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(Closed) Swensen's (Holland Avenue)

Swensen's has developed over the years to become a restaurant chain offering not only ice cream, but fun and friendly casual-dining with a wide selection of hearty food, desserts, beverages, ice cream cakes and takeaway novelties.
+65 64671825
$13 based on 14 submissions
Dinner (6 votes), Children/Family (4 votes), Lunch (4 votes)

Dessert @Swensen's Restaurant

午后的天空下起了倾盆大雨, 庆幸的是此时我们刚刚好结束早晨的远足, 徒步了整整5个小时的我们, 肚子早已发起了抗议. 走出翡翠小厨后的甜品档,

首选Swensen! 美食地: Swensen's Restaurant 地址: 251/253 Holland Avenue, Holland


The HGW community like this place for...

  • Apple Crumble1 vote
  • Hazel Daze1 vote
  • all-day breakfast1 vote
  • baked rice1 vote
  • ice cream1 vote
  • sizzling apple crumble1 vote
  • sticky chewy chocolate1 vote
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26 Feb 2012 • 68 reviews • 0 follower

Dessert @Swensen's Restaurant

午后的天空下起了倾盆大雨, 庆幸的是此时我们刚刚好结束早晨的远足, 徒步了整整5个小时的我们, 肚子早已发起了抗议. 走出翡翠小厨后的甜品档,

首选Swensen! 美食地: Swensen's Restaurant 地址: 251/253 Holland Avenue, Holland

27 Jan 2012 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

Bad service and cold food

A group of us, 11 people, decided to have our lunch today (27 Jan 2012, at around 12 noon). We stepped into the restaurant and were given 2 tables (for 6 pax each). Requested for a table to accomodate all of us. When we were told it was possible, it was fine actually, but the look on the lady manager's face was enough to make me want to walk out of the restaurant. Honestly, we can do without that. We could barely understood what the waitress was saying when she tried to explain in English on the in-house promotion. Next, the service was rather slow but still acceptable cos the restaurant was about 80% full. What was disappointing was the chicken victoria main course which was cold. I find that both the service and food can be improved greatly. Swensen's used to be the place for me and my friends. I can't say that for now.

03 Jul 2011 • 7 reviews • 36 followers

once beaten, twice shy

2nd time the Swensen's at Holland Village have failed me by taking over an hour to serve. Had to cancel my order today as my friends were starting to leave for home and we didn't have enough people to share the giant earthquake. Horrible waiting time. Took us half an hour to wait for seats only to wait for another hour to realise that our food was never gonna come. Warn your friends...
03 Jul 2011 • 23 reviews • 1 follower

Mediocre food, bad service

For some reason I keep coming back here even though it sucks. I suppose it being 24 hours and Halal has something to do with it.

One of our tables waited almost 2 hours for their orders, and despite reminding the staff a few times nothing got delivered.

The sundaes our table got were mediocre. And if you look at the ice cream itself, $4.15 nett a scoop is not cheap - you're better off going to Ice Cream Gallery or even Udders, which give cheaper and better ice cream.

31 Jul 2009 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Nice place for a late-night bite

Neighborhood family restaurant feel with attentive staff (mostly) creating a relaxed, casual ambience. Good selection of options on their nearly entirely western menu garnished with fusion dishes that are quite frankly just great. The all-day breakfast is an instant favorite.

Unfortunately their 24-hour (post mid-night) menu is rather limited.

Excellent desserts and the coffee's great.

Service can be iffy at times based largely on the mood of the staff, which usually reflects the mood of the crowd. Be nice to them and they perk right up.

As always, Swensen's attention to cleanliness and hygiene is excellent.

Good place for a mid-night snack if you're in the neighborhood and looking for something more than just a coffee-shop or fast-food.

Bring the little kid(s) little activity drawings & coloured pencils keep them distracted while the food arrives.