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Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant


不好吃,不收钱。(Satisfaction guaranteed, or no charge) Now, wouldn't you like to check out just how good is the restaurant that can stake such a claim?


Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant started from humble beginnings. The Owner who is a teochew is very particular about freshness and quality of his ingredients. In order maintain the freshness of his food, he sources locally and overseas to bring in the best fresh foods available.


Nestled along Joo Chiat Road, the Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant offers only the freshest meats and seafood cooked in their signature soup stock brewed from shark bone and chock full of vegetables and other goodies, while containing no MSG, making it good enough to drink on its own.


Choose from a range of ingredients including US Prime beef as well as in-house handmade wanton, dumplings, meat balls,fish balls and squid balls prepared in-house to the chef's special recipes which contains no flour compared to most establishments. The house specialty, Fish Kway Teow, is also a must try, promising to tingle your taste buds and have you coming back for seconds. Another item would be their superior fish maw which is selected from one of the best grade around many Indonesian islands.


If you still have room left after the steamboat, you can select side dishes from the menu, including the Crispy Fried Pork Knuckles, Egg Plant with Floss, Scallop Mushrooms and many more!

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 17:00 - 23:00

+65 63488924
$34 based on 31 submissions
Dinner (14 votes), Children/Family (13 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (7 votes)
Happy James

BOB- best of the best

this is the best steamboat I ever try..fresh n taste good. no regret of eating n paying.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Steamboat7 votes
  • Hand made fish ball5 votes
  • squid paste5 votes
  • Handmade Meatballs4 votes
  • fish paste noodles2 votes
  • fried wontons2 votes
  • Drunken Prawns1 vote
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20 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

BOB- best of the best

this is the best steamboat I ever try..fresh n taste good. no regret of eating n paying.
01 Jul 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Exceptional hot pot but bad experience with the owner

I am a regular here. The dishes here are of standard and the ingredients are fresh. The service stuff are friendly and efficient. However, do not let your female friends make the reservations. I left my number to make a reservation before and the owner of this establisment has been making nuisence calls and SMSes to me. I have no recourse besides to stop patronising this eatery. Thus the advice is to enjoy the food and be careful when dishing out numbers.
excellent seafood.
23 Dec 2012 • 39 reviews • 12 followers

Excellent teochew steamboat

Excellent steamboat at affordable price. The seafood is really fresh, especially the pomfret ($35) and prawns ($20). Handmade meat balls and fish kwey teow is delicious as well. No MSG and GST!
09 Dec 2012 • 208 reviews • 20 followers

Top Quality Steamboat

For more review and photo, visit

The steamboat here is ala carte style. The owner a Teochew himself believes the importance of freshness and authenticity of the ingredients determines the quality of the dishes. Only one choice of soup base here that is boiled over 5 hours using chicken bone, shark bone and other high quality secret ingredients resulting in a natural sweet taste.

The restaurant freshly hand made their own Fish Balls ($5) daily. The fish balls were very bouncy and springy. Made with fish paste, the Fish Kway Teow ($5) was firm in texture and came with a delectable bite.
Similar to the fish paste, the Chef's Recipe Squid Ball ($8) totally won me over. This is a must try. Unlike fish paste, the squid paste had a robust and springy texture. Bite size chestnut in the squid paste was an added texture enjoyment.

The superior Top Rated Fish Maw ($38) was imported from the best grade in Indonesia. The fish maw does not have the fishy taste, soft and firm absorbing the sweetness of the soup.

The Japanese Crab Stick ($5) is unlike the low quality imitation crab stick who can get at supermarket. I have to admit these were the closest to the real thing I have ever tasted. 

The Fresh Sea Prawn (market price) was big and succulent. These deep sea prawns had a firm and crunchy texture with a nice sweetness to it.

The Silver Promfret (market price) was really fresh. This is also my prefer fish for steamboat as it has very little scales. Cooking it in the steamboat gave the soup the extra natural sweetness.

The restaurant also offers a range of speciality dishes created by the chef. The Pork Knuckle ($30/$35) was one of the popular dishes at the restaurant. The pork knuckle has a nice crackling skin and the meat was not too fat.

An appropriate name for the Golden Prawns ($20/$30) which was fried to a nice golden colour. The golden garlic prawns is my new found love. The garlic taste was not overpowering and the prawn was fresh and crunchy.

The Teochew Style Sea Cucumber ($30/$35/$40) stuffed with minced meat and mushroom filling was very well executed. The sea cucumber was firm but yet soft in texture with a nice balance of flavours and textures. Wrapping up the dinner was the classic Teochew Orh Nee or Yam Paste ($15/$25). The yam paste was unfortunately on the dry side and did not have a smooth texture.

The restaurant promises Money Back Guarantee if the food is not good. Although the price maybe a bit on the high side for steamboat, the restaurant promises fresh and premium ingredients. In addition, the cooked dishes were top notch too.

Fish Maw
06 Dec 2012 • 287 reviews • 21 followers

Freshest and High Quaility Homemade Steamboat

When it come to a Teochew restaurant, you can be assure of the freshness and the quality of the food. Thanks to HGW for the invitation for the food tasting. As I have been here before, I combine this review with the experience of my other visit previously.   From the outside, you can see inside the restaurant through their glass doors and windows. The decoration is simple, clean and the restaurant is well lit. On the side of the wall, you can see the picture of ingredients of their steamboat. Before we proceed to the food, lets get this clear. This is a ala carte steamboat restaurant, not buffet.   For starter, you only have one type of soup base which is TTSR special soup base. For the freshest ingredients, you can try their fish maw, glass prawn and silver promfret. The fish maw is imported from Indonesia according to the owner. It is the square type that came from a bigger type of fish. The glass prawns and promfret taste so fresh without any trace of fishiness at all.   For the homemade ingredients we tried: meat balls, fish balls, prawn wantons, squid balls, fish kuey tiao, Japanese crab sticks & spinach fish noodle. The fish balls has smooth and springy texture. To sum up the taste of the rest is they are fresh and full of flavour. There are two choice of chilli, their homemade chilli sauce or their chopped chilli with soya sauce and fried garlic. As I do not like chilli, according to the other food reviewer their chilli sauce really got kick.   For the carnivore inside us, you can choose from USDA prime beef, pork belly and chicken. The beef and pork belly are top notch. Check out the marbling in the beef and the pork belly just melt in your mouth after a quick dip in hot pot.   Aside from the steamboat, don't miss out on their TTSR famous dishes. The one that I always have for every visit is their deep fried pork knuckle. The skin is crispy and the meat is lean, juicy and tender. Yummyyyy. This time around I manage to try their Teochew style sea cucumber and deep fried prawn with garlic. The sea cucumber has the springgy texture and succulent. The gravy is light and allow the taste of the sea cucumber to speak for itself. The prawn is fresh and goes well with the garlic flavour.   To close the meal in the Teochew restaurant, you must definitely have their Yam Paste with Ginko Nut (Oni). The yam paste is smooth and the sweetness level is just nice.   The service here is fast and efficient. The price of the food also cover customer from different budget.   Overall, if you are near the area and looking for a nice, light, fresh and high quality steamboat and cooked food, this is definitely a place to try. If you don't feel like the steamboat, just order their cooked food. Being back to this place for a few times, it says about the quality of the food here. Yum Yum !!!

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