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Asian, Indian, North Indian, Vegetarian
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Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

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Since opening its doors in 1985, Tandoor Restaurant has become synonymous with authentically prepared, traditional Indian cuisine. Contemporary yet laced with tradition, waiters offer recounts of the stories behind each dish in the restaurant.

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Best Tier 1 fine dining Indian resturant

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

Tandoor has the finest quality Indian food amongst the Tier 1 resturants in Singapore. Ambience is excellent and staff alert. Turn around time from order to serving of food was also very good. Food was fresh, hot and tasty.

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Arrogance and Attitude

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I have been going to Tandoor for 31 years now and the food has always been nothing short of fantastic along with the friendliness of the service staff and management. In the last few years I have seen some of the waiters become managers and some of the manager go on to bigger and better things. I have seen the chefs change within a year sometimes. Tandoor has always been a place for great Indian food, primarily due to the fact that the previous manager, Mr Subasis was the defining factor that ensured that the food was prepared fresh and brought out immediately upon it's preparation. The food has the right amount of kick and spices to it and the chefs always had a friendly smile upon the food being brought to your table. They smiled at the customer and you smiled back indicating that the food was a thumbs up for that day.
 Fast forward to sometimes last year, or early this year and even so early as to about a few weeks ago is when my view and desire to want to go back to Tandoor had all changed. Not only have some of the magnificent chefs moved on, the main manager Subasis has moved on to but above all, the current manager of the restaurant, a one Mr Kaliyaan is the most arrogant, unfriendly, self righteous manager who was once a waiter at Tandoor, now under the impression that he seems to be doing a great job as manager. You will notice that when you go there, if you are not happy with a certain dish because it isn't up to standard, Kaliyaan will be sure to jump into the mix, not to help solve the issue, but rather to aggravate it by telling you "The Customer is always wrong". Well, at least, he insuniates that. Not only, does he give you a dirty look, should you give him feedback on how the food is but he will be ever ready to educate you on how the customer doesn't know what he's talking about and before you know it, your appetite has disappeared.
 As a person who used to enjoy Tandoor immensely every Friday, Tandoor has now not only dived into the abyss on my list of Top Ten Restaurants but it has also made my list of WORST restaurants in GENERAL to dine at. The food isn't up to standard, it is prepared without love, the manager doesn't train the staff to do their jobs and above all, the manager is so impolite that while you dine, he is staring at you. I don't know what happened to the state of this restaurant and whether the chefs are to blame or whether the management is. That being said, a great restaurant is always on TOP mainly due to the manager overseeing that EVERYTHING goes smoothly right down from it's ingredients to it's preparation and Kaliyaan, most certainly DOES NOT do that.
 As of 2015 - 1/5 stars. Disgraceful.

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Having first visited this restaurant some years ago, we were keen to try it again following its  refurbishment a while back.  Whilst the food quality was perfectly acceptable, it was badly let down by the service.  For example the menu is structured in theusual way of appetizers and mains and we ordered accordingly.  Why therefore does the waiter bring the whole lot at once? if you charge $18++ for a small can of Asahi Beer, the least they can do is pour it properly rather than delivering the can to the table, dispensing a glass full of froth and dumping the half empty can and then disappearing!  We had two appetizers, two mains, four beers and two naans, our total cost was $241.30!!  We will not return.

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