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(Closed) Steam Sia


Steam Sia, as the name suggests, isn’t quite your usual modern bistro bar. Located in the heart of Serangoon Road, Steam Sia is presented with a simple idea in mind - to live in retrospect of the past. 

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 01:00

+65 63966585
$20 based on 22 submissions
After Work (10 votes), Dinner (9 votes), Children/Family (8 votes)
Esther Xie

Love the decor

More photos:

I like the retro decor of the place! Food had hit and misses. Curry chicken is highly recommended and the prawns are good too!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Nonya Chicken Curry5 votes
  • Grilled Salmon3 votes
  • Tom yum spag and curry chicken3 votes
  • truffle fries and waff3 votes
  • Bacon Spaghetti2 votes
  • Classic Tom Yum Spaghetti with Seafood2 votes
  • DragonBall Drink2 votes
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Based on 22 votes
03 Jul 2013 • 54 reviews • 0 follower

Love the decor

More photos:

I like the retro decor of the place! Food had hit and misses. Curry chicken is highly recommended and the prawns are good too!
steam sia -
15 Apr 2013 • 191 reviews • 3 followers

blast to the past

is the retro makeover becoming an 'in' thing nowadays? this shophouse cafe is decorated with vintage stuff from the 60s to 80s, such a 'blast from the past'. tried the signature grilled salmon, and it was good. the assam fish did not live up to our expectations, maybe we should have chosen to stick to the 'signatures' and ordered the popular nonya curry chicken instead.


Little Charlene and I love to check out all the best cafes in Singapore!
Signing off, wanderingbeansprout

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20 Mar 2013 • 127 reviews • 5 followers

Quirky name, old school decor!

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 Steam Sia is a place where children born in the late 19's still can have remembrance of their childhood. As part of their decor, they have old nokia phones, which are known to be as durable as hammer, snakes n ladder board games, old ceramic bowls and plates, rotary phone, and also a hopscotch drawn, etc! Seems very Singapore style cafe, but they do serve western food too.
 Ordered raisin float for only $5.90, which I liked a lot. Sweet, and have my favorite rum & raisins!
 Seafood Stuffed Sailing Boat $8.90. Don't really see much seafood in it, except for prawns?? Something like baked potato with prawn as topping, some bits of mushrooms. Tasted ok, though you can grew sick of eating it.
 Nonya Assam Prawn with Pineapple $8.90. Their prawns and big, but not as crunchy as I wanted it to be. Assam sauce is not too sour, just nice for me :) Neither is it too spicy :P
 Steam Sia Nonya Curry Chicken $12.90. They also have it for serving 2 pax at a price of $20.90. Curry looks spicy, but it is ok. For average-spicy takers, this should not be a problem. They have tomatoes in the curry, thus, I think this emits a little sweetness to the curry, lowering the spiciness in some way. Their bread is soft to pull apart and chew, making my meal less energy intensive!
 They also have 3 corners which I think are quite cosy, more to having a little more private space. Do read my blog for the illustrations!
10 Feb 2013 • 208 reviews • 20 followers

Good Old Days

Full review and photos, visit

From the olden days coffeeshop tables and chairs to the display cabinets with antique cameras and kitchenwares, stepping into Steam Sia felt like walking into a museum reminiscing the good old days. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Seah who is formerly from Jin Shan Lou in Marina Bay Sands. Steam Sia offers an extensive menu featuring Nonya cuisines to western delights.

At the bistro entrance, there is even a kachangputeh kisok that has good old days games and snacks. Customers can help themselves to the games and complimentary snacks while waiting for the food to be served.

The Seafood Stuffed Sailing Boat($8.90) is oven baked potatoes topped with seafood. Shaped like a sailing boat, I like the fact that the potatoes came with the skin. It gave that nice extra texture contrast. Topped with seafood, the creamy sauce was a perfect marriage for the ingredients. My girlfriend enjoyed the Grilled Salmon with Fruit Salsa ($18.90) the most. The salmon was cooked to perfection. Cutting into the salmon revealed the pinkish fish meat while the exterior was grilled to a nice crisp. Accompanied by the refreshing and fruity salsa, it was a excellent pairing.

We already have eateries serving chilli crab and laksa spaghetti, I was eager to try this fusion creation, Tom Yam Spahetti with Seafood ($16.90). Taste wise, the dish has potential with very distinct and robust flavours. Unfortunately it was a tad salty during my visit. However, I believe with a little quality control on the salt, this can be another fusion pasta dish that the new generation will enjoy.

 was looking forward to try the Nonya Curry Chicken ($12.90 for 1pax, $20.90 for 2pax) with potatoes and carrots served with bread. Many that have visited the bistro gave good reviews for their curry. I was even told that the Indians at Little India also like their Nonya style curry. So did it disappoint me? No it did not. I have always prefer Nonya curry to the Chinese curry because of the thick gravy and spices used. The nonya curry chicken also came with large pieces of tender chicken that is rather value for money.
02 Feb 2013 • 71 reviews • 46 followers

Old school dishes

Full post with pics:
  We had the Nonya Chicken Curry ($12.90 for 1, $20.90 for 2) which came on a wooden board with tin and porcelain plate/bowl. This is their famous dish. I must say, perhaps I had my expectations set too high, but I felt like the curry was not warm (perhaps my fault, need to take photos!) nor spicy enough! Perhaps I have been spoiled by the curry my mum cooks, which is perfect. I would think it is slightly pricey to pay $12.90 for a portion though.   The next would be the absolute hit and favorite among all the dishes. The Classic Tom Yum Spaghetti with Seafood ($16.90) was such a surprising combination and done so well, it was hard to resist! If there is one dish you want to have here, have this.   The tom yam sauce was piquant yet creamy to the right degree, filled with little spice notes and does not seem to come out of a package. Drench that on al dente spaghetti pasta and add a few fresh prawns and voila! you have yourself a unique fusion dish.   The signature grilled salmon ($18.90) was the next best dish that day. The salmon was fresh, though slightly overcooked. The salsa was wonderful though in tantalizing your tastebuds and whetting them for the fish.   We also tried the Steam Sia Net Catch platter ($18.90) which had prawns, sotong and mussels, sauteed in coconut white sauce. On the menu it says served with 1/2 a baguette, but since we are tasting the portions are a bit different. This I actually quite liked, but my dining companion's opinions are that the coconut white sauce is a bit too thick and 'gelak' for their liking. Which I can see why. Order this only if you are a huge seafood and coconut fan.   We had the Ribeye Wild Mushroom ($22.90) that's topped with red wine sauce. In a lot of 'Western' places, the vegetables are more for the colour and garnishing than for taste. It is the same here. Not worth it - go to Astons if you want meat instead.   Lastly, the dessert! It's their Waffle with Ice-cream (with choice of chocolate/vanilla Movenpick ice cream) at $16.90. The waffle looked rather different from the one in the menu (flatter). Unfortunately on that day, the waffle was a bit burnt so I did not enjoy it much. The ice cream was really good though.   You must be wondering - so why is the place called Steam Sia?    From Sue Ann, the friendly assistant marketing manager, we found out that the founding partners of the place originally wanted to do steamed dishes. Then they realized most of their dishes has prawns (sia in mandarin) in them. At the same time, "steam sia" also can refer to the feeling of something that is "shiok" or, feels good. With all that combination came the name Steam Sia.   NOW YOU KNOW!