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$34 based on 27 submissions
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With a retro dining style of interior decor nestled here in Orchard Central, Sumiya offers a great choices of fish, meat and vegetables for grilling over charcoal pots match with fine selection of sakes, wines, and Japanese cocktails as well as Asahi draft beers.

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S$20.80 bar kaisen don set
S$20.80 bar kaisen don set
S$20.80 bar kaisen don
S$20.80 bar kaisen don
S$38.80 wagyu don
S$38.80 wagyu don
S$38.80 wagyu don set
S$38.80 wagyu don set

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4pax Family Lunch @ Sumiya on 20Dec2015

Food/Drink 4| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

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son was back from london for holidays.

we decided to have a sunday family lunch. mikuni was fully booked so we went to sumiya on 20.12.2015. ^^

came to sumiya a few times, most recetly with a RI friend on 30.10.2015.

then the bara kaisen don set was still S$18.80 & the wagyu don set S$30.80. price had gone up since. the bara kaisen don set still ok at S$20.80, but the wagyu don set went up very steep, now at S$38.80!it was excellent though, the beef was so wonderful, very marbled & tasty! :-)

c/w the realtively poor S$50 wagyu & onion don at ginzawa that was much below expectations.

2 of us had the bara kaisen don set, wife had the anago don set (forgot to take photos) & youngest daughter had the ex S$38.80 wagyu don set.

the bara kaisen don just just as good. sashimi cuts were very fresh & tasty.

salad was usual.


there was chawanmushi. it was ok but btw item for the set.

we all agreed my own chawanmushi was better – smooth, tasty.

side today was sweet potatoes. nicely sweet with good bite texture.

& we all liked the mochi.

very nice cream inside, not so sweet la so quite edible!

had a great family lunch.

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Skip dinner time

Food/Drink 4| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Reviews: 202

I have been hearing so many good review about their bara chirashi don, so I decided to go for a try on a Friday evening. To my surprise, their bara chirashi don cost almost $40 during their dinner time. Initially, my thought maybe the portion given for the fresh sashimi is probably different. So I went on to check with the staff, she told me the portion is exactly the same as the one in lunch set which cost like $18++. To be honest, if the portion is greater than the one in lunch set, I would still probably consider even the dinner bara chirashi don is ala carte, but is totally the same! Why would one pay so much more for something that is exactly the same or even lesser. Anyway, I was already disappointed and the staff there wasn't really attentive to our table. I tried waving, but it took quite awhile for them to come. (almost wanted to leave). When my food arrived, obviously I did not order the bara chirashi don but the unagi bamboo rice which turn out to be decently good, so it did make my mood a bit better! Overall, I would say skip their dinner time unless you really love to pay more for food that is the same during their lunch time.

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Value-for-money Chirashidon lunch special

Food/Drink 4| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Tucked in the ?highest floor of Orchard Central, not many people would have heard of this place unless they googled "Good Chirashidons in Singapore" or something.
 I came here with a group of friends to try their lunch special it comprised of:
 1) Mixed chirashidon - the rice was below average and disappointing, but the sashimi made up for it. The sashimi portions may not be plentiful but packs a real punch when it comes to flavor. The meal came with this special sauce for the sashimi, but it was too salty and most of us reverted back to the good'ol soya sauce
 2) Chawanmushi - honestly one of the better tasting chawanmushi I have tried (only Otooya defeats it hands down)
 3) Sweet potato and pickles - hits and misses, but it was a miss for me
 4) Salad with sesame dressing - delightfully refreshing
 5) Mochi dessert - quite large in size. It didn't blow my mind as how everyone else described but it was a good way to end the meal
 Imagine all that for just $20++! Personally my favourite Chirashidon place is still Sushi Bar, but for something less pricey, Sumiya deserves its place as having good value-for-money Chirashidon. I would recommend if you want to try something new instead of Sushi Bar-ing every other day

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Head over heels with Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 10

Sometimes, I come across something so good, that every bite felt soul shining and that I momentarily lose myself in my food. Lunch at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya @ Orchard Central is just that and perhaps abit more.

Hidden in a little loft at Orchard Central, this gem of a restaurant is one of Orchard’s best kept secret that I almost didn’t feel like sharing.

Sumiya is offering an awesome lunch set deal where you can get a Mix Bara Kaisen Don set for a steal of $18.80 and other equally irresistible options.

The delectable set is food-coma inducing, with a generous bowl full of assorted sashimi cubes, avocado and blanketed with toboki and salmon roe. It comes with sesame sauce should you need that additional umami kick but its hardly required here. Completing the set are other side kicks like chawanmushi, an appetizer, miso soup, salad and mochi. This set is a force to be reckoned with. Less belly bursting but still delicious is the Ni Anago Don Set with delicately simmered conger eel. 

A hearty choice would be the Teriyaki Chicken Don set. Tender morsels of teriyaki chicken makes a satisfying lunch.

I’m not sure how long the lunch set promotion would last, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting Sumiya again and again.

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