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Review for (Closed) Spizza


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15 Aug 2008 • 70 Reviews • 1 Follower

Thin and Crispy

I visited this restaurant with my two children, hungry for pizza. It was around 3pm on a Saturday and after the bustling Vivo City it was nice to come in here where it was nice and quiet with only three other tables occupied (although I'm sure Spizza would have preferred a busier atmosphere).

We ordered two large pizzas, the names of which escape me (they all have girls names) - one was basically a margarita and the other was billed as salami and chili, but we asked for no chili (as the kids don't like spice) and had some ham added instead for an extra $1.

The pizzas were lovely - thin and crispy, but not too crispy, there was still some softness in them which I like. The toppings were not too much - I've never been to Italy but friends and family who have tell me that Italian pizzas are much like this, not overcrowded with toppings like they have become elsewhere. There wasn't too much cheese either, which I'm sure must make them slightly healthier than the pizzas you'd get from the home delivery and the big chain restaurants.

The ambience was fine - clean, quiet and with a view over the front paved area of Harbourfront (shame it isn't a sea view but you can't have everything!).

Service was good but as customers were few that was to be expected.

The pizzas were the biggest size and were $21 each (with the extra $1 for the meat topping)
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Lunch, Dinner, Children/Family
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