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Butter crabs
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Curry fish head, hot plate tofu, sambal kangkong and eggplant
Curry fish head, hot plate tofu, sambal kangkong and eggplant

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Salted Egg Crabs now available!!! 4 'live' Sri Lankan Crabs & 4 Btls of Beer for Just $55 nett

Food/Drink 3| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 3
Total Reviews: 3

You guys are never gonna get it any cheaper! although I must say sometimes its only 3 crabs due to its size and weight. but here a little insider news. The weight of a plate of crabs at Soulout @ farmway 1 are roughly at 1.6kg. So comparing it to a normal 'zi char' joint. you would pay, a good 40 to 45 dollars. but hey....whats awesome here is , you get a little extra as the bttls are within this price itself. Definitely worth trying, even though its for the first time....nothing to lose ya? well, I could look at it in a way where either the crabs are free or the bottles of beer are free.and yes to all of you who are reading this review, I am the owner of the place and since today i was looking through all the comments, I decided to write an honest review on my outlet itself. It is true that the waiting time here for food can be a little longer than usual due to full house days, but I can assure you, it will not happen when its only 4 tables. Customers here enjoy the ambiance so much because of the very fact that you guys will never ever find that kampong feel while u dine under the stars here in the East. The food here is relatively cheap and there is no service charge or GST included. The staff are friendly and one strong bad point about this place is...when it rains, we have minimal seats available. So do book a table in advance to avoid disappointment. another tip i would say to all readers of this review is... you guys must book our crab promotional sets in advance,just to avoid disappointment. We are a family oriented place when families of 3 to a whopping size of 16 people will normally turn up to just dine away, chat away under the stars. I do hope you guys will give this restaurant a try. If you guys dont try out our awesome food and also our serene sure somehow or rather there will be another pull factor to bring you guys down here.

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Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Reviews: 3

Very very unpleasant dining experience.

Brought my parents all the way from Jurong, only to return in disappointment.

Reached the place around 7pm with only 4 tables occupied.


- Signature Chix Wings

- Sambal Clams

- Dou Miao

- White Rice

- Crabs promotion @$45 with 4 btls of beer (Salted eggs style)

- Honey lemon ($2.50)

- Pepsi ($2.50)

Shortly after they taken our order, the waiter informed us that the San Miguel is out of stock, they will b serving us San Miguel Light instead. It took me by surprise as the lady who took our order did not even bother to ask us what beer we prefer. I asked whether is there any other choice n was told that I will have to pay additional $10 for other brands.

Fine. San Miguel Light it shall b.

After waiting for some time, my mum's honey lemon was still not served yet. It only arrive after we highlighted to the waiter.

40mins passed n our beers were almost finished, there was still no sign of our food. Mind you, there were only 6 tables of us in total.

Finally, the waiter came to apologise n informed us that food is on the way. The long wait is due to them having only ONE chef n ONE wok.


Sambal clams n chix wings finally arrived after 45mins together with the white rice.

After we FINISHED the rice, clams n wings, the Dou Miao n crabs were still not served yet!

Worse, was when the table that arrived later than us got their food.

I summoned the lady who took our order n asked for an explanation.

She could only apologise n said, "the kitchen cocked up". She offered to give us 2 more bowls of rice FOC which I declined.


The crabs dutifully arrive after a short while.

4 small crabs cooked with salted eggs. Very nice aroma n quite tasty, however, the meat all sticked to the shell.

Finally, we finished the meal around 9+pm.

Got another surprise when we foot the bill. We were charged $55 instead of $45 for the crab promotion. The cashier explained it was because we ordered the salted egg style n they charge addition $10 for that.

I told her that we WAS NOT INFORMED. She replied coldly, "is it?"

Gosh. Cheats.

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Ok Food and Friendly Wait Staff, Severely Marred by Super Long Waiting Time and Messed-Up Operations

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 30

I was looking forward to dining at Soul-Out after learning about how good the food is and got down to a visit on a Sunday evening.


The staff seemed busy though there was only a few tables on the restaurant-side of Soul-Out. When we finally got the attention, she was very apologetic and was able to offer good suggestions on what to eat and drink. Well, the thing is…the wait from then on, till the first dish was presented was a good 1 hour – 1 hr 10 mins wait. And there were only 4 tables of patrons! Hardly a busy night.


For some reason, our orders were misunderstood and there were repeated clarifications before the dishes were presented. At the next table, they waited 25 mins before being told that the dish they ordered was not available. At another table, dished that were not ordered, were presented. These were sent back and never to be seen again so I assume that the orders were taken wrongly like mine.


Ok, the food was not bad…we changed our order from butter crabs to salted eggs crabs as highly recommended by another staff. It was pretty good until we got jelak but that’s normal. The fried rice was so-so and the vegetables were alright.


When it was time to pay, we were told that the salted eggs crabs cost more as it was a specialty and not part of the 3-crabs-4-beers-for-$56 promotion. The extra charges were waived with an apology when we explained that this was not mentioned to us and we changed our order only because they recommended it. We were then told that the Visa machine had went kaput and to pay by cash instead. Luckily we have enough cash to pay for the dinner. I advised them it will be good if they could inform the patrons in advance that its cash payment only as there are no ATMs in that ulu part of pasir ris.


I really cant fault the staff members in terms of friendliness. Everyone was smiley and apologetic when boo boos happen, as they often did. They were also quite lucky in the sense that all the patrons that evening were patient and none raised heckles despite the very long wait and errors in order-taking.


There seem to be a disconnect between the front-of-house and back-of-house. Staff were running in and out re-checking orders, and at one stage, there was a commotion at the kitchen because some orders were placed wrongly. I cant imagine how Soul-Out can cope on days when there is a crowd, when they were not able to on a light evening with only 4 tables.


Would I go back again? Probably not and its not because of the food. The food is alright, just that the wait time is simply too long, and we had to clarify couple of times before the orders were right. Pity!

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Needs to improve on service!!

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Went for a nights out with my wife. Arrived at 6.50pm, chose my own table and was given the menu.

Ordered the curry fish head, deep fried squid and claypot sesame chicken through a waiter. Also ordered a Hoegaarden and green tea.

After about 15mins, the Hoegaarden arrived & I asked for a chilled glass from the same waiter. After about 10 mins, no chilled glass came. He forgot. So I  reminded the waiter again. He then went to get one but came back with an unchilled glass! I asked him to change it and he did, although without apology. After taking a sip of the beer, it tasted off and sourish! So they changed it again.

Bad start!

Soon after, the same waiter came to tell me that they did not have the fried squid and the green tea. We then changed it to sambal sotong and Chinese tea.

We then patiently waited....and waited....and waited. I kept cool until I saw 2 other tables that came later being served first! It is now 8pm already!! I called a lady that seems to be in charge and she went to check. Soon after she came back to say that our order was not taken!!!

It then took a further 20mins before our order finally came. I cancelled the sesame chicken as we were running late for a movie and the lady said it's ok.

However, upon asking for the bill, the sesame chicken was charged!!!

What else could go wrong? My point is this, if they were attentive enough to their customer's needs, they should have realized that we have been sitting there for 1 hour with no food. But no one bothered to ask us. 

This and the other shortfalls to me, are not acceptable.

Only good I can say is that the ambience is quite nice, windy and laid back.

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