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Sugar Granny Cafe

Located on Teo Hong Road, Sugar Granny Cafe serves desserts such as peanut paste, barley with gingko, and lychee icy swirl.
Fri & Sat: 12.00pm - 1.00am, Sun to Thu: 12.00pm - 11.00am
+65 62249368
$8 based on 24 submissions
Quiet (10 votes), After Work (9 votes), Chillout (9 votes)
Eien Kisu

Boneless chicken wings

Boneless chicken wings you cannot find elsewhere, I think there's little prawn paste. Really unique. The slim chendol is good too, less sweet compared to outside, I don't like it too sweet.

It's a small cosy place. good for after work snacks.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Slim chendol2 votes
  • Traditional Muar Chee with Peanuts2 votes
  • durian on coconut sticky rice2 votes
  • Barley and Beancurd Dessert1 vote
  • Durian Sago (R+)1 vote
  • Lychee Swirl1 vote
  • Mochi-on-stick1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 24 votes
20 Dec 2013 • 6 reviews • 11 followers

Boneless chicken wings

Boneless chicken wings you cannot find elsewhere, I think there's little prawn paste. Really unique. The slim chendol is good too, less sweet compared to outside, I don't like it too sweet.

It's a small cosy place. good for after work snacks.
08 Dec 2011 • 375 reviews • 31 followers

Granny No Fear Diabetes Cafe

For photos, please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.

I came here every Tuesday for near to two months in a row because it was quiet and convenient and cheap, one of the few cool cafes in Chinatown that is open in the hot afternoons.

Very interesting characters you will see here. I saw a boss with his secretary from a nearby company–they were doing some paper work but their hands were on each other, and ring ring! the boss’s wife telephoned. Once, I saw an uncle with his China Money Boy. (ps: trust me, I know a Money Boy when I see one because I c** in contact with them for work! Don’t think dirty.) Wow, the China Money Boy is so hot! He looks like a hunky version of Dai Yang Tian, in a very tight shirt, showing his ripped biceps. His body is tight! Drool. If I had $200 (that’s how much they cost), I’d put my money down. I tried very hard not to look at him, but he kept staring at me. I find the Uncle very poor thing. I’m not good-looking but the Money Boy felt that I was a better choice than the Uncle. And the Uncle tried so hard to impress him it was bordering on the point of pathetic. This is a Mandarin-speaking shop with Mandarin-speaking waitresses and the obviously Mandarin-speaking Uncle spoke in broken English to the waitress just to impress the Money Boy of his bilingualism. Very sad lah, in the Gay World, once you’re old, you lose currency. The nearby Keong Saik St is also known for the illegal female prostitutes. Underground Chinatown is very colorful.

I never ordered the food because it’s mostly fried food, calamari, fried chicken wings, fries, fried fishballs and sotongballs, etc. (See the menu here.) I’ve a firm belief that all deep-fried food are similar, unless the food is made from scratch and I don’t expect the food here to be made from scratch.

I always ordered the Chinese desserts. I’ve tried the sesame paste ($2.50) thrice, peanut paste($2.50), Bailey with gingko ($2),Mango sago with pomelo(pictured, $3.50), Durian sago ($4).

The desserts were ok, smooth, but taste-wise, they cannot be compared to Mei Heong Yuan, which is only a few streets away. Out of the desserts, I prefer thesesame paste because it is so kick-a** sweet. It disregards diabetes completely, like diabetes is no longer a problem. Dead Sea is so salty it doesn’t allow life in it–this is like the Sugar version of the Dead Sea. And it tasted very different from other sesame paste too. There was a slightly burnt/roasted scent which is nice.

Overall, I think the food is average, the service is borderline-lazy, bo-chap, and thedecor is cheesy and uncomfortable. The food isn’t even value-for-money, since there are so much good food at a cheap price in Chinatown. The reason it survives in the competitive Chinatown is because there are no other cafes nearby. Pray Starbucks doesn’t open here.

19 Jul 2011 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Great place for late night dessert!

Been here at least 4-5times and have become a huge fan of the Durian Sago (a must try for durian lovers!). The combination of ingredients are amazing and the durian is the real stuff.

Nice quiet place to chill and they open till late.

Parking is really really horrible though.

22 Jul 2010 • 13 reviews • 4 followers

Icy swirl on a warm day!

The tall glass of Sugar Granny Icy Swirl, priced at $2.50, is a totally refreshing drink with passion fruit and soursop! Totally thumbs-up! It consists of passion fruit, soursop, lime juice, jelly stripes, nata de coco! A combination of various flavours, the perfect drink to have on a warm sunny afternoon! It is my favourite drink from Sugar Granny Cafe! The cup of Honeydew Sago was a disappointment though. Mainly because the honeydew balls given were far too few. The entire dessert was filled with coconut milk and sago. However, i felt there was too much of it, there should be more honeydew instead! Space is limited, thus if you are going in big groups, i would suggest making a reservation first before going! Desserts priced at affordable prices, SGC is a nice place to hangout. I will try their durian and mango desserts the next time!
26 May 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower


Dear customers, please note that we will be CLOSED at 5pm on Saturday, 29th May 2010 for a private function. Please do visit us once again & sorry for the inconveniences, thank you.