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Review for Sushi Goshin – by Akashi (Robinsons Orchard)


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06 Mar 2014 • 1976 Reviews • 260 Followers

Quality No Frills Dining at Reasonable Prices

Over the years, Akashi has built its brand name on serving quality ingredients at a no-frills dining environment.

Sushi Goshin - by Akashi, is no different in this light.

At a recent visit at this open dining concept at Robinsons at Orchard, I started with the Sashimi Moriwase. Fresh cuts of salmon, yellow tail, tuna, scallop, swordfish, sweet prawn and clam at only $28.

I then had the Hotate Misoyaki ($16), a large scallop baked in a thick miso paste.

Given that it is a sushi place, I ordered a mix of Spicy Salmon sushi ($1.20 each), Aburi Shake ($1.50 ea) - seared salmon sushi as well as Ikura ($4.40 for 2). This was enough to fill me up.

For those who want a mix of cooked and raw items, go for the Goshin Bento ($26), which includes a mix tempura of prawns and vegetables, tuna and squid sashimi, fried saba fish and salad- all in one box.

So there you have it, reasonable prices, good quality ingredients and a no-frills dining environment.
Recommended for
After Work, Children/Family, Dinner, Lunch, Relaxed
Average Spend
$109 for 2 pax
  • Hotate Misoyaki
  • Goshin Bento
  • Sushi
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