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23 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Where is that light?

The place was not crowded and most of the people were just having drinks. We placed our orders for food and it came 30 minutes later. At that point in time, we were the only table that ordered food. We ordered the fish & chips (SGD$19++) and porcini mushroom ravioli (SGD$18++). There were 2 pieces of battered fish served with a side of fries and sliced lettuce. The meat of the fish was not pristine white, which was an indication that it wasn't fresh. My guess was that it could have been kept in the freezer for quite some time. The only saving grace was the chips.

The ravioli came submerged in the cream sauce which had pepper dusted on it. Normally at pasta serving restaurants, the staff will ask if you wanted pepper. A bite of the ravioli and I was certain it was too al dente, otherwise, under cooked. Slicing the ravioli into half, the porcini mushrooms looks like it was thrown into a blender. I didn't enquire but was keeping my fingers crossed that these were not frozen pasta. I expected the mushrooms to be diced up and wrapped with the pasta skin. Both of us didn't finish our mains.

We were given complimentary bruschetta but I’ll recommend giving it a miss. The baguette was spread with tomato paste topped with cheese slices and toasted.

Given the pricing of drinks and quality of food, I’d rather do my dinner somewhere else in Marina Square. Even if you are holding the Palate or Amex Platinum card, I think there are much better restaurants out there since the fare is so common.
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$88 for 2 pax
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