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Reviews for Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe (Wheelock Place)


Very innovative japanese food! Come try

This is the 3rd time I came here with my wife. Strangely first two times I did not really have much of an impression. I suspect it is because we always ordered 2 baked rice which was too filling and also because I was slightly prejudiced against their less than traditional japanese decor. Also, I did not like their sashimi which was not finely cut.

Anyway, last night I enjoyed the food. We ordered a very nicely grilled marinated with miso beef prime rib. Very very nice. With chargrilled bits and lots of melted fat taste. We ordered a Aji sashimi which was decent. But this is the only area I do not like too much. First they display their sashimi badly at the counter with too many pieces. Spoil the appetite. Then the aji was served, it was fresh but their staff did not know that aji needs a vinegar sauce and not the usual soy sauce. They did deep fry the bones and it was competently done.

Other dishes we ordered was the ikura sushi (not bad, fresh), a very interesting alaskan crab leg meat with spinach stew thingy. Different but not spectacular.

What made me feel should come try is their desserts. We had the tofu cheese cake (tasted like good cheese cake) and a very good black sesame pudding. A great departure from the usual green tea, redbean , way too sweet japanese dessert.

We also ordered a baked pork rice. Good and the pork was fatty which went well with the rice.

Overall, good experience. Service ok except for the lack of knowledge. Sashimi fresh but lack presentation. Cold Sake was average. They do allowyou to pick your cups though...

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29 Oct 2014 • 31 reviews • 1 follower

A little pricey, but interesting dishes!

18 Aug 2014 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Very mediocre

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The food's painfully amateurish and pitifully child-sized. Granted, their food's very accessibly priced, with most mains averaging well below $20, but I still left feeling like I'd wasted both my money and calories. Props to the marketing team behind the conceptualization of the menu though, it was key in crafting a very misleading idea of the food actually served. Ironically, I might have not given such a scathing review if my expectations of the food hadn't been so heightened by the beautifully photographed menu. 

We had:

1) Salmon Fillet Steak ($13.80): served alongside tater tots, a lone broccoli floret and the most gauche spaghetti ever done. It was stringy, droopy and memorably awful. The dish would have been better off without the spaghetti, because the salmon was actually passable. It was grilled just right, and fairly fresh. 

2) Beef Sirloin Steak ($16.80): the best part of this was the crisp garlic sprinkles. The beef, marinated in garlic soy, was supposedly medium rare, but arrived medium well done. On the upside, I really got to work my jaw chewing on the beef. 

3) Tofu Kaisen Ankake Nabe ($13.80): gloopy, insipid gravy and littered with overdone, mushy prawns.
28 Jul 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Decent food but service need to be improved

Been here twice. Food pretty okay. Portion size okay as well. Really love the tofu cheese cake and matcha tiramisu. However, service really need to be improved on. It seems like they do not have enough staffs and when it is a full house, most of the staffs just adopt a 'heck-care' attitude. Eg: table is already full with trays and bowls etc and the staff is serving the dessert. So what they staff did was just to stack the dessert plate on top of the already full tray with the dirty bowls from dinner. Really unacceptable. I will still return for the food until I find someplace better.