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For their set meals

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 230

Where to eat: Taking up the space at Botanic Gardens that previously house Au Jardin by Les Amis is Corner House. Named after botanist E J H Corner who was Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens till 1945, the restaurant set in a black and white bungalow serves cusine termed as 'gastro-botanica'. The chef and co-owner is Jason Tan, who was previously with Sky on 57. What to eat: The Corner House experience can be had via set menus (a three-course lunch, $44.46; five-course lunch, $102.96; four-course dinner at $114.66; eight-course Discovery menu for $290.16) that feature dishes which focus on seasonal and fresh produce. Expect dishes like carabinero prawns (Mediterranean red shrimp) served with seasonal tomatoes, and chicken cooked two ways (sous vide and pan-seared) served with a sauce made with foie gras.

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Delectable food and impeccable service with attention to detail

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 38

Detailed review on my blog:

Reservation was made 2.5 weeks prior to our dinner on a Saturday, where 6.30pm was the only slot available. I have been wanting to dine at this restaurant after seeing photos on Instagram and also the good reviews online. I decided to book it to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday this year. 

There was no ala carte option in the menu, which was a pity as we were restricted from choosing 1 out of 3 options for each course. We picked Carabinero prawn (supplement $22) and 3 artichoke salade as our appetisers, Oignon doux des Cévennes with 62 degree egg, buckwheat and noisette crouton as our starters, Japanese A4 Toriyama beef (supplement $42 each) as our mains, My kaya toast and Chocolat "Earl Grey yin zhen" (supplement $8) as our desserts. 

Based on our order, I would strongly recommend this combination for the 4 course set menu: 
Appetiser: 3 artichoke salade
Starter: Oignon doux des Cévennes with 62 degree egg, buckwheat and noisette crouton
Main: Japanese A4 Toriyama Beef
Dessert: My Kaya Toast

The food were really fantastic. Service was impeccable where they paid very good attention to every detail. Also, they did fulfill my request of writing 'Happy Birthday' on my boyfriend's plate of dessert with a litted candle. We would definitely return in the future. 

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Some hit dishes, the others so-so

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 17

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Wandering around the Botanic Gardens in the dark is no fun, but it can have a delicious ending if you’re going for dinner at Corner House. The two-storey colonial bungalow is beautifully furnished in shades of grey and has a washroom with open windows and a view from the second storey.

On to the food! We tried the four-course dinner menu ($98). There is a six-course option ($148) as well.

To start, we were given amuse bouches and bread.

For the appetisers, we had the Hokkaido scallop and French royale oyster. The French royale oyster was a fascinating dish, from the mist created by the dry ice to the flavours, but I prefer a fresh, plump and juicy oyster highlighted with just a splash of lemon instead of muffled with toppings.

For starters, we had the New Zealand cod “Crispy Scales” and Oignon doux des Cévennes. The New Zealand cod “Crispy Scales” highlighted an interesting technique, but tastewise, was average. My companion could not stop exclaiming about the Oignon doux des Cévennes, 62 degree egg, buckwheat, noisette croúton, which I have to agree was really good.

For the main, I ordered the Free range chicken, foie gras, romanesco, sauce. I would not order foie gras if I had a choice, but I didn’t eat the other option offered. I must say the fattened liver was perfectly cooked, although I would have preferred more textures to contrast with the sous vide chicken. 

We were given a palate cleanser before desserts. We had My interpretation of kaya toast and Durian BB Pudding.

My interpretation of kaya toast was good, but I don’t having to combine so many separate components. I really enjoyed the Durian BB Pudding, kopi ice cream, caramel, evaporated milk anglaise. It looked like a cute overgrown mushroom, the flavours went well together and I kept wanting more.

To end the meal, we had salted egg yolk macarons, which were unusual and quite good. Despite the “Happy Birthday” piping, we were charged for them, which is strange as most restaurants usually offer something complimentary for diners celebrating a birthday.

I think one could leave Corner House either impressed or finding it just average, depending on the dishes ordered. With the amuse bouches, palate cleanser and cookies to bring home in a tin, I think $98 for the meal is not exorbitant. I do look forward to trying it again when the menu is updated, though some dishes would be missed if replaced.

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Amazing vegetarian degustation

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I am vegetarian and my dining companion loves his meat and seafood. It is not often we find a place where the food is awesome for both of us. Suffice to say, we found it here :)

We had the 6-course degustation, mine was veg, his was from the regular menu. The stellar course in my degustation was 'The Onion Revealed' where chef Jason Tan showcased the onion in a variety of ways - Onion puree with 62deg egg, onion chip, onion tea, and onion filo pastry. I loved this course because he could have chosen any other more "stellar" vegetables but chose the humble onion, often used but forgotten. I could almost see his thought processes in the final presentation of what he thought the onion is and could be. This course was accompanied by a small booklet explaining the prep processes. The other standout course was one where 30 different veggie components was presented on a leaf plate. Beautiful and such a party in my mouth, so many flavours and textures. Use of texture is prominent throughout the degustation, in mine and my partner's degustation, each course would feature a combi of soft, liquid, crunchy, smooth textures. 

My dining partner's stellar course was the cod fish, I could literally hear the crisp in the crispy skin. His other fav course was the chicken cooked two ways. 

The use of botanicals features strongly in his degustation, from herbs to flowers and little plants I wouldn't usually see on a plate. I love the fact that the garnishes are almost the highlight. it's so nice to find a place where a chef uses plants, herbs, grains, even edible flowers, in a thoughtful way and not as a "by the way". 

We enjoyed complimentary sweet wine with a smokey finish to accompany the desserts which lent a nice touch. I found a strand of hair entwined in the pre-dessert, when I informed them of it, it was returned and they came back with a replacement and an extra pre-dessert. After the pre-dessert, and main dessert, was an 'after meal' petite four that included a salted egg yolk macaroon that was memorable. We were presented with a tin of cookies and a tin of madeleines to bring home. 

At the end of the meal, chef Jason Tan asked to meet us downstairs, where he passed me back the booklet that accompanied 'the onion revealed' course with a handwritten note. Lovely way to end our meal. 

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too pricey , servers arent attentive

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

for the price they charged And since it was the old au jardin, i came with expectations of good food and good service but their servers Were not attentive enough. I had to ask them for menu 2x , first for the food menu, then 1 more time for drinks. Food is just so-so, but what i hated the most was that they actually cleared dirty plates at the dining area itself!! Almost directly next to our table. Our dining was disturbed by the noises of the servers cleaning dirty plates! been to so many fine dining restos, usually they would bring the dirty plates and clean them at the back, away from customers. Would never come back here. If u really had to try,pls request for table at the verandah, or else forget it, for the price they charged, choose some other place!

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Some superb dishes, some misses

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 189

For pictures and full review (can't fit everything here due to word limit), pls visit:

Taking over Au Jardin’s colonial house situated in an enchanting spot within Singapore Botanic Gardens, Corner House has large shoes to fill and we were not disappointed. Chef  Jason Tan wows with Gastro-Botanica cuisine, where emphasis is placed on refinement and quality, and gives equivalent weight on the plate to protein and botanical elements.

Upon arrival, we were ushered upstairs to our table at the Veranda, overlooking lush greenery. As we settled into the comfy neo-classical tweed chairs with muted gold studs, the server brought us complimentary multi-grain bread and baguette slice, along with unsalted butter served on a coloured tile.

Amuse bouche arrived in bite-sized treats of Foie Gras Macarons and Duck Rillettes with Gyuere Cheese Toast. The former’s macaron shell was too sweet, overpowering the foie gras, while the latter was decent.

The excitement began with the beautifully plated Maine Lobster appetiser. I’ve never tasted lobster as succulent and juicy as this! The crustacean was complemented with an array of colourful hues-heirloom beetroot, raspberrries and tomatoes added refreshing zing while Ikura Roe gave occasional bursts of flavour.

I’ve got to hand it to the Chef Jason; his skilful play on the sweet French Cevennes Onion is exquisite. Nesting in onion puree is a wobbly 62 degree egg, concealed with Black Truffle from Plantin, followed a wafer-thin dehydrated onion chip. I caught the words Onion emulsion and Onion confit, but couldn’t make out where they were but no matter! Our taste buds blissed out amongst the abundance of flavour and that’s all that really matter!

The New Zealand Coral Cod with crispy scales sat on a bed of melted leek, surrounded by a moat of saffron crustacean emulsion.  The cod was moist and had a bit of bite, with skin so captivatingly crispy that I’d like seconds.

Le Porc “Trilogy” was the least outstanding, in terms of both presentation and taste. The Grilled Mangalista Loin had enticing flavour, but was so tough I had to chew with effort. The slow-braised Iberico cheek was tender, but was lacklustre in flavour while the Kurobuta Belly and Neck “Chou Farci” was forgettable.

Our disappointment with the pork main course was quickly forgotten when desserts graced the table. To cleanse the palate, a refreshing glass of Rose Ice Cream with chilled strawberry was served. Rice pops provided texture to the elegant dessert.

Poached Pear with Blue Cheese Ice Cream and marinated raisins may sound bizarre to some, but the combination worked well. This could have been better if the blue cheese ice cream was toned down. I love cheese but had to admit that this ice cream was overwhelming.

Enveloped within the Baked Alaska lies After Eight Ice Cream, the dessert was completed with Hibiki drizzled on the meringue. It’s appealing but didn’t rock our world.

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