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05 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Substandard steaks at a higher price than established steakhouses

my wife and I love steaks and we usually go to morton's, cut, no menu restaurant and others to have steak. 

Brought my wife to Skirt for her birthday after reading positive reviews from ladyironchef on their steaks but what a mistake we had made. 

We we had the Blackmore skirt steak($68 - which you would assume is their signature given that they named the restaurant after it) and a sirloin steak ($106).  Sides include a cheesy Gratin and mushrooms. 

long story short, the skirt steak was almost inedible. I had ordered a medium steak but when it came it was like rubber. I was struggling to chew through the steak.  

About the sirlion, it was okay but lacked flavor. Overall, for the price paid, you would be getting a great fillet migon and porterhouse at mortons. I would never come back again. 

When i brought up the issue to the waiters. They assured me that they informed the chef but nothin was done.  So thumbs down again. Service overall was attentive but still when such a serous mistake is done you would expect something in return. 

Average Spend
$300 for 2 pax
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    The management of SKIRT responded to this review:
    07 May 2014
    Dear Bryan Lim,
    Thank you for taking your time to share your dining experience with us at SKIRT.
    Please accept our apologies and we had addressed your valuable feedback with our Chef and culinary team.
    We hope that you would consider this as a one off experience and will come back to dine with us again.
    Subaramaniam Kuppusamy
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