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The Dispensary

Located in what used to be a Chinese Medical Hall, The Dispensary is a bakery that aims have you walking out feeling better. Have a cup of their house blend coffee and signature cupcakes in a nostalgic environment.

Tue - Thu: 08:00 - 20:00

Fri - Sat: 08:00 - 22:00

Sun: 09:00 - 19:00

Closed: Mon

+65 65360225
$10 based on 16 submissions
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Normal food with so-so Service

One of the cafe that is so generous with their smoked duck portion but their aglio olio tasted so-so only. Truffles fries was nice but nth much to rave about. For full review:

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30 Dec 2014 • 13 reviews • 1 follower

Normal food with so-so Service

One of the cafe that is so generous with their smoked duck portion but their aglio olio tasted so-so only. Truffles fries was nice but nth much to rave about. For full review:
15 Nov 2014 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

meh service, good apple cheese cake

The service here (two young ladies about 20 years old) was ....VERY cold and made me feel uneasy. I was quite unhappy with the fact that they were curt when I asked for a desserts menu and were dismissive and unfriendly (perhaps slightly rude in tone) in general. They spent a lot of time talking to each other. While I accept that service staff in F&B industry don't have it easy, there was absolutely no crowd at all and we were quite cordial to them. Both me and my friend were rather upset at this, having experienced much warmer service from other cafes. The ferroro rocher ice cream cake was a let down. I had assumed that the icecream layer would be hazelnut and chocolate. After all, it's ferroro rocher right? But NO. It was very sweet strawberry icecream sandwiched in light chiffon and dusted over with bitter cocoa powder. The only thing ferroro rocher about this was the actual ferroro rocher sitting on the cake. My problem with this misnomer (and the lack of a caption to describe that goes inside the cake, eg on a tag next to the cake) that I feel they are cheating paying customers. Since the cakes at the fridge were whole cakes, I could not see what was in a slice of cake. And the uncomfortably dismissive / rude service from the girls at the counter sort of dissuaded me from asking them about the cake. Also, this was the most expensive and smallest slice of cake out of all those we ordered! Please avoid the icecream cake. The saving graces were the granny smiths apple cheesecake which tasted good and the interesting decor / ambience. But overall not a satisfying cafe experience.
04 Oct 2014 • 237 reviews • 40 followers

Medication for an arduous day

FOr the complete review with photos, click here

we settled down quickly with our buzzers at hand after placing our orders; however, I wish the more personal type, long-established form of  service can be rendered here. With a simple menu to boot, boosted by a sizable amount of cakes and sweets baked in-house, we were quick to settle on our wants . Ham & Cheese toastie ($7.50) for me and Smoked Salmon toastie ($8.50) for him.   The former resulting in sighs of disappointment with a cold nappy limp lettuce neatly folded up into a quarter and haphazardly placed over the stack of ham. As much as the bread was an outstanding piece of carbohydrate, that all fell to pieces with the lack luster filling. The latter was an insignificant event that warranted no reviews from my companion. Enough said.   Will return for the,' much raved about' cakes the next time. 
30 Sep 2014 • 145 reviews • 29 followers

Nostalgia meets coffee

Taking up residence in none other than an old abandoned Chinese Medical Hall, this cafe touts house blend coffee, signature cupcakes and other homemade fare in nostalgic surrounds. Keeping with tradition, the baristas here even measure up coffee beans using a traditional Chinese weighing scale - nice touch. Find out more here on City Nomads.
31 Aug 2014 • 87 reviews • 0 follower

Decent mains but pricey drinks

Americano / Long Black was served in the exact same glass as kopi-o from local coffeeshop but at a few times the price. Could smell a faint aroma of the roasted beans in the smooth cuppa with muted acidity but it was not strong enough and lacked body. Instead of being served in a deep dish with metal fork and spoon, Smoked Duck Pasta came in a ceramic bowl with chopsticks and tablespoon that reminded me of dry mee pok at a fraction of the price. The linguine done aglio-olio style was al dente and not too oily with a tad of spice and meaty slices of smoked duck. See full review and pictures at