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Swa Garden Restaurant

Swa Garden Restaurant has an impressive history of serving authentic Teochew cuisine for decades and continues to churn out dishes the old school way with the freshest ingredients.

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 67445009
$30 based on 49 submissions
Dinner (13 votes), Children/Family (10 votes), Lunch (8 votes)
Ben Ee

Good Food and Good Place

I brought my mother who is early 80 for dinner and she really love it. The food and place recall her some past good memory when my father was around. Very traditional Teochew food and the staffs are friend too.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Yam Paste with Pumpkin7 votes
  • Braised Goose Meat6 votes
  • Chye Poh Kuay Teow5 votes
  • Cold Crab3 votes
  • Fish Maw Soup3 votes
  • Oyster Omelette2 votes
  • Steam Pomfret2 votes
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Based on 49 votes
30 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Good Food and Good Place

I brought my mother who is early 80 for dinner and she really love it. The food and place recall her some past good memory when my father was around. Very traditional Teochew food and the staffs are friend too.
06 Oct 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Too much MSG in food, unpleasent eatting experience

Had dinner at this place last week.
Their customer service was stellar standards however,  food was utterly disppointing.  After eatting the first two dishes which contains much msg( monosodium glutamate) it caused swelling and unpleasent stomach aches.  I really hope someone would check on how much MGS they are actually putting in their food.   I will never patronise this place again.
15 Jun 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Fantastic Teochew Food Place with Vintage Charm

Imagine chinese lace curtains with vintage round banquet tables, with Teresa Teng's classic hits playing in the background; It's like stepping into the past, once you get past the hustle and bustle of the main road and into the restaurant. The staff are extremely friendly, many who could recognize the regulars by name!

The food here is really authentic, and you could ask the staff to recommend you some dishes if you are not sure what to have. I tried their signature kuay teow, a wonderful blend of the simplest ingredients (rice noodles & preserved chai por) and it tasted heavenly.

I would also recommend the fish maw broth if you are a seafood fan. We had a great time there, the food was served by very attentive staff that often smiled and asked if you needed a tea refill. The Or-Ni (yam paste dessert) is out of this world too - Smooth, creamy, and faultless. Super yummy! :)

We would definitely revisit it (it's like our 3rd or 4th time there) and would recommend anyone who's looking to get some authentic teochew fare at reasonable prices. Do make a reservation before going down, as we saw that the tables were all fully booked when we were there on a sunday.
29 Nov 2013 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Good Teochew Dinner

See my full reviews & photos at =

many friends were away. we had a smaller group of 9 for the monthly dinner at swa garden on 28.11.2013. i had wanted to come to this place the longest time but never got to it. had the impression it was expensive but looking at set menus (the one for S$268 looked ok & the more pricy ones included suckling pig), price looked ok.

the friend who organised for this evening pre-order 9 ala carte dishes. we started with the cold crab, it was good. perhaps no difference from other teochew restaurants like chui huay lim, but good.

the braised duck was good too, “pang” ie flavourful & not tough or overcooked/fibrous. it said “goose”on paper but they readily admitted it was duck (a 半菜 duck).

the scallop with yellow chives was good, scallops plump & tasty.

& i liked the pot with pig tendon & fish maw, tasty & well done dish, though 1 friend thought the helping was not large enough for 9pax. i thought it was quite ok.

the mullet was a wet steamed version which i very seldom had..usually i took the air dried cold version at some bakuteh stalls like lao ah ti @ boon keng. i liked this version. the chye sim salted vegetables were nice & it was easier to pick up the fish meat c/w the dry version but both version had their own attractiveness. 

the crayfish was a competent dish, tasty. i still preferred the ah orh style though as i felt the sauce masked the sweetness & flavour of the crayfish.

the prawn balls & ngoh hiang was another average, ok dish.

teochew plain fried char kuay teow was good, had wok hae, though not my favourite. i liked chui huay lim’s seafood beehoon better.

the orh nee was very average, not “pang”. the ones we had recently at much cheaper muliangzai liang kee was better.

overall we had 9 dishes for 9pax costing $297nett=S$33pax. perhaps slightly more expensive c/w with the S$268 10pax set menu (above). price was ok, the food was average to above average. i was not overly impressed but it is a place i would come again for fairly good quality food at ok prices.  
20 Apr 2013 • 333 reviews • 54 followers

Traditional, Good Quality, Tasty Teochew Chinese Zi Char

Full Swa Garden Restaurant review here

Swa Garden Restaurant is a small Chinese restaurant that specialises in traditional and authentic Teochew cuisine, faithfully churning out Zi Char dishes from their unchanging menu for well over 2 decades. A visit to Swa Garden Restaurant is a throwback to years gone by, and will appeal to seniors / elders in the family.

A traditional yet uncommon dish, Teochew Cold Crabs requires skill in not only steaming the crabs, but selecting the right type of crabs for steaming. The meat is wonderfully fresh, with a natural tasting flavour. The roe within is also quite substantial, and added a burst of salty, briny taste to the overall dish. The sour plum dipping sauce made for a good pairing.

A sort of sampler, the Spiced Pork Rolls, Crab Rolls, Prawn Rolls dish features 1 meat roll and 2 seafood rolls. The Spiced Pork Rolls were excellent, with a crisp exterior that had a nice crunch, and a meaty and juicy interior. The Crab Rolls were unique, and the crab mean within was well packed, fresh, and flavourful. But I thought the Prawn Rolls were the weakest of the 3, being rather average in taste.