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 • 08 Sep 2013 1 review 0 follower
Totally enjoyed every dishes I ordered. I had the 3 course meal at 45 bucks for appetizer+entree+desserts. My orders are 1 main dish Angus hangar steak, 1 octopus salad and 1 bailey's cake. I requested my steak to be medium done and it was nicely done to my liking, totally juicy and flavourful. The fresh octopus salad with pickles is very appetising, so much so I look forward to the next dish. The last dish was the bailey's cheesecake which I finish every bits, it was not too sweet and not overly creamy in taste. Total love the dishes, disagree with Captain Tastyp, wondered what he ordered that makes his strong judgement. There is no useful reviews on the food tasting.

I spent $40 per person.

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