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Over-rated, Deep Fried Food, Mosquito Infested!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Need a Car to reach that place, and need a guide to show the way. Taxis Will get lost.

The Queue to get a table was >45 minutes. Enough time for the Local Vermins to get at you, the Mozzies !! They bite everywhere ... standing in the Queue.

On arrival, the Sun was shining and it was nice and bright. When we got to the table it was Dark ...

Service staff arrives in 10 minutes, only to warn that the food takes 1 Hr to arrive.

Some popular items - Sold out. Mozzies still around. Mosquito coil burning.

Food arrives in 30 minutes.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings (Buffalo Wings) - nothing spectacular.

Deep fried Calamari - Breaded, Dry, no flavour. Taste of stale Oil.

Nachos - Probably from a packet, but dips OK.

Mussels - Overcooked, shrunken, Not Fresh.

Clam Chowder - Tastes canned .

Beers - Not Chilled enough ...

Per Person ~$35 ...

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One of the Worst I've seen

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

Intro ~

We as online netizens have a duty to help out our fellow readers to sort out the bad from the good, so here comes the ugly. I've been there twice now, the second time only at the behest of my friends who wanted to try their buffalo wings, and the second time was even worse than the first. There's a reason why only less than half of the people reviewing this place recommend it (at the time of writing this review). To begin, its terribly difficult to find, being behind an army airbase and down some half-paved roads.

Ambiance ~

I really don't know why some people like the ambiance there. I guess the uniqueness of being in an air base and in an ulu location gives it a somewhat distorted view of being "cool". Trust me, its anything but. It is incredibly hot and stuffy even when you are supposedly outside in the evening. The buildings are run-down old army storehouses. The decor is basically some wooden tables and chairs with tacky checkered tablecloth, and a couple of light bulbs here and there. They put one or two mosquito coils around the tables, but there's almost no chance of you leaving there without at least one bite on your leg. Yes you can see the sunset on a clear evening, but its not like its near the sea or anything, you can go to much nicer eateries with the same or better view, but with way better food and service.

Service ~

This is the one category besides the actual taste of the food that I'm most particular about. And Sunset Grill fails miserably at it. The first time I was there, the waiters didn't seem interested at all. Never a "please" or "thank you". At least be polite if you are in the service line. The second time was far worse. A group of 12 of us went, and the place was about 2/3 full. The drinks came as per normal, but it took 1-and-1/2 hours for the first dish to arrive! And during all that waiting time, we asked the waiters at least 4 times where our food was, and never once did they get back to us! In fact, 2 of our friends got so hungry and angry with the service, they actually left to go elsewhere to eat before the first plate arrived. We even noticed that the 2 sets of guests who came after us actually got their buffalo wings before we did! And of course the mess didn't end there. When the food finally did arrive, they got half of the orders wrong! Some steaks became fish, and some fish & chips became chicken, and so on.

Food ~

I have no idea how their buffalo wings became so talked about. Yes, they have that level 1-30 gimmick, but as some other reviewers have pointed out, that's all it is really, just a marketing gimmick. In my opinion, the buffalo wings seemed to be pre-fried and they just dumped the sauce on the top, making the whole thing soggy and frankly quite bland aside from the spiciness. I've had a steak once and a fish once. The fish was not great but at least acceptable. The steak was definitely not medium-rare like I had asked for.

Pricing ~

Their wings are overpriced in my opinion. I feel its all part of their spicy-challenge gimmick. Generally, the prices of their other dishes are ok when you consider its supposed to be a western restaurant. But then again, with the bad service and mostly below average food, you're better off spending your hard-earned cash elsewhere.

Overall ~

If you absolutely love food and good service, then absolutely stay away from Sunset Grill. I travel overseas very often especially to western and south-east asian countries, and honestly I don't think I've seen worse service in an actual restaurant anywhere. I wish I could give 0 stars for Service on this website. Service is atrocious, food is mediocre.

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Mad hot spicy wings

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience 4 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 58

We tried level 3 wings it made all of us tear after eating. Its the after effect u feel , when u just taste it u might feel that its not as fearful as u thought! However its really spicy for people who has just a normal spiciness level tolerance. Its a nice place to chill out!

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Buffalo Wings!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 203

Not the easiest place to reach unless you have a car or have friends driving but worth a shot if you would like an exciting adventure. Sunset grill is famous for its notriously spicy buffalo wings which comes at many different levels of spiciness to challenge your taste buds. If you are not proficient in handling spicy food, i would highly suggest you go for the lowest if not the 2nd lowest level of spiciniess. If you can handle it, you can go for an intermediate level. First timers who are very confident of yourselves please exercise some self control and refrain yourself for going straight to the highest level of spiciness. You wouldnt want to burn your tongue (and i do mean it).

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Rude staff

Total Reviews: 2

Gf alighted and asked for directions to nearest parking lot. .auntie staff told us we can't park infront and had to go down to nearest public car park... 

She got back on the car and staff Ran to us waving ... so we rolled down the windows...auntie staff kept asking us to go away as we can't park there. We were not intending to park and was actually waiting for a car to drive past...

We obliged and went to another restaurant  

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Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

If the term 'Sunset' in Sunset Grill is to be symbolic for the end of a good day then yes their name makes sense.

Honestly, the food was way too overpriced for the quality that was served. The Mini chicken burgers barely tasted of anything, Pork chop was too dry, Beef burger was huge but with nothing good to deliver.

The deep friend mushrooms cost a whopping $18.50 with only 6 pathethic pieces of mushrooms to boot. & i dont see why the buffalo wings are famous at all except maybe for the fact that they were burning hot & ridiculously overpriced. 

Service wasn't all that bad. some of the staff were good, and then there were some who were plain lazy. when we asked for more napkins(because the supply at our table was depleting quick) she just pointed to the measly 2 pieces we had and said "you still got". Not as if we were asking her to carry over something as heavy as dumb bells, clearly F&B isn't an industry you should be in.

Overall so disappointed and won't be coming back again. with that amount of money spent I would have probably had a better dinner at Jerry's a few doors down

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