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 • 16 Dec 2013 1 review 0 follower
Read about this cafe in 8 days magazine, so decided to venture here. Found it just 2 shops away from Fong Seng (NUS students would know where Fong Seng nasi lemak and prata shop is!).

Inside, the quaint cafe is cosy and full of colour. Walking into it reminds me of my childhood days from the 90s. Carebears, muppet babies, old-school McDonald's collectables, and Koeda chan toys from the more recent years. We started reminiscing our childhood days just looking at the entire bookcase of toys.

It rained on the day of our visit, making it even more romantic. Sitting inside the cafe, sipping on my cuppa Hazelnut Latte, watching the world go by outside. This is a nice place to while away the time, or just hang out with friends. I really appreciate the respect and distance that the cafe staff gave us by not popping up every now and then to clear away the empty cups and plates. We enjoyed our afternoon tea in peace and quietness. 

Their cakes are rich and flavourful. Definitely value for money. I ordered the Lemony peppermint pie and I love it! It's light and tastes like a puff of cloud. My better half ordered the Peanut butter candy bar pie - if you have a sweet-tooth, you'd definitely love this! And we ordered a brownie to go, simply because we could no longer stomach another cake though we were craving for more. Haha...

I'm definitely coming back. Next time, I'm bringing my besties along. :)

I spent $13 per person.

Must tries: Lemony Peppermint Pie, Brownie with Cream Cheese Frosting, Peanut butter candy bar pie

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Birthdays, Chillout, Girls Night Out, High Tea, Nice Deco, Relaxed, Romance/First Dates

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