutlery was lined up and you do not forget an order.


The only extra star from service came because they got our foods to the right places. Based on execution with most of the evening, I was almost tempted to wager that it was more luck than good management of guest needs.


Food-wise, we were happy with the jamon iberico, the bread (yes...I know...I had to find something to add to this list) and the short rib which was very good. Another highlight was the $44 blackmore skirt. My friends indicated they were less than impressed with all the other steak choices. My choice of a $130 blackmore ribeye was less than satisfactory although it was better than the steak we recently had at Bedrock (who made the wrong decision in moving their head chef somewhere else). We were not happy with the king prawns (seasoning is fine but it was clearly not fresh) and the crabmeat.


Very poor management, strategy and execution seems to be running rampant in the semi fine and fine dining scenes in Singapore at the moment.


We skipped dessert and won't likely be back here again unless we hear the tune has changed for the better.

With regards to price per pax, we had 3 good bottles of wine, turning away a 4th.

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Date night

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 17

Foccacia bread

A warm foccacia bread roll was served after our orders were placed and it came with a seaweed dip and chorizo lard oil. I must say that I really prefer this to the usual olive oil. I may be bias to anything seaweed - just like how I love Macdonald's seaweed shaker fries! The dips were so good that we finished the entire loaf!

King Prawns Split and Peppered SGD25

I was happy that the prawns were fat and juicy enough, such that it still remains delicious after being split up. As a result of grilling, the prawns were slightly charred and gave a tinge of smokiness to the taste. In addition, the natural sweetness of the prawn was retained and was overall, a delightful and enjoyable appetizer.

BBQ Sauce | Apple Bourbon
Rosemary Salt | Roasted Garlic Salt | Smoked Salt

A traditional BBQ sauce to go with the steaks, and also 3 variations of salt were served just before our mains. They also had an apple bourbon shot which functions as a palate cleanser and it was very refreshing!
Skirt 3 Mustards

At SKIRT, they have 12 condiments which are available for you to go with your steak. We requested for 8 different types to have a try and these included the Skirt 3 Mustards, Chocolate Bourbon Sauce, Horseradish Cream, Red wine and Marrow Sauce, Four Peppercorn Sauce and Taragon Bearnaise.

I had the Tajima Australian Sirloin (medium) as my main, and it came beautifully grilled. My boyfriend had the signature Skirt Steak (medium rare) and it was slightly more charred than the sirloin. Both the steaks had perfect amounts of marbling that rendered each bite a juicy and heavenly experience. The steaks were quite tender and had just enough fats. The Skirt Steak had a tinge of the intentional charred flavor and a richer taste, and was my choice steak between the two. Trying my steak with the different condiments was quite an experience, and I've found my personal favorites to be the smoked salt and four peppercorn sauce. Nevertheless, the other condiments such as the chocolate bourbon sauce were also great pairings with the steak.

Each steak was served with a clove of soft garlic, which enhanced the flavor of the steak. Definitely not to be avoided, especially for those who are skeptical of the strong garlic-y taste!

We had the asparagus and mushroom as sides to share along with our main. The asparagus were fat, crunchy and had the fragrance of the burnt butter. However, I felt that the dish could do with a tad more seasoning. The portobello mushroom on the other hand, was full of flavor - definitely not easy to whip up such a deceptively easy-looking mushroom dish!

Full review at FelEats

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The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
15 Jul 2014
Dear feleats, Thank you for sharing your review. We are glad to learn that you have such a wonderful dining experience in SKIRT. Your generous and detail comments about our cuisine are much appreciated and we are looking forward to welcome you in the near future. Regards Subaramaniam Kuppusamy

Had better

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 3

My boyfriend brought me there for my birthday treat. The ambience was nice, but the food quality (scallops, steak, fish, mushrooms and garlic fries) and service were below expectations.

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