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Review for Sumiya (Orchard Central)


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Address: #12-02, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, 238896

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14 Aug 2014 • 181 Reviews • 8 Followers

Lively place with good, affordable food


We arrived on a Sunday evening at 730pm. But finding our way to Sumiya sure wasn’t simple, especially if one is not taking the lift from ground floor as the lifts at Orchard Central do not serve every storey. Our car was parked at level 8, and we had to take the lift down to level 7, change to a lift that goes up to level 11 before further taking the escalator to reach level 12.

But let’s just say it was worth all that hassle. =)

What hit us when we entered Sumiya, was how bright and spacious the place is! There are 3 different seating areas. Menus are printed on A3 papers which were rolled up and placed on the tables.

Being a group of 5, we decided to order the ozeki set meal which is intended for 2 to share at $120, and individual main course:-

1) Pumpkin salad – This is part of the ozeki set meal. Priced at $5 if ordered a-la carte. A sweet, sticky mess. Mess only after we dug our chopsticks into it!

2) Edamame – Part of our ozeki set meal, if not priced at $6 per grab. For this, the staff came with a drum slung across her body and a big wooden bowl of edamame in her hands. We were told to grab as many edamame beans as we could with one hand. Of course, my brother was tasked with the job. Ha. And once he started, the staff would start beating the drum. And the staff went “That’s really a lot” when my brother left a huge hole in the wooden bowl. Keke. And of course, we were soon eyeing other tables when it’s their turn at it. To see if they could out do us. Haha. And yes, glove was given for hygiene purpose. I like how Sumiya injected fun into our dinner with this experience.

Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, continue to read my review on other dishes here: PART2

15) Choco & chilli gelato – By Sumiya, Italian ice-cream with chocolate and hot chilli. The second flavour of the two scoops which we were given as desserts for our ozeki set menu. With every mouthful, we would first taste the smooth, creamy chocolate. But just as we were able to finish the mouthful of ice cream in our mouth, the spiciness of the chilli would kick in.

And with that, I would totally recommend Sumiya! I really like the vibe. Bright, cheery place with really friendly staff who are always smiling. Food was good and value-for-money. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun.

And the drums? These were used not just for the edamame challenge, but also when someone entered or left the restaurant.

Because we reached at 730pm, we were not able to enjoy the great view Sumiya provides for being located at level 12. So I say, come a bit earlier and be treated to the scenic view as one tucks into the delicious food. The only grip that I have is that for the huge seating capacity, only 1 (unisex) toilet cubicle is provided.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog

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$188 for 5 pax
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