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$233 based on 12 submissions
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Corner House serves fine-dining French cuisine with strong elements of gastro-botanica. This 60-seat restaurant offers a set of menu that leaves a mark to everyone of a great one-of-a-kind dining experience here at Botanic Gardens.

What others are eating here

carabinero prawn (scarlett prawn)
carabinero prawn (scarlett prawn)
white asparagus with 24mths comte, ikura
white asparagus with 24mths comte, ikura
amuse bouche
amuse bouche
japanese toriyama wagyu, horseradish mash
japanese toriyama wagyu, horseradish mash
maine lobster, riso, bottarga
maine lobster, riso, bottarga
petit four
petit four
  • Kaya Toast 3 votes
  • Wagyu beef 3 votes
  • carabineo prawns 3 votes
  • Free range chicken 2 votes
  • Maine Lobster 2 votes
  • Salted Egg Yolk Custard Macaron 2 votes
  • 3 artichoke salade 1 vote
  • Chocolat 1 vote
  • Durian BB Pudding 1 vote
  • Foie gras a la chinoise 1 vote
  • Japanese A4 Toriyama beef 1 vote
  • New Zealand Coral Cod 1 vote
  • Oignon doux des Cévennes 1 vote
  • Oignon doux des Cévennes, 62 degree egg, buckwheat, noisette crouton 1 vote
  • The Onion Revealed 1 vote

Latest Review for Corner House

Overall RatingBased on 12 reviews
Most helpful review:

Fabulous Degustation Dinner on 1Jun2016

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 388

see my full reviews & photos at =

my first time to cornerhouse. i had been to au jardin & taken the degustation several times previously but not since cornerhouse took over.

looking at my previous post, the last time we were here was for the new year eve dinner on 12.31.2016.

for this evening we had a 5-course degustation menu at S$188++

i asked for one of the 2 verandah tables seating looking out at the gardens.

it was really nice. the amuse bouche comprises 3 items.

couldn’t really remember…they were all good la! this one quite unique taste.

this a salty fish cracker with tobiko. great!

last a amuse bouche – bitter cucumber terrine. we enjoyed all of the them.

the first course, carabinero prawn, scarlett prawn from mediterranean, was simply awesome!

the variations of seasonal tomatoes, with basil, olive oil & another falvour were sublime.

the prawn was steamed & chilled, very sweet, tasty & firm. told wife the texture felt like lobster. & there was a tomato sorbet, basically a very flavourful gazpacho, at the top, 12 o’clock! ^^

later i saw on naked fins a nice pic. 

it was a very large prawn, and in some sites they mentioned it tasted like lobster.

second course was white asparagus with a 24mths comte cheese & ikura.

such an artistic presentation! ^^

the white asparagus (confit maybe?) was par excellence, very tender & sweet. overall while the dish was very tasty & enjoyable, it made less impression than the tomatoes (& prawns).

the 3rd course, maine lobster, was quite sublime, out of this world! ^^

lobster was firm, sweet, tasty, riso (a risotto like pasta) was great & the sauce was just fantastic! (from bottarga the salted fish roe i think?).

the 4th course, japanese toriyama wagyu was like any top jap wagyu, simply fabulous, so much better than australian or USA, & horseradish mash was excellent with the beef.

the last course, chocolate earl grey dessert, was good.

i mean the chocolates were great really, the sorbet too, among the best i guess, not exactly my favourite dessert. wife & i not particularly hot on chocolates & if chocolate i prefer the really dark intense chocolate type rather than just smooth with earl grey flavour etc….

petit four was pretty good.

they charged for coffee. i always felt coffee should be just included in a degustation & green tea too in a japanese kaiseki, a touch of class not to charge extra…anyway just my persona views..

we skipped the coffee.

dinner 2xS$188pax + 2 glasses of wine came to S$513.

it was an excellent dinner very enjoyable so money well spent. looking back at the 2013 au jardin NYE degustation, i think that offerred a bit better value not this time we had lobster. hard to compare i guess.

i still miss jaan, since that they withdrew feed @ raffles benefits, we were unwilling to pay the full fare & also the menu still looked the same after 2 rounds, andre chiang & julien royers having left…

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Delectable food and impeccable service with attention to detail

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 40

Detailed review on my blog:

Reservation was made 2.5 weeks prior to our dinner on a Saturday, where 6.30pm was the only slot available. I have been wanting to dine at this restaurant after seeing photos on Instagram and also the good reviews online. I decided to book it to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday this year. 

There was no ala carte option in the menu, which was a pity as we were restricted from choosing 1 out of 3 options for each course. We picked Carabinero prawn (supplement $22) and 3 artichoke salade as our appetisers, Oignon doux des Cévennes with 62 degree egg, buckwheat and noisette crouton as our starters, Japanese A4 Toriyama beef (supplement $42 each) as our mains, My kaya toast and Chocolat "Earl Grey yin zhen" (supplement $8) as our desserts. 

Based on our order, I would strongly recommend this combination for the 4 course set menu: 
Appetiser: 3 artichoke salade
Starter: Oignon doux des Cévennes with 62 degree egg, buckwheat and noisette crouton
Main: Japanese A4 Toriyama Beef
Dessert: My Kaya Toast

The food were really fantastic. Service was impeccable where they paid very good attention to every detail. Also, they did fulfill my request of writing 'Happy Birthday' on my boyfriend's plate of dessert with a litted candle. We would definitely return in the future. 

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Some hit dishes, the others so-so

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 17

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Wandering around the Botanic Gardens in the dark is no fun, but it can have a delicious ending if you’re going for dinner at Corner House. The two-storey colonial bungalow is beautifully furnished in shades of grey and has a washroom with open windows and a view from the second storey.

On to the food! We tried the four-course dinner menu ($98). There is a six-course option ($148) as well.

To start, we were given amuse bouches and bread.

For the appetisers, we had the Hokkaido scallop and French royale oyster. The French royale oyster was a fascinating dish, from the mist created by the dry ice to the flavours, but I prefer a fresh, plump and juicy oyster highlighted with just a splash of lemon instead of muffled with toppings.

For starters, we had the New Zealand cod “Crispy Scales” and Oignon doux des Cévennes. The New Zealand cod “Crispy Scales” highlighted an interesting technique, but tastewise, was average. My companion could not stop exclaiming about the Oignon doux des Cévennes, 62 degree egg, buckwheat, noisette croúton, which I have to agree was really good.

For the main, I ordered the Free range chicken, foie gras, romanesco, sauce. I would not order foie gras if I had a choice, but I didn’t eat the other option offered. I must say the fattened liver was perfectly cooked, although I would have preferred more textures to contrast with the sous vide chicken. 

We were given a palate cleanser before desserts. We had My interpretation of kaya toast and Durian BB Pudding.

My interpretation of kaya toast was good, but I don’t having to combine so many separate components. I really enjoyed the Durian BB Pudding, kopi ice cream, caramel, evaporated milk anglaise. It looked like a cute overgrown mushroom, the flavours went well together and I kept wanting more.

To end the meal, we had salted egg yolk macarons, which were unusual and quite good. Despite the “Happy Birthday” piping, we were charged for them, which is strange as most restaurants usually offer something complimentary for diners celebrating a birthday.

I think one could leave Corner House either impressed or finding it just average, depending on the dishes ordered. With the amuse bouches, palate cleanser and cookies to bring home in a tin, I think $98 for the meal is not exorbitant. I do look forward to trying it again when the menu is updated, though some dishes would be missed if replaced.

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