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Located in Sembawang Hill Food Centre on Upper Thomson Road, Soon Lee Heng Satay serves chinese cuisine.

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A Hit!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 160

This place has not been reviwed in a few years....I took the plunge and headed over to ta bao some satay for dinner last Friday. I got there like ard 6.30 ish and could not locate it ...think I was blind so looked bit harder ...ah ha! found it! The main signboard says economical bee hoon but a sign in the glass shelve says Soon Lee Heng satay. Duhhhhhhhh .... well anyway it faces the park and if u are coming from the park it is on the left side half of the food centre.

I quickly ordered 40 sticks of pork satay but guess what? He ponly had 28 sticks left! I was like What??!!! It's not even 7 pm yet. Business must be brisk. So ok 28 it is supplemented by 12 sticks of mutton. Boy, now i know why there was only 28 sticks left. It is good! Not too sweet ..with some fat in the middle. The sauce was good too...not to sweet as well the way I like it. The nmutton was a bit tougher in texture but it lacked that over powering mutton smell so it was welcomed too! Try'll be amazed!

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Aroma therapy

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 12

While driving along Sembawang Road towards An Pang Niang Tou Fu for afternoon tea today, my little girl said that she wants to eat satay. So I drove in this food center to try my luck. Saw this stall that sells satay and ordered 10 sticks of pork satay (the top signage says Fried Bee Hoon though.. I assume they sell that in the morning) for her and ordered a laksa from another stall for myself.

When the satays arrived, I find the satays are slightly burnt (which is what I like most). So, I kapo one satay from my daughter and taste it. The pork meat was well marinated and juicy. The fatty belly was crisp. The peanut sause is warm (not sure the stall has pineapple or will be great if he has). The whole satay experience was great. I ended up having more sticks than my daughter haha..

This stall also faces a nice park. Fortunately, while having our food, the rain starts to pour and we end up enjoying aroma therapy from Soon Lee Heng satay stall.

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One of the best pork satay in town !

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 239

If you love satays.....and the only meat I shall recommend is pork....yes..only pork...and remember to ask the owner Simon to make sure it's crispy aka alittle well done....there...u have one of the tastiest pork satay available ! It's no surprise that they sell close to 1000 sticks daily on average....and much more on weekends !

The meat is fresh, and the ratio of meat to fat or vice versa is just nice....not forgetting the rich peanut wonder this place got lot's of followers...most of them even drive from quite a distance to "tapao" from this store....some even call Simon ( hp no. 94504564 ) to pre-order for raw meat to bbq themselves back home.

This satay store also serves chicken and mutton satay....but I can tell u their pork is the best of the lot !

PS Operation hours from 4.00pm to 8.00pm / 8.30pm

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