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Review for Szechuan Court & Kitchen


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27 Aug 2011 • 579 Reviews • 22 Followers

Not worth it without Feed-at-Raffles card

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The food's a mix of hits and misses and dinner wasn't particularly satisfying as an experience, so it really isn't worth it eating here if you don't have the Feed-at-Raffles 50% discount card. There are better places to have such Sichuan-Cantonese food such as Peony-Jade.

We had:

1) Braised Beancurd ($28) beancurd was a little waterlogged

2) Pan-fried String Bean ($24) terrible. The string beans were fried way too long so they were completely limp

3) Braised King Oyster Mushroom ($26) in superior stock and organic fried garlic and spinach: only dish i thought was ok

4) Braised Crabmeat and Fish Maw in Superior Broth ($28) which we liked very much with its depth of flavour, thick consistency and plentiful fresh ingredients

5) Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup ($12), it was just starchy without any depth of flavour, a bit too sour and a bit too light on the spicy element
Recommended for
Lunch, Dinner, Quiet
Average Spend
$70 for 2 pax
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