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Sufood is an Italian inspired vegetarian restaurant hails from Taiwan.

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Mushroom Salad
Mushroom Salad
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Lucky Clover Pizza
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Latest Review for Sufood

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Classy Vegetarian Food In Fine Dinning Ambience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 97

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I heard a lot of good comments about Sufood not from the online reviews but from my vegetarian friends and colleagues. It set me curious to find out how good could vegetarian dishes be. My Mom and I visited the outlet at Raffles City on a Thursday. To my surprise, it was almost at 80% capacity at around 7pm.   The ambience is elegant and classy with creamy colour tones and warm lighting. The space is decked with cushy chairs. As such it was a comfy having meals with family and friends. At Dinner, Sufood is serving a 8-course Italian-Inspired Meatless Cuisine set meal at $29.80++ per person.   The first 2 courses consist of The Sufood Appetizer and Sufood Signature Cider. I like the Sufood Signature Cider, it has a good balance of sweet and sour. It whetted appetite. The plating of the Sufood Appetizer was exquisite. Each component was with different colours. It looked as good as it tasted.   We were advised to start with the Japanese Yuca Root drizzled with a blueberry coulis and move on to the lady finger and finally the Savoury Cherry Tomato. The souriness get intensified as we moved to the next.   The Rosemary Breadstick with either the Blueberry Coulis and another creamy sauce were served as dip. Bread was fluffy with light rosemary scent. I like the toasted version better.   A total of 4 salads is available for selection. We opted for the Classic Garden Salad with Caesar Dressing or Sesame Sauce and the Lettuce Vinaigrette Salad. Nothing outstanding about the salad.
The two other options are the Mushroom Salad and Tropical Fruit Salad.   Like the salad, 4 choices available. We went for the Root Soup; we find it outstanding. While the Pumpkin Soup was sweet and isn't the heavily creamy kind. I am not a soup fan but I appreciated it. 2 other options are the Misto Mushroom Soup and the French Onion and Cheese Soup.   12 dishes for Mains; 4 Pizza, a rice dish, a baked potato, a vegetable skewer and 5 pasta dishes.
We ordered the Porcini Pasta and Macaroni Alfredo Casserole. We enjoyed the Porcini Pasta as we thought with the Red Pepper and Jalapeño sauce, it tasted unique. It has a little Sichuan flavour in this pasta dish. Macaroni Alfredo Casserole is a rich creamy with generous amount of cheese on top of the macaroni. There cream based has tomato added to provide a tanginess, to lighten the creamy feel.   Finally dessert time. Our choice of dessert were Red Bean Dessert with Yam Cubes and Mango Frollino. The Red Bean Dessert with Yam Cubes was filled with home-made goodness. While our vote will certainly goes to the Mango Frollino.   We ended our meal with 2 refreshing fruit, vegetable juices. I have The Purely (on the right of the photo) consisting of pineapple, choy sum and sour plum. While my mom has The Sunny with pineapple, orange and guava juice. Among the 2, we prefer The Sunny.

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Lovely vegetarian dishes, Good service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 28

Extremely good and attentive service. Wide and interesting variety of vegetarian dishes. their set menu is worth it. very filling

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Modern Meat-Free & Vegetarian Meals

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 471

Full Sufood review:

Part of the Wowprime Group from Taiwan, Sufood is a meat-free, vegetarian restaurant offering wholesome, Italian inspired dishes prepared according to the Chinese 5 colour vegetable philosophy (Yellow-Sunny, White-Comfy, Purple-Tasty, Green-Pure, Red-Lively). Opening in May 2014, the innovative concept of Sufood was among the first of its kind in Singapore, quickly attracting competitors into its niche market.

Ambience at Sufood is modern refined, with curvy, wavy lines reflecting a serene atmosphere of calm. Quiet alcoves, lined with functional tables and plush booths, have been carved out, with splashes of red intersecting the space. While great for privacy, the layout also makes attracting the attention of staff very difficult. The 5 colour philosophy is also reflected in the design, straight lighted bars of yellow, white, purple, red, and green, adorn the place.

Service at Sufood is very good. Staff are attentive and efficient, speaking quietly and professionally with diners. They even check for dietary requirements, before making recommendations on what to order! I note they clear empty / dirty tables and plates very quickly. Orders are fulfilled fast, usually within 10 minutes. Staff also regularly check on your dining experience, and ask for feedback on the meal. During payment, I was overcharged by accident, a mistake which staff quickly rectified and apologied for.

Food at Sufood is vegetarian, a healthy, wholesome, completely meat-free dining experience. Each dish uses fresh ingredients, prepared according to the 5 colour philosophy, plated to resemble Western Italian presentation, and is tasty and healthy. Ordering the set meal is possibly the most value for money, instead of the individual ala-carte items. Prices are slightly high for the quality and quantity of food, budget about SGD $32 per person for a meal here. Personally, I feel other similar places execute this concept better.

Loved the Mushroom Salad (SGD $6), with its mix of button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli, dressed in a savoury sour vinegar and garlic sauce. The vegetables are fresh, clean tasting, juicy, and earthy... comforting and satisfiying! Highly recommended!

Loved the filling Lucky Clover Pizza (SGD $15), shaped like a 6-leaf clover, designed to bring luck! A crunchy pizza dough base is topped with broccoli, lion's mane mushrooms, bell peppers / capsicums, and scallions, making for a crunchy, chewy, sweet, savoury, earthy treat! They even provide a plastic glove if you choose to eat it with your hands. Highly recommended!

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