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Sushi Mitsuya

Sushi Mitsuya is a niche Japanese sushi restaurant focused on providing an exclusive and bespoke dining experience, taking the art of Omakase to heights as yet unexplored. The intimate hinoki-wood sushi counter will be helmed by Head Chef, Ryosuke Harada.

Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 23:00

Closed: Sun

+65 64382608
$156 based on 10 submissions
Business Dining (7 votes), Fine Dining (4 votes), Lunch (4 votes)
George Cao


a very special way of having the best sushi i had so far in life, delicacy at its best. pricing is reasonable for the quality and service you get. highly recommended.

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18 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower


a very special way of having the best sushi i had so far in life, delicacy at its best. pricing is reasonable for the quality and service you get. highly recommended.
07 Nov 2014 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

One of the best lunches of 2014

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Sushi Mitsuya offers just 3 sets for lunch (there's no ala carte menu here, for lunch or dinner), which may seem a little constrained, but the food was so sublime, the lack of choice didn't bother me one bit. I got the Ichie Set ($60) which comprised a duo of appetizers, 8 piece sushi medley, makimono, soup and dessert, all dictated by the season's finest and the chef's inclinations. I'm never as adventurous as I am at high-end Japanese restaurants, but I was well-rewarded for trusting my palate with the chef. Every course was just dreamy and memorably so. 

We had:

1) Persimmon, Spinach and Fried Gluten: married beautifully in a pool of walnut sauce
2) Scallops, Garland Chrysanthemum and Honshimeiji: kept light and crisp in a vinegar tofu sauce
3) While the sushi variants weren't particularly luxurious, the chef's treatment of each seafood was first-rate. Every sushi was so well-balanced and seasoned, I didn't need additional soy dips. First up was Surf Crab, firm and clear, simply brushed with a sweet-ish soy to complement the natural flavour of the seafood. 
4) Sea Whelk: similarly given a light coat of soy and topped with a dollop of grated ginger to counteract its umami tendencies. 
5) White Baby Shrimp: one of my favourites, so gloriously sweet and moist. 
6) King Mackerel: aburi-ed to give its skin a crisp contrast, and there was a pike mackerel, that, in my haste, had gobbled it up before taking a picture of...oops! 
7) Lean Tuna: sparkling fresh, meaty and scrumptious. 

8) Also aburi-ed for a juxaposition of textures, the Seabass was also excellent. 
9) Asari Clams: juicy and bursting with the salty essence of the sea. 
10) Sea Eel: burnished with a creamy wafu-like dressing, enhancing its sweetness

11) Maki Gourd was a superb palate cleanser, with its crisp clean taste. 

12) Makimono: this had a delightfully crunchy mouthfeel.

13) Seaweed Soup: liberally laced with shredded vegetables for extra oomph. 

14) Seaweed Jelly with Muscat and Mango: so nuanced and light.

15) If a multi-course sushi set isn't for you, then the Bara Chirashi Set ($50) may be more your's the cheapest option for lunch! But, it's no slouch. The humongous bowl was brimming with a melange of seafood, sparkling fresh and a riot of sumptuous colours, and it's paired with the same couple of appetizers, soup and dessert
20 Jan 2014 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

My 2nd Time At Sushi Mitsuya

Take 2 at Sushi Mitsuya didn't disappoint... This time, I went for a very simple Chirashi Bowl, which was pleasantly more than just the rice bowl... 2 appetizers, Chirashi Bowl, soup and dessert, and the $50++ lunch was even more reasonable than I though it would be... And mostly importantly, the rice was cooked well, and all the flavours mixed well... I reckon my 3rd visit is not only assured, but will probably be a dinner and am already looking forward to it!

21 Nov 2013 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

Much better than just "decent, but...."

    Sushi Mitsuya, like most 'better sushi restaurants' in Singapore, offers a 'better value lunch' and for the $100 course meal I had (excluding the additional $25 for a single aburi otoro sushi nigiri, which was also very good) I left a happy camper and will certainly be back! Not only does Harada-san have the skills in terms of both execution of his sushi, but he also makes one of the better rice around (not the best, but certainly one of the better ones in Singapore, because as I'm sure those who know, would know... What sets Tokyo sushi apart from sushi from other places like Kyushu and Hokkaido, is where they get their rice from and how cooked).

  I wish Harada-san every success and hope he continues with maintaining his current standards!

(foot note: due to HGW's 8 photos limit, I wasn't able to upload 2x appetizers, 1x soup and 1x dessert... and the aburi otoro sushi, which was very good too)
16 Aug 2013 • 136 reviews • 0 follower

Decent sushi but...

Sushi Mitsuya is one of the few restaurants that serve edo-mae sushi as a fine dining concept in a very zen restaurant. These sushi were named as edomae sushi as they are prepared from fish that is freshly caught from the Edo bay or Tokyo bay. Having been to Shinji (that is owned by michelin starred shinji Kanesaka), I thought that I may have similar if not just slightly less good but still superb sushi from Sushi Mitsuya and I was left disappointed. Shall start with the sushi set that I had first. I chose the 8 piece sushi set that costs $60++.

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