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Tatsuya is helmed by chef-proprietor Ronnie Chia, who has over 30 years of experience in Japanese culinary.Enjoy the freshest sushi made seasonal produce from Japan or leave it to the master chefs to prepare an omakase meal with the best ingredients the restaurant has to offer.

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:30 - 23:00

+65 68874598
$117 based on 79 submissions
Lunch (24 votes), Dinner (17 votes), Fine Dining (17 votes)
Hanny Chan

Fresh Sashimi

I ordered Chirashi-don with assorted sashimi. The sashimi is really fresh with fresh Wasabi (ground from the root).

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Sushi6 votes
  • sashimi3 votes
  • grilled cod2 votes
  • lunch bento sets2 votes
  • Aburi sushi1 vote
  • All1 vote
  • Bento box!!1 vote
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Based on 79 votes
18 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Fresh Sashimi

I ordered Chirashi-don with assorted sashimi. The sashimi is really fresh with fresh Wasabi (ground from the root).
25 Jun 2014 • 16 reviews • 0 follower

So so food

I really can't understand why this restaurant receive so much hype. The food is normal and the ambience is worse than a shopping mall Jap restaurant.
19 Jan 2014 • 136 reviews • 0 follower

Just a not bad Japanese restaurant

So after having heard so many good reviews about Tatsuya, I am actually quite excited to have a meal at that place. I know it will not be like Shinji (and indeed it isn’t) and so I did not have unreasonably high expectations but still I have to say that I wasn’t impressed nor slightly disappointed at all. It just felt like another good but not mind blowing Japanese restaurant which you can get almost anywhere in Singapore.

For more details, please visit:
10 Oct 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Tatsuya for lunch after renovation

I had been eager to eat Tatsuya's lunch sets since it closed for renovation. In the past, they have been good value and good quality. So, when i heard that it was re-opening, i promptly made lunch reservations.

Lunch at Tatsuya after Renovation:
While some of the previous lunch sets have remained, some have been removed (e.g. no more ladies lunch). There are a few new higher-end lunch sets (at a higher price point than the ordinary lunch sets).
Generally, prices have been increased for the standard lunch sets with the average price at about $40++ excluding service charge and gst.

Disappointingly, i have to say that the quality has remained the same. So, its a pure price inflation. At the current price point for lunch, my opinion is that Tatsuya is now priced abit too high given the existing quality. Hence, i give barely passing marks for value.

The decor has been improved and the sushi counter is now lower and makes it easier for you to see what the chefs are doing. I do think that aesthetics wise, there has been an improvement. Service was good and attentive.
25 Jul 2013 • 126 reviews • 1 follower

Affordable & yummy bentos!!

For a full run-down of my dining experience at Tatsuya, please visit:

Enjoy :)