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Located on the resort island of Sentosa, Tastes of Singapore offers a range of local cuisine to visiting tourists and Singaporeans alike.

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Checking Out The Menu
Checking Out The Menu
Seafood Horfun
Seafood Horfun
Singapore Chicken Rice
Singapore Chicken Rice
Yummy Nonya Lobster Laksa
Yummy Nonya Lobster Laksa
The Most Expensive Chicken Rice I Ever Eaten
The Most Expensive Chicken Rice I Ever Eaten

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Most helpful review:

High Price but Hey, This is Sentosa!

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 58

Here's my list of three choices that you can take if you're looking for food when you're in Sentosa:-

1. Just pick a restaurant and don't complain about the cost because you're at a tourist attraction,

2. Visit the less pricey joints such as Subway, or

3. Tahan a little and then drop by Vivo City where there's a wider, and more reasonably priced variety of food.

Well, I chose to eat at this restaurant. Above and beyond that, I was in that location and the restaurant happened to call out to me. To be frank, my family had just wanted some local fare.

Nothing earth shattering in terms of the decor, and the service was fine. We picked up the menu and thumbed through the prices. "Ok, since we're here, we might as well make it worth our while", I enthused.

My wifey wanted Chicken Rice (S$10.20), and my helper and daughter had their daily special - Seafood Horfun (S$7.50) - most value-for-money meal. I was drawn in by the picture in the menu, Nonya Lobster Laksa (S$16.80).

The food was not too bad, and I really did enjoy the laksa. It not only came with lobster, but there was also two tasty mussels. The gravy was also not oily (I'm very particular with having too much oil).

The restaurant, however, does not serve complimentary water, and I just thought it would be crazy of me to pay S$4.50 for a glass of 7-Up! That to me, is extortion.

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Bad food, bad service, hard to locate!

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Review: 1

I would rate this restaurant a 3/10 firstly because, the food there isn't really yummy and the drinks is bland eg: Iced Lemon Tea without tea scent, Lemon grass drink without lemon grass scent. Taste Of Singapore is said to offer Singapore delicacies however, these "delicacies" isn't fit to be called delicacies. The food it offers can be found at coffee shop and the food serve at the coffee shop is better! Secondly, the restaurant is hard to locate. You actually have to take 4-5 escalators to reach the restaurant. Also, since this restaurant is located at a famous tourist attraction, I actually have high expectations for its food however, i am pretty disappointed! The service was rather alright however, the waiter forget to key in one of my orders. The ambience there is pretty quiet and peaceful. All in all, i would not recommend people to visit this restaurant.

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Singapore? Hmm...

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Reviews: 21

Service - I had to stand like a child being lost, walking around the restaurant waiting to be seated. One crew was busy serving while the rest were near the counter chit-chatting. The table I chose to sit at was wet, when I looked at the waitress, she looked backed at me. Not that I'm physically attractive but she just stared at me! I had to open my mouth to request for a clean-up before settling down. Weird...

Food wise, I tried the Singapore Chilli Crab. Comes along with a baguette which tasted like it was left in the open for 8 hours. The chilli sauce was mediocre. Tasted more sourish than spicy-sweet, not to mention it was slightly watery. Crab was almost equivalent to soft shell crab, which didn't exactly looked like what was on the menu. The only thing that tasted moderately well was the Cheng Teng. If you must take something there to fill your stomache, I reckon NOTHING but Cheng Teng.

I had to stand at the payment counter for 1 minute before being served by the cashier. No eye contact at all. No thank you. Nothing.

Sentosa better do something...

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Nice place for local food at a tourism attraction area

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Review: 1

My review:

I bet to differ from the previous reviews. My recent experience was overall quite a good one. After watching the channel 8 variety show, recommending the lobster laksa, me and my bf decided to drop by to the outlet at siloso beach to try it out while we were at sentosa. We ordered the beef quay teow and lobster laksa.

Beef Quay Teow: The beef is tender and gravy is rich. Portion quite big too. Quay teow is "Q".

Lobster Laksa: Love the rich soup base!! This laksa unlike others, are served with mussels and of course lobster. The lobster is fried, but the insides are still quite tender.

Luckily we didn't order any juices (as read in the other review), but instead just ordered the normal pepsi and 7-up. A bit expensive, but afterall this is a restaurant, so I guess its still reasonable.

Whats more, its a restaurant operating at a tourism attraction area that we are talking abt.

Also while dinning, there is this kid who accidentially fell (she was running in the restaurant) and was screaming murder!! Almost immediately, there is this staff (guy, who seems to be the manager) quickly help the girl up and try to calm her down. Subsequently, we saw him giving her a dessert to pacify her..can see that the parents are quite happy about it.

Recommended to go in the evening, you might even catch a free short firework display (as the restaurant is just outside Song of the Sea).

Will I go back again? Definitely yes if I am in sentosa.

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