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Quietest place for dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
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On the eve's eve of Christmas, guess where I had dinner? Biopolis. That's right, you heard correctly. The reason is very valid -- town will be jam packed with the friday weekend pre-christmas frenzied shoppers who are thronging with a vengeance. Plus, there is a possibility of the Orchard Pond making an appearance. I do not fancy getting ankle or shin deep into muddy waters. My feet was already soggy from the day's rains even though I am wearing sandals, so no thanks!

So me and my bestie ZQ devoted our energy to finding the most "ULU" place in Singapore to have a meal, and that's when I suggested Spice Peranakan because I just read about it recently on ieatishootipost in Dr. Tay's Circle Line trip. It has to be the most deserted place ever, and we were right.

From the circle line station we had to walk up a hill towards Biopolis, and find the building called Centros - there was actually a cafe and a Indian restaurant in that same building too. Wow, never knew this place had anything other than cold concrete. Spice had quite a few patrons when we were there - they were finishing up though, as we only reached at 8.30pm.

We ordered the otah otah, chap chye and beef rendang! ZQ was looking very much forward to the rendeng, having read good things about it. It was the best dish among the lot. However, the otah was jam packed with spices and quite spicy, which makes it really satisfying. The chap chye was normal, nothing much to shout about. The sambal chili on the other hand, was uber spicy so much so that zq was perspiring from having it! I of course steered far away from that red stuff, the spice wuss I am.

The side dish of anchovies was also quite appetizing. Caution on ordering dubious drinks though - my honey lemon lime drink tasted weird because there was plum bits in it, which was not written in the menu itself. The lemongrass drink zq had was normal. Next time I'll stick to canned drinks!

Overall it works out to be around 25 per person. Slightly on the pricey side but hey, they have a tough location. They also have lunch sets at 9.90 and 15.90 I think, which is value for money. I bet their lunch crowd from the people working in Biopolis is better than the dinner one!

Quite enjoyed myself there simply because it is the most quiet and peaceful dinner I've had in a long while. In the ever overcrowded Singapore, this is simply a hidden gem.

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Spice Peranakan

Total Reviews: 103

This is a serene, leafy little outpost in the middle of nowhere—OK, we jest…but only a bit. C’mon, seriously, who wants to go have dinner at a biotech park? After moving from a modest outlet in Bukit Timah, Spice Peranakan is now a sleek, contemporary joint with all the requisite Peranakan trimmings in place. We sat outside, amid the plants and the water feature and found it—at around 8pm—to be lifeless (the only other patrons were having some quiet beers in the corner) and a little too dark.

 All those minor complaints were forgotten once we started ordering. The food, as it turned out, happened to be astoundingly good. The ikan tamban ($8.80), deep fried sardines with onions and dark sauce was excellent—crunchy on the bite and oozing with briny goodness. But the other starter, the chinchalok omelet ($8.80)—a classic Peranakan number was a bit of a miss; too much egg, too little chinchalok (fermented shrimp), and thus not anywhere as salty as it should have been, but still acceptable. For our mains we went for another two baba faves—the babi ponteh ($13.80), pork with mushrooms in tau chio (fermented black bean) sauce and the ikan garam assam ($14.80), fish cooked in a red hot tangy sauce—and both were drop-dead delicious. The former was tender—the meat as soft as butter and the sauce robust and hearty; the latter, a fierce concoction with hefty-portioned chunks of fish. d***, it was good.

On another note, the service here left a little to be desired. On no less than three occasions, we were asked if we were done when it was patently obvious that we weren’t. But on the whole, the wait staff was friendly and knowledgeable; credit must also be given for not slapping on the GST (although there is a service charge), which meant getting a fantastic meal at a decent price.

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sedap assam fish head

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 270

I was glad that that my lunch partner couldn’t stomach much spicy food so I got to enjoy most of the food by myself as the serving portion is pretty small. They surely know how to whip up a mean assam fish head, chap chye is good and the nonya traditional dish of ayam buah keluak doesn’t disappoint either. It is a little expensive for the modest serving though.

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Nice food

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 32

Was at Biopolis for a forum, and decided to have a taste of the peranakan food. Maybe it's due to the location of the restaurant, my table was the only customer that night. Order some of their dishes, and to my surprise, it was fantastic. The lady boss then intro us to one of their hot-selling dessert, icecream with banana: was another fantastic dish. If not due to their location, i would definitely go back for more.

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