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 • 14 Apr 2012 232 reviews 10 followers
Visited on a Friday evening, without reservation. Was there at 730pm and there were many empty tables inside and outside of the restaurant. Was told to sit outside as the indoor dining was 'full'.

Ordered a bottle of Asahi (@$8++), and for food we had the Sakana Teriyaki Bento (cod fish) and a saba shioyaki.

The cod fish was of a good size, plump, moist and melt in your mouth kind. The bento also consist of a small mound of mashed potato salad, a slice of konyaku, a medium sized cooked prawn, some vinegared item and few slices of salmon (2) and tuna sashimi (3). My friend commented that the cooked prawn was very fresh.

The saba shioyaki looked nicer than it tasted.

For more pictures, you may wish to visit here.

I spent $24 per person.

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