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Amanda He

Right choice for a birthday celebration

I was so impressed with my overall experience at Skirt that I felt compelled to write a review - and I'm not one to write reviews!

Their service won me over before we even dined in the restaurant. When I called to make a reservation and informed them that it was my bf's birthday, they asked me for his name and told me they would give us a complimentary slice of cake!

And when we arrived at the restaurant, the service was impeccable. The waiters were always around with a smile and extremely attentive to our needs, perhaps even too much!

As for the food, it was sumptuous. We had complimentary bread with chorizo oil (served in a dropper bottle - how cute!) and seaweed sauce. The bread was fluffy and the blend of flavours was interesting. We ordered a Blackmore Australian full-blood Wagyu skirt steak at $48 for 250g (their signature steak) to share. They served an apple bourbon palate cleanser before the mains arrived and to me this was an indication of how attentive they are to the overall dining experience. I've never tried skirt steak before but it was definitely one of the best steaks I've ever had. Although the medium was slightly on the raw side, the beef was very tender, juicy and flavourful (but not gamy!). My bf commented that it was the best steak he's ever had :) We also ordered wild sauteed mushrooms ($12) and asparagus with quail eggs and burnt butter ($8). The sides were surprisingly inexpensive and offer good bang for the buck. The mushrooms were juicy and soft and again, my mushroom-loving boyfriend said it was the best he's ever had. The asparagus was good though not out of this world. The burnt butter had a crunchiness to it and had the taste of caramel, adding a new dimension to the dish.

For dessert, we had our complimentary cake. It was good though nothing to rave about (can't complain because it's free!) but I was very touched by the gesture. We also ordered the torched honey meringue with coconut and pineapple ice cream ($18). The meringue melts in your mouth and the coconut ice-cream is light. It had pineapple chunks and a cake base to give it an added dimension. Definitely a must try if you're visiting Skirt!

On the whole, I have no doubt that Skirt was the right choice for my bf's birthday celebration. You can also take a walk along the bay to admire the yachts after dinner ;)
02 Dec 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Inconsistent food - consistently superb service!

My wife bought a sip and indulge membership earlier this year and we had 500 dollars of dining vouchers that we had to use up, naturally we went down to skirt as it had been on our dining to-go list for quiet sometime.

We went a total of three times to use up all the dining vouchers, however, each subsequent time we got a little more dissappointed at the quality of the food and the drinks.

The first visit there was amazing, everything was great. the blackmore beef was just superb! and the fresh bread and the chorizo oil was very fragrant. We could not get enough of it. During our first visit we also had some great cocktails and a wine flight which really added to the overall experience.

On our second visit, we decided to keep our meal within $150 for 2 so we ordered modestly and also got the smaller cuts of meat. the steaks were tiny, I cannot stress how tiny they were compared to the first time we visited skirt. We buy steaks on a regular basis from the supermarket and we can roughly gauge the size of a 200 gram flank/skirt steak... and this was a little ridiclously small.

On our third and final visit, we were actually staying at the W hotel so we decided to use the remaining of our vouchers at skirt. our third visit let us down again.

The steaks were seemingly not well aged their signature skirt stead had too much of an irony flavour to it and the well aged, pungent aroma was missing. 

Overall, the ambiance and service are both excellent, attentive service in a morden steakhouse setting is seemingly the perfect place for a good meal. however i cannot say that the food is very consistant dispite dining there 3 times.

If you have bought the W hotel membership card and can get a discount off cut and have dining vouchers. i would say give skirt a shot. you may just love the great wines and the wonderful breads.

however as a steakhouse, i'd say that it still needs work.... alot of work from my last experience.
The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
22 Dec 2014
Dear Lion Chan,

Thank you for sharing with us your feedback on your dining experience at SKIRT,

I am sorry to hear that, we did not meet your expectation in term of consistency and quality of food at the restaurant. I have shared your comments with the culinary team to rectify and ensure such concern will not happen in the future.

Mr. Chan, it would be great if you can share with me in further details on your food experience so that we can enhance further the guest dining experience.

May you decide to visit SKIRT another chance, please do let me know. Our chef would be more than happy to make recommendations for your dinner,

Best regards,

Paolo Frau
Manager, SKIRT
08 Sep 2014 • 21 reviews • 0 follower

Poor food - great service

I would only recommend SKIRT to friends if the food improves drastically

Compared to similarly priced steak restaurants in Singapore (Cut / Mortons) Skirt dissapoints constantly.

The portions of meat are tiny comparatively and the complexity of flavours are just not there. 

one thing i always enjoy is the amazing freshly baked bread
The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
11 Sep 2014
Dear Alance Wong,

Thank you for your review. We apologize for not meeting your expectation during your recent dining experience with us. Your concerned about our cuisine has been addressed to our culinary team. Your valuable comment is extremely important for our next menu review and we will definitely improve.

Hope that you will take this as an isloted issue and looking forward to welcome you again.

Subaramaniam Kuppusamy
14 Jul 2014 • 29 reviews • 1 follower

Decent food, so-so steaks, great drinks, great girls night out

Came with my girls on a friday night, the place was not very packed and we were all excited to dine at skirt.

We were seated in a cosy booth seat, loved the ambiance and we also love the view from the restaurant.

We ordered a few sides, some meats to share and 2 cocktails each.

The cocktails were potent! We loved it with the freshly baked bread. it was superb.

The service was swift and our food arrived promptly.

The steaks however were a let down, they were small, and rather over cooked, as we all ordered medium rare, it was actually more on the medium side. I still prefere cut for steaks, the steaks at skirt lacks flavour and dept.

Overall a great girls night out, wouldent come back for the food, but for a nice time in sentosa, this is a great choice.

Also good for endless summer after parties!
The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
15 Jul 2014
Dear Natalie Kim,

Thank you for sharing your review. We are delighted that you have much enjoyed the ambiance and the service from our team and especially our hand crafted cocktail that compliments your overall dining experience.

Your concern about the food has been addressed to our chef and culinary team for improvement. We hope that you will take this as an isolated issue and ensure that such experience will not re occur. We apologize and looking forward to serve you in the near future.

Subaramaniam Kuppusamy
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