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Supply & Demand (Orchard Gateway)


Supply & Demand is a modern Italian Southeast Asian bistro and bar.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:30

+65 67026218
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Karl L

Great food

Had (1) Salmone Affumicato (2) Carte Blanche Chicken (3) Morning After Pizza (4) S&D Italian Style Tiramisu (5) Velvet Cake. Only the cake disappoints while the rest are excellent must-try. Nice balance for each dish to bring out the flavours of each ingredient. Reservation is a must - the place was almost full during weekday lunch. Gave up joining the queue once on a weekday evening.

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Salmone Affumicato
12 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Great food

Had (1) Salmone Affumicato (2) Carte Blanche Chicken (3) Morning After Pizza (4) S&D Italian Style Tiramisu (5) Velvet Cake. Only the cake disappoints while the rest are excellent must-try. Nice balance for each dish to bring out the flavours of each ingredient. Reservation is a must - the place was almost full during weekday lunch. Gave up joining the queue once on a weekday evening.
29 Nov 2014 • 20 reviews • 0 follower

Nice food at affordable prices with a good ambience!

Supply and Demand is tucked away in the corner of Level 2 of Orchard Gateway, just beside Everlast, if I didn’t remember wrongly. We missed it the first time and only found it after retracing our steps. The restaurant has a beautiful interior design, with warm lighting and wooden furnitures, making it seem really cosy and romantic. The large window panes spanning across the side of the restaurant also gave a great view overlooking Orchard. An amazing ambience.
 Even though Supply and Demand brand themselves as a “Modern Italian Trattoria and Pizzeria”, Italian cuisines are not the only ones that they offer here. They also have inspired dishes from other cuisines, such as that of the South East Asian inspired Cichetti, salads, and even offering S.E.A cuisines in the section “S&D GOES TO SEA” on their menu, with their own interpretation of the dishes. You can find their menu here! They also have weekend brunches too! The menu can be found here, on their Facebook page!
 Since it was our first time there, we decided to go pure italian in our choice of food. For our appetizers, we had their Sweet Potato Fries and Pork Sausage Platter! One does not simply not order a pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant. Hence, we ordered The Morning After (La Mattina Dopo) pizza and a Carbonara Cremoso (with cream sauce!).
 I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Supply and Demand. Even though it may be in a restaurant setting, I thought that the mains were rather affordable, especially for its quality and portion of food served. Afterall, you would be paying $17-20++ for some waffle or a regular eggs benedict in a cafe as well, so why not spend this sum of money on some relative authentic Italian food with a good ambience to boot! It’s an economist’s dream come true!
 Its setting and ambience, makes it an amazing place for a date or gathering as well. I’m not too sure about how the other dishes they serve up may fare, especially their fusion S.E.A dishes. I would love to come here to Supply and Demand to try out their other mains, and also their brunch menu, which has a wide offering!
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Handmade Spicy Satay Skewers
01 Nov 2014 • 335 reviews • 3 followers

Back for more good food

What are the odds of me going back to a cafe so soon, within a couple of weeks, to eat again? I mean, out of so many others out there? Well yes I did, to try other interesting things on the menu.

I ordered an appetizer of Handmade Spicy Satay Skewers (SGD$12.00) simply because I thought it interesting to see traditional local streetfood fusioned into an Italian bistro restaurant. Grilled to a smoky deliciousness with marinated, tender chicken cubes, these piping hot meat-on-sticks were actually served on a mini stove. It was really adorable (oh dear, should have taken a shot of this stove).

Then I had a Shrimp and Avocado Salad (SGD$16.00) - look at the buttery soft and generous portions of avocado slices! Nothing beats a melt-in-your-mouth, smooth type of vegetables combined with bouncy, sweet fresh shrimps to make one's day a refreshing, happier one. The best part is that this salad uses Thai-inspired spicy citrus dressing and Thai vinaigrette, so this is not your average shrimp + avocado salad.

*Sidney's Beef Pepperoni Pizza (usual price SGD$18.00), consisting of beef pepperoni, oregano, mozarella and tomato sauce. The crust is thin and crispy, the first bite already eliciting feelings of immense satisfaction. The overall getup of the toppings was pretty standard, really, nothing that stood out immensely, but it tasted good as a homely, wholesome, comfort food. Overall, this is still a nice place for nice food. The service leaves lots of room for improvement though.

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25 Sep 2014 • 335 reviews • 3 followers

Lovely food, especially the tasting portions

I chanced upon Supply and Demand Cafe, located in a secluded corner of Orchard Gateway, and decided to give it a shot, remembering good reviews I'd heard about this cafe with interesting menu comprising of a marriage between Italian and South-east Asian cuisine.

The ambience is dimly-lit, with a spacious interior and faux grass patches. The trees caught my eyes, as did the double Bs strewn around (books and bottles). The best part was that it was rather empty, so I stepped in and grabbed a table.

I started with a S&D Italian Style Tiramisu (SGD$12.00) - made with egg, French cream, Mascarphone Cheese, Espresso Soaked Savioardi, Cocoa Powder and 2 kinds of Liquer. Mind you, usually I don't like desserts served in jars, but this one won me over. The tiramisu was smooth and distinctive in flavor, probably because infused with two kinds of liquer!

For mains, I decided to try the Aglio Olio with Shrimps (SGD$14.00) - classic dressing of hot olive oil, garlic and dried chilli pepper. It was the Tasting Portion that I'd chosen, and I really appreciate how they have the Tasting Portion and Full Portion here. The noodle was springy and the prawns were bouncy, so texture was good. The spiciness level was just about right. I enjoyed this small serving of delicacy. For drinks, I ordered a pot of Chocolate Rose Tea (SGD$9.90) , a decidedly dessert-sounding tea, that was infused with the sweetness of chocolate and rose fragrance, a combination of two of my favoritest things. The tea also comes with a lovely gingernut tasting biscotti and a rich dark chocolate muffin. The muffin was not hard and dry - it was soft and slightly moistened, so it went down the throat easily and was a perfect nibble alongside the hot pot of tea.

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11 Sep 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Poor. Tastes like a tuckshop but charges like a decent-priced cafe.

Unfortunately this was a huge huge huge disappointment.

We were a group of 5 girls, and visited on a Monday evening at approximate 7.45 pm.

We ordered the Al Vino pasta, the Al Funghi pasta, a Cabonara, an Arrabiata and an Aglio Olio. We had drinks and also a side of Garlic Truffle Fries. Everyone agreed that this place was a rip off and did not stay for dessert.

The pastas were varying degrees of disastrous and the portions were TINY even for the 'lower' price we paid for tasting portions. The Carbonara has a strange and strong pasteurized after taste - a bit similar to yoghurt and vomit. Al Vino was anticipated but such a disappointment as well - watery.

The best thing we had at Supply & Demand were the average Garlic Truffle Fries (weak or barely there truffle taste) and perhaps the Lychee Iced Tea.

I would not come back. Expensive for the portion, and lousy to mediocre food :( Most other cafes out there would do a far far far far better job on the pastas than this.