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The Curry Culture offers an authentic Indian dining experience in both al fresco and indoor settings. Apart from a range of curries, breads and tandoor dishes, there's also a menu for the vegetarians.

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Tandoori Platter
Tandoori Platter
Malabar Fish Curry
Malabar Fish Curry
  • Basmati Rice 1 vote
  • Malabar Fish Curry 1 vote
  • Mango Platter 1 vote
  • Papadum 1 vote
  • Tandoori Platter 1 vote

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Intensely Flavoured Dishes

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 74

Besides the some great finds in Cuppage Plaza, I found out that there is a trove of treasures hidden among the stretch of shophouses outside the place: Cuppage Terrace. And Curry Culture is one of them.

Despite the relatively small area, the interior is quite posh with dark wood furniture and exotic decorations. The service is attentive and friendly. So I immediately feels at ease when in there.

As for the food, I need to rave about the Raita here. The Raita of Curry Culture is the best I ever have, period. The yoghurt used here is full-bodied, rich and thick yet mild and pleasing to the palates, unlike the watery sour ones commonly found in other places. It is almost of the quality of premium greek yoghurt. The raw vegetables like cucumbers and such are fresh and crunchy. A must-order, especially when it helps to quench the hot flavours.

The grilled chicken with cheese is another winner. The meat is imbued with lots of spices, simulating the taste buds when savouring it. The cheese adds texture to the dish and adds an extra dimension to the overall taste. Surprisingly, the light flavour of cheese complements the strong aromas of the spices instead of being muted. So good combination there.

The Briyani is good with lots of flavours, tends towards the spicy side. Though I prefer the one in the restaurant in Holiday Inn, which is drier, thus retaining the excellent bite, flavour and texture typical of basmatic rice.

Glad to find this restaurant, so I have more options to consider when having a craving for North Indian food.

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Food does not justify price

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 3

Went to the newly opened Robertson Quay branch of the same restaurant and was moderately disappointed. While taste and flavour can be subjective, I can name many local curry stalls at food courts which can match or better the food at curry culture. There is no refinement or technique which one expects from a restaurant at this pricepoint. The Dal Makhani had too much tomato and the curries had overdose of spices. Will only go there again if stuck at Robertson Quay and Indian food is only option.

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Lovely food and service overall

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 616

It has been sometime since I had Indian food, so today was the day (decidedly), to try The Curry Culture amongst all the equally tantalising restaurants at Cuppage Terrace. Oh we,, one has to admit that the friendliness of the manager / staff here was one of the factors why we were caught through the net .

Pappadum was served the moment we sat down, and served with tomato sauce, chilli sauce and a yogurt dip. I love papadums.

The Tandoori Platter to share (SGD$36.00) - beautifully grilled and generously served - comprising of chicken prepared in two different manners, prawns, fish, and mutton. The meat were all tasty and tender (save for the lamb, which was a little tough), infused with slight hints of smokiness adding to the flavors of spices and meat.

There was also the Malabar Fish Curry (SGD$19.00), from the tropical South - boneless fish curry prepared with coconut milk and a variety of spices. The curry had a slight tinge of sourness to it, and we remember the crew who recommended it might have mentioned yogurt being incorporated into it?

It was a full but satisfying lunch, with good service and lovely exotic food.

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