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Review for (Closed) Table 24


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09 Sep 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Southern cuisine finally!

A new addition to the food scene in Singapore and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this place develops.

This place hits the right spots with my preferred dining experiences, namely: Little Pretentiousness, interesting new cuisine and a dedication to quality.

I loved the fresh oysters I had to start the meal - oysters were going for single $6 / half a doze at $29. I was torn between the two types of oysters available - Scottish Loch Fyne Oysters and Fines De Claire Oysters from France. The server very nicely recommended that I get a mix of the two so I managed to get the best of both worlds! The Scottish ones were creamy and so fresh, they could'd been eaten on this own. The French oysters were briny and great with a tangy sauce.

I liked the Salmon Cakes which were served with a simple salad. A slight twist to the famous crabcakes of the Southern cuisine, the cakes were loaded with good bite after bite of salmon. I'm thinking that Table 24 is great with their seafood dishes and I definitely think you must include a seafood in one of your main options.

The coffee-crusted pork chops are a surprise hit. I loved the used of grinded espresso beans (reminds me of those that you get after pulling a shot) so there is an espresso punch lingering on after the main. Something more subtle, more nuanced compared to in your face flavoured food which I appreciate. 

Southern cuisine gives a sense of unfamilar familiarity. Some parts recognizable, some parts new enough to make you surprised. 
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$40 for 1 pax
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