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With a retro dining style of interior decor nestled here in Orchard Central, Sumiya offers a great choices of fish, meat and vegetables for grilling over charcoal pots match with fine selection of sakes, wines, and Japanese cocktails as well as Asahi draft beers.

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

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Mum Uz

Lunch with a view at affortable prices

I had a great time with my family at this restaurant sometime in June.
Their weekday lunch set is of good value.
Thus, will be planning to visit them during this holiday sometime soon.  ;)

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17 Nov 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Lunch with a view at affortable prices

I had a great time with my family at this restaurant sometime in June.
Their weekday lunch set is of good value.
Thus, will be planning to visit them during this holiday sometime soon.  ;)

More writing and photos here:
17 Nov 2014 • 224 reviews • 1 follower

Wonderful Birthday Dinner on 16Nov2014

See my full reviews & photos at =

had a really wonderful 6pax family dinner at sumiya, orchard central on 16.11.2014. it was a belated dinner for wife as she was away in london with son on her birthday. :-) for lunch, i had one of the best chirashi don set here for just S$18.80++ we had 2 orders of sashimi moriawase. it had a wabi (abalone), akami (lean toro), 2 amaebi, 2 hotate, 2 hamachi, 2 salmon, 2kajiki, & a good helping of uni. quality of the cut was very good, but we did not get otoro or chutoro. :-) can’t say it was better than mikuni’s chirashi don which had uni, botan ebi & 2 chutoro at S$45 (after 50% feed at raffles discounts), but it was very good anyway. we ordered the 12 pieces amaebi with shell. amaebi was excellent, plump & sweet. shelling fee is S$5, so we shelled ourselves. :-) we tried their double prawn tempura maki (4pieces for S$8.80)+softshell crab maki (4 pieces for S$8.80). they were good & price was good too. such maki would range from S$15 to S$20 normally for 6 pieces. we had 1 order of kagoshima wagyu (150g), this was excellent too. but for price vs quality, the kagoshima wagyu steak at arossa, 180g for S$44 after 50% palate discounts would top this. :-) we tried the izaki (japanese stripe bass). it was good, meat was tender but quite plain really, so not a must have for me. the yellowfin tuna cheek was supposed to be rare in singapore so we tried it. meat was not as fine as izaki (since this is a huge fish) & stronger in flavours. somehow this manner of preparation was to me not as good as the one with sauce, like in hachi’s hamachi kama. we had 2 orders of ikura unagi rice & 1 order of ikura salmon flake rice. both were very flavourful but my daughter was right, the salmon flake with ikura tasted better, very well mixed in the rice. for me, sun with moon wheelock’s kamameshi still tasted better than this 2. :-) the dinner including 4 beers (S$4.90 happy hour price order before 7pm) & 2 bamboo sake (S$8.80 each) was S$416, just below S$70pax nett. if i compare this with tatsu which cost S$66pax nett, then tatsu’s dinner was quite miserable, i.e. relatively speaking.
13 Nov 2014 • 224 reviews • 1 follower

Very Good Chirashi Don on 13Nov2014

ee my full reviews & photos at =

in search of good chirashi don. :-) today fundonate friends met to discuss some matters. decided to meet for lunch at sumiya, level 12 orchard central on 13.11.2014. i though it might be the previous kuirya penthouse location, & it was. anyway sumiya is owned by the same RE&S group, which owns kuriya dining & also ichiban boshi, kuishinbo etc. the photos of the lunch set, in particular, the chirashi don looked exciting. & it was. it came in a set with chawan mushi (not so good)the, a ponzu salad, miso soup & a mochi, quite similar to ginza kuroson. :-) the chirashi don was excellent. 3 fish (salmon, tuna & hamachi) cube-cut sashimi & heap of ikura & avocado. the sashimi were very fresh & sweet. the vinegared rice was very good. the cube cut made it looked like bara chirashi. this were quite big cubes though, really good sashimi. vinegared rice was very good too. 2 other friends ordered anago don & fish of the day (maybe amadai?). forgot to take photos. there was a shelling fee of $5. we of course decided to D-I-Y! :-) i never knew amaebi looked kind of anaemic & unappetising with shell on. but they were good, very fresh & sweet when shelled & eaten, like any good amaebi. :-) overall i was very impressed & would certainly come back for more. this S$18.80 chirashi don set was definitely superior to the S$25 barachirashi don set at flying squirrel (no comparison i think), better than the S$17.90 chirashi don lunch sett at tonkichi (also no comparison). i can’t decide if this is better than the S$20 chirashi don set at ginza kuroson! i think both were equally good, and though kuroson had better fish cuts, this one was really very enjoyable. with tatsu, though it was not quite like for like, but as an overall dining experience, i think this set was more enjoyable than the S$40 expensive chirashi don at tatsu. with chikuwatei & momoya, this quantity was smaller, but hey the flavours & freshness were better even. 
12 Nov 2014 • 26 reviews • 0 follower

Affordable lunch sets!

 The lunch here is really affordable! Got my Chirashi set at only $13.9++,and comes with salad, soup, side dishes and dessert.Free tea included as well. See my post for details. Thanks!
07 Nov 2014 • 225 reviews • 5 followers

Keep coming back for the excellent, quality, seafood,

Sumiya gives you quality Japanese seafood at prices that are well worth it. We have been fans of their lunch sets, but their a la carte (lunch and dinner) options include several treats. The Bluefin Tuna (flown-in fresh, thrice-weekly) is served as a sashimi steak. One cut that comes in a gradient of lean to fatty meat is luxe to the bite ($58 as a promo price till Dec'14). A clever dish created in-house is the Special Can Can Mushi ($52, seafood steamed with sake & dashi broth on your table in a tin can). The simply steamed clams, oysters, prawns, topshell and snow crabs are good to share. The burger-like appetizer of salmon and avocado in crisp monaka wafers are a delight, a very generous portion for $5.80. B

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