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Hoongy !
 • 15 Jul 2013 1871 reviews 257 followers
Decided to pay a visit to Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant recently as I wanted to take a post relaxing stroll by the river. As it was rather crowded, I got relegated to the outside seatings, which came out fine given that it was a rather cool night that evening.

I started with the Kaki Fri ($10), five plump oysters that were deep fried.

I then tried the Unagi Bento ($25), consisiting of two slices of salmon and tuna sashimi, a boiled tiger prawn which had sweet meat, miso soup, rice and two slabs of unagi. Good enough to fill up a hungry diner.

I also tried the tempura from the Tempura Udon ($14) and liked that fresh oil was used to fry the prawn.

I also tried the sushi from the Sushi Bento A ($24), which had salmon, squid, tuna, flying fish roe, chicken egg, yellow tail and freshwater eel.

Overall, I felt that the bentos are quite fairly priced, given the casual dining environment. If you are looking for a simple meal to fill you up, this would be an ideal place for you.

I spent $33 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Children/Family, Dinner, Lunch, People Watching
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  • Sushi Bento A
  • Kaki Fry

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