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Top Must Try Dishes
Sashimi8 votes
Chawanmushi5 votes
Tofu Cheesecake4 votes
Sukiyaki3 votes
Tofu Cheese Cake3 votes

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Dinner43 votes
Lunch39 votes
Romance/First Dates24 votes
Quiet20 votes
After Work18 votes
Children/Family18 votes
Girls Night Out18 votes
Chillout15 votes
Vibrant/Noisy15 votes
Business Dining13 votes
High Tea10 votes
Large Groups/Gathering10 votes
Healthy Eating8 votes
Private Dining8 votes
View/Scenery8 votes
Boys Night Out7 votes
Fine Dining7 votes
Brunch4 votes
People Watching4 votes
Supper4 votes
Wine Lists3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • Monday at 6:50pm 1 review 0 follower
Been here twice. Food pretty okay. Portion size okay as well. Really love the tofu cheese cake and matcha tiramisu. However, service really need to be improved on. It seems like they do not have enough staffs and when it is a full house, most of the staffs just adopt a 'heck-care' attitude. Eg: table is already full with trays and bowls etc and the staff is serving the dessert. So what they staff did was just to stack the dessert plate on top of the already full tray with the dirty bowls from dinner. Really unacceptable.

I will still return for the food until I find someplace better.
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 • 02 Jun 2014 213 reviews 1 follower
My last visit to Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe was years back, after hearing lots of raves. Tonight, I return to this lovely place for dinner, and to recollect its sumptuous dishes. 
I was in the mood of sushi but being someone who don't eat much rice, these smaller portions of mix-and-match sushi suited me just fine (SGD$9.00 for 4 sushi rolls in 2 flavors) - one had a choice of Salmon Maki, Beef Steak Maki, Dragon Roll, Avocado Roll etc. I chose the Beef Steak Roll and Salmon Maki combination.
The Salmon Maki was tasty - salmon sashimi slices embracing rice, minced salmon with mayonnaise and topped with salmon roe. For a salmon lover, this was an indulgence of all-things-salmon. The rice was soft and the salmon was sweetly scrumptious; it was easy to love this dish.
The Beef Steak Maki was something unique to me - cheese and meat rolled with rice, topped with slices of tender beef steaks. A good combination of flavors and textures, I was glad I ordered this to try.
Finally, I satiated my craving of soft shell crabs with this Soft Shell Crab Tempura (SGD$10.80) - another interesting dish since most Japanese restaurants serve ebi tempura only. The crab is encased in a thin layer of flour and fried to a perfect crispiness, yet its natural saccharine flavor is retained. It was tempting to order another plate of this but I was feeling very full already.
For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to check out:

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I spent $38 per person.

Must tries: Sashimi, Chawanmushi, soft shell crab tempura, salmon maki, beef steak maki

I also recommend this place for:
Business Dining, Dinner, Lunch
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 • 19 May 2014 158 reviews 1 follower
See my full reviews & photos at =

daughter booked 5pax dinner at sun with moon @ wheelock to celebrate the birthday of our domestic help on 16.5.2014. 
i really enjoyed the excellent lunch here on 7.5.2014. this the first time i came for dinner.
the chirashi don was very tasty, both the fresh sashimi & rice. i supposed in terms of quality of ingredients, it’s hard to beat the S$20 chirashi don lunch set at ginza kuroson, but that was lunch, this dinner. 
wife & another daughter did not want a heavy set, so ordered a dobin mushi plus a okonomiyaki & salmon maki to share. 
dobin mushi was ok, competent.
okonomiyaki was very good.
& salmon maki was good.
i ordered a unagi kebayaki set for myself. we shared the food of course. 
it was very good. the chicken nabe came with a ball of collagen, made the soup very tasty.
the unagi kebayaki was fresh eel. i had not taken unagi for a while & this one was good! 
the salmon sashimi side dish here is always good. i always add that to my lunch set for S$3.
our domestic help ordered a teriyaki cod & tempura set. i did no try. the cod looked great & the tempura had 3 large prawns, really good set! 
we were attracted by the tofu cheese cake so ordered take-out to bring home as birthday cake for our domestic helper.
after eating this tofu cheese cake, i googled & found an excellent internet recipe & made my own very good tofu cheese cake. that was really fun. 
for me, both lunch & dinner sets here were excellent value for money. the 5pax dinner cost S$150 though we only ordered 3 dinner sets plus some ala carte to share.
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I spent $30 per person.

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