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Review for Spizza (Jalan Kayu)


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Address: 269 Jalan Kayu

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11 May 2013 • 341 Reviews • 54 Followers

Good Italian Food At Affordable Prices

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A popular Italian restaurant, Spizza attracts the crowds with their thin crust, wood-fired pizzas, big and bold flavours, and affordable pricing. I'm impressed that Spizza is able to keep prices slightly lower than other Italian restaurants, despite using specially crafted wood-fired ovens, importing their ingredients from Italy, and hand-making some items in-house.

Spizza staff are professional and efficient, though the younger / newer staff have trouble with menu / product knowledge. In general, I find the service at Spizza to be good, and staff are able to handle special requests well.

The Beef Carpaccio with Rucola Salad and shaved Parmesan Cheese has nice, thinly sliced beef with a light marinade of lemon juice and olive oil. Slight twist on the vegetables, with rucola instead of the standard arugula. This traditional Italian dish is a good appetizer to start off the meal.

The Ursula Pizza consists of a pizza base topped with tomato, mascarpone, spinach, smoked salmon and capers. The smoked salmon and capers lend a burst of briny saltiness to each bite of the pizza. Nice, but a little overwhelming in a large quantity.

The Tiramisu here is a house made special, and is rich and decadent. Really good! Differs from the traditional Italian dessert with the use of sponge cake instead of biscuit fingers.
Recommended for
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Delivery, Dinner, Lunch, Take Away
Average Spend
$24 for 1 pax
  • Carpaccio
  • Ursula Pizza
  • Tiramisu
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