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Thai Village Restaurant (Jurong)

Thai Village Sharksfin Restaurant serves exquisite Thai-Teochew cuisine in Singapore. Today, they continue to whet appetites with the finest ingredients, delicate taste and outstanding service in the region, serving up Thai-Teochew delicacies to their customers.

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 62683885
$58 based on 16 submissions
Business Dining (3 votes), Dinner (3 votes), Lunch (3 votes)

Fins Fins Fins

Went to Thai Village today for lunch with some colleagues and I would say it didn't disappoint me again, 'tho my fav branch used to be the one at Oasis.

Serving of the dishes were pretty quick and the waitress were pretty prompt at topping up the chinese tea. I tot the tea was not warm enough and requested for them to change a new pot. They did, promptly with a smile and no questions asked. :)

We had a large order of the Sharks Fin to share, it still tasted good as usual, 'tho I heard there had been some changes "behind the scenes".

I do not take vinegar and to me I get to taste the original "feel" of their skills.

The kailan was exceptionally gd, same goes for the Baked Thai Style Cod Fish . Must try la!

Salt Baked Chicken Drumsticks is another must-order, goes well wif almost anything. :)

You can give the desserts a miss, tho i heard the Mango Pudding is supposed to be good, but it was sold out so I didnt get to try it :(

I ordered the sea coconut thingy, not too sweet but it's ok to miss it.

I'm very pleased at their service, apart from prompt serving etc and even helped me called for a cab, and yes, all smiles :)

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Baked Thai Style Cod Fish1 vote
  • Bird Nest1 vote
  • Crabmeat fried rice is best.1 vote
  • Sharkfin1 vote
Based on 16 votes
23 Jan 2011 • 239 reviews • 0 follower


Their sharkfins are splendid just as they had advertised, but prices are a bit steep but considering the fact that its shark fins they are serving. The broth is real tasty though.
23 Jan 2011 • 230 reviews • 0 follower

Best Shark Fins in SIngapore

I love this restuarant for their shark fins. The shark fins is one whole huge piece and tastes very delicious when you bite into them. Definitely a must try.
14 Apr 2009 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Best Shark Fin in town

They serve the best famous Sharks Fin soup in town, and the Baked Thai Style Cod Fish is good as well, adding on with many other tasty foods (special dish like Salt Baked Chicken Drumsticks, Baked Crabs with Vermicelli & the garlic base) on menu, I'm always spoilt for choice whenever I patronize the restaurant. Definitely worth every penny spend!
13 Apr 2009 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Nice & Tasty

If you like sharksfin, this is the place to go. The broth is thick and tasty. Besides the sharksfin, the crab vermicelli is also very tasty.
13 Apr 2009 • 10 reviews • 0 follower


Want good sharkfin, this is the place to go. $$$