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 • 17 Mar 2014 146 reviews 2 followers
Often times, we visit a restaurant, they serve only one type of cuisine, or a fusion of different cuisines. 

I was surprised when I came across The Fat Cat recently, when I looked at their menu and realised that they serve, not one, not two, but three cuisine types! And they were definitely not fusion! The restaurant was previously located at Jalan Riang and now they have shifted to Holland Village. If you are familiar with Holland V and know where Parisilk is, you will know eactly where to find The Fat Cat.

I visited the restaurant two weekends ago with my family to try out their food. The restaurant has both indoor air-conditioned and outdoor alfresco seating areas.

Here are the highlights of my meal:
Thai Mango Salad - Sliced mango with baby snapper and cashew nuts with a tangy dressing. Great start to the meal.
Thai Crispy Crab Tofu - Tofu with crabmeat, minced meat, with a great dipping sauce. Nice!
Chef Pizza - Minced Beef, Bacon, Egg and Mozarella. This was like breakfast served on a pizza. I will definitely order this again the next time I come.
Lamb Shank - The lamb shank was slow baked with mashed potato. Lamb was very tender and falls off the bone easily.
Thai Red Duck Curry - Good portion of curry. I informed the manager that I wished it had more 'lemak'/ cocount in it and the manager said I can request for it the next time. Good service!
Cheese and Garlic Naans with Saag Paneer (Spinach with cheese): The naans were freshly-baked and went well with the Saag paneer.

To round off the meal, we ordered dessert: 
Thai Mango with sticky rice: Nice petite portion. 
Lava Cake with a scoop of Udders ice-cream (Yes. Fans of Udders Ice cream will be happy to know they have their very own ice-cream counter in the restaurant!)

It was an interesting meal, as I was able to eat food from different cuisine, which you can only do so at buffets.

Throughout my meal, I am expecting a (friendly resident) cat to walk around the restaurant, but there was none... I wonder where the name came from. 8 )

The restaurant was packed for a Saturday evening, so reservations are definitely recommended. 

After our meal at The Fat Cat, we took a nice leisurely walk around Holland V and soaked in the casual vibe!

Oh, they also have great happy hour specials where for $10, you will get a half pint of beer with a basket of finger food (fries, chickn wing and spring rolls)! Will come by for their happy hour soon...

Must tries: Thai Mango Salad, Thai Red Duck Curry, Cheese and Garlic Naans with Saag Paneer, Thai Mango with sticky rice, Crispy Crab Tofu, Chef Pizza - Minced Beef, Bacon, Egg and Mozarella, Lamb Shank

I also recommend this place for:
Ala Carte, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Children/Family, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch
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