#02-42/43/44, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road, 189702
Halal, Iranian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish
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Daily: 12:00 - 21:30

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Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant is Halal certified that serves variety of authentic Turkish cuisine such as Red Lentil Soup, Iskender Kebap and Eggplant Kebap. 

What others are eating here

Roasted Eggplant Salad
Roasted Eggplant Salad
Chef Plate
Chef Plate
Chicken Baked Rice
Chicken Baked Rice
Pide (Turkish Pizza)
Pide (Turkish Pizza)
Sultan Kebab
Sultan Kebab
  • Chefs Plate 12 votes
  • Sesame Bread 7 votes
  • Shish kebab 5 votes
  • sofra kebab 5 votes
  • kebab platter 4 votes
  • hummus 3 votes
  • Sofra Mocktail 2 votes
  • Adana Kebap 1 vote
  • Bakiava 1 vote
  • Chocolate Pudding with Marshmallow Turkish Hot Apple Tea 1 vote
  • Donar Kebap rice 1 vote
  • Hummus, roasted eggplant. seasame and turkish bread. grilled lamb and chicken on skewers 1 vote
  • Iced Apple Tea 1 vote
  • Iskander Kebap & Pides 1 vote
  • Turkish Coffee 1 vote
  • Yogurt 1 vote
  • adana kebab 1 vote
  • anything with Chicken. 1 vote
  • baklava 1 vote
  • beyti kebab 1 vote
  • chicken baked rice 1 vote
  • doner kebab 1 vote
  • hazelnut espresso 1 vote
  • izgara kofte 1 vote
  • pide 1 vote
  • sofra fish 1 vote
  • sofra yapruk tavuk 1 vote
  • sultan kebab 1 vote

Latest Review for Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 54 reviews
Most helpful review:

Don't let the quality drop!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 40

I've been going to Sofra for years, and continue to do so. Great food, reasonable prices, good service, good variety.

A couple of disturbing things though, and I'm mentioning this so that the management can do something about it:

Portions and prices: Recently the prices went up slightly, that is understandable. But when one of my favourite dishes, the Chef's Plate, became smaller at the same time, that is Not A Good Thing. At the very least it should be the same size if you're charging more.

Used to be that I could barely finish the Chef's Plate; the last two times I had it I came away still hungry.

Management - your response please.

Cleanliness: Sofra is a clean place. However, one time I went, probably around November of 2011, I went to the cash register to pick up my change, and I saw on the wall behind the register, which leads to the kitchen, 4 or 5 cockroaches scrambling around. It was shocking, and as that was in plain sight where the staff are all day, they had to know.

As a result I as really put off on the place and didn't return for a few months.

Last time I went, a couple of weeks ago, I checked and didn't see it, I just hope they did a good job of getting rid of them.

Management - your response please.

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Good food at great prices

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 16

Been to this place a couple of times, and never been disappointed by the food. Each dish whether it was the kebabs or hummus are made to taste great and satisfy that craving for Turkish food. The breads are baked well and served piping hot. Definitely a perfect place for a nice family dinner

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Turkish Delight

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 90

Sofra is the Turkish word for table located in a comfy corner in town. You can sip a cup of relaxing turkish tea while enjoying the renown hospitality from the dedicated kitchen crew, all of whom hail from turkey. It is located on the second floor of Shaw Towers which gives you a great view of the bustling street. It is a about a 3 minute walk from Bugis MRT.Checking out the menu, you will realize the exotic foods of Turkey mainly come with bread or rice and for protein, you can pick from Chicken, Lamb, Beef or a mix of these 3 meats.
 The restaurant ambiance is comforting and cosy. The atmosphere has a Mediterranean feel with soft Turkish music playing in the background and an open concept kitchen with a see through window where you can see how the kebab is prepared.
 If you like meat, you will feel quite at home over here.They have quite a huge dining area and there were big families coming in to dine on a saturday night.
 1. Pretty Dolly $4.90++
 The Pretty Doll was a lemon soda that tasted like a lemon flavoured sprite. Nothing fancy to be honest. I would rather get the Sofra Mocktail which had almonds, plums and pistachios in the drink for $5.20++. Nonetheless it was still an interesting drink to test out.
 2. Turkish Bread and Humus $2.90++ + $5.90++
 I love bread with dips and this Turkish Bread was shaped like a UFO dish and steam was still piping out as it was served to us. The thickness of the bread was just right and it reminded me of my trip to Israel for weeks we ate hummus and pita!
 3. Jumbo Kebap Combo $38.90
 The Jumbo Kebap Combo is great for those that love their meat but can't quite decide what to get.
 The meat is served to you on skewers hot off the grill. When it arrives, our jaws drop. Sword, candle, flowers, all the works. It certainly has that wow factor doesn't it?
 This Jumbo combo comes with various kinds of kebab, or kebap in Turkish, including shish and döner. This dish can be quite initimidating too! While the menu advertises this as being a platter for two, the generous portion makes it large enough to feed three adults.
 The eggplant kebap was a roasted SWORD of eggplant and minced beef. It was an actual stainless steel turkish sword that the wait staff would gladly get it out of your way, in case you hurt yourself with it!
 4. Shish Kebap (Lamb/Beef) $18.50++ per choice of meat
 And it wouldn't be a Turkish meal without Shish Kebap (Kebab/kebap) would it?

5. Chef Platter $22.80
The Chef Platter is a combination plate consisting of Doner Kebap, Izgara Kofte and a skewer of Shish Kebap . The mixed beef and lamb was tender and juicy and so was the chicken!

All in all, great service and great food. The ambience is truly exotic and you can have a fun time. I witnessed several groups of people celebrating birthdays at Sofra.

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