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Southern cuisine finally!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

A new addition to the food scene in Singapore and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this place develops.

This place hits the right spots with my preferred dining experiences, namely: Little Pretentiousness, interesting new cuisine and a dedication to quality.

I loved the fresh oysters I had to start the meal - oysters were going for single $6 / half a doze at $29. I was torn between the two types of oysters available - Scottish Loch Fyne Oysters and Fines De Claire Oysters from France. The server very nicely recommended that I get a mix of the two so I managed to get the best of both worlds! The Scottish ones were creamy and so fresh, they could'd been eaten on this own. The French oysters were briny and great with a tangy sauce.

I liked the Salmon Cakes which were served with a simple salad. A slight twist to the famous crabcakes of the Southern cuisine, the cakes were loaded with good bite after bite of salmon. I'm thinking that Table 24 is great with their seafood dishes and I definitely think you must include a seafood in one of your main options.

The coffee-crusted pork chops are a surprise hit. I loved the used of grinded espresso beans (reminds me of those that you get after pulling a shot) so there is an espresso punch lingering on after the main. Something more subtle, more nuanced compared to in your face flavoured food which I appreciate. 

Southern cuisine gives a sense of unfamilar familiarity. Some parts recognizable, some parts new enough to make you surprised. 

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totally in love with their food!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Totally enjoyed every dishes I ordered. I had the 3 course meal at 45 bucks for appetizer+entree+desserts. My orders are 1 main dish Angus hangar steak, 1 octopus salad and 1 bailey's cake. I requested my steak to be medium done and it was nicely done to my liking, totally juicy and flavourful. The fresh octopus salad with pickles is very appetising, so much so I look forward to the next dish. The last dish was the bailey's cheesecake which I finish every bits, it was not too sweet and not overly creamy in taste. Total love the dishes, disagree with Captain Tastyp, wondered what he ordered that makes his strong judgement. There is no useful reviews on the food tasting.

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Don't waste your money in Table 24

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Shortly after it opened, I tried Table 24 for the first time. At that moment I was really pleasantly surprised. They served contemporary dishes, using fresh produce presented in a creative way. Even though it was not at the level of real fine dining (what you also cannot expect at the price level they position themselves), the food was definitely worth trying.

I decided yesterday to go back, hoping to still find the same experience. Unfortunately, things headed totally in the wrong way for Table 24.

I checked the menu on their website before making the reservation and saw a few dishes that I wanted to try. Upon arrival in the restaurant, I noticed that several of those dishes on the menu were striked through by hand, meaning they were not available. One of the 4 beers on their drinks menu is Delirium Tremens, a very nice Belgian specialty beer. They offer it at 14 dollar which makes this a very good deal. Unfortunately, also the Delirium was not available. 

However, the real disappointment started when the food arrived. They still try to explore the limits of foodpairing (combining cauliflower with chocolate, combining tuna with chocolate,...) which I can really appreciate, but it makes no sense to try applying those kind of techniques if you use terrible produce and if you don't apply standard cooking techniques correctly. 

Dry overcooked cauliflower was presented as amuse bouche. The cauliflower was cooked to death, and had no taste. The chocolate on top of it could not compensate for the dry unpleasant mouth experience.

The second dish was tuna. it was presented with one small piece of lettuce which was announced as romaine, what it defintely was not. The chocolate wasabi that was mentioned on the menu, was molten chocolate (no signs of any wasabi experience here)

When I thought it could not go worse, the scallops were served. Scallops that came straight from the deep freezer and that were terribly overcooked. Even though the chef tried to present them in a contemporary way, this is a dish that you try to forget as soon as you tasted the first bit.

The main dish. Angus Hangar. I have to admit, it was cooked to perfection. Medium rare, exactly the way it should be.However, the meat tasted not fresh and was not seasoned at all. On the other side of the table a Mahi Mahi was served. The fish was dry, overcooked but most of all, it was long over its due date. 

At this moment, I really felt the need to talk to the manager of the restaurant. He admitted that they don't use fresh produce anymore. He had no explanation why this promising restaurant headed into this direction. I told him I did not dare to finish the main dishes and paid the bill. 

I don't like to write a negative review, but this time I really felt I had no choice. Table 24 was really a promising restaurant at the start. They headed totally in the wrong direction.

Don't waste your money here anymore. 

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