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Review for The Kitchen Table


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21 Apr 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

The Most Ungracious Buffet !!!

    We were spoilt for choice choosing a venue for Easter Sunday Brunch but decided to try out The Kitchen Table since it was relatively new. We booked for 12.30 pm and arrived early at 12.15 pm but was told to wait at the lobby as the restaurant wasn't opened yet (they didn't allow us to be seated first which was fine).  We returned at 12.35 pm only to find a long queue at the restaurant. By the time we were seated 10-15 mins had gone past. Once seated I asked to be served a champagne since we had the free flow option. The champagne glass arrived first (incidently its half the size of a normal flute glass) and we had to wait another 10-15 mins before the bubbly was served. Thereafter it was trying to get the waiters attention to top up the champagne. Next at the seafood bar there was only 1 guy behind shucking the oyster and a queue of about 7-8 ppl were waiting. The restaurant should have at least prepared a tray of opened oysters for the first batch. I guess they 'preferred' their customers to wait in line to see how fresh the oysters were. They had also kept their 'prized' seafood (Prawns,mussels,crab leg) behind the glass counter and there was only one guy distributing it on request.  After having the mains (which was not impressive albeit the lobster tandoori), I visited the cheese selection only to find it empty. I had to request for them to replenish it and it took another 20 mins. There were 7-8 variety of cheeses on the tray and surely they could have replenished it when a selection of cheese is finished.  At about 2 pm, a waiter came to my table with the cheque (unprompted) and reminded us that we were not to have separate cheques as per the reservation email. I told him that we were not done and the next seating is at 3 pm so why the rush. Subsequently at 2.30 pm we were told that it was the last pour for the champagne as we only had 2 hours of free flow (technically I could have argued that we didn't have the full 2 hours given their inefficient service). No where in the reservation email was it stated that we were entitled to 2 hours of free flow nor did the restaurant advise us when we first got there. To top things off when I settled the bill I was charged for a child who is 5 years of age. When I asked the waiter he replied that children 4 years and below eat for free and older kids will be charged $78+++. As he went away, I checked my reservation email and it clearly stated that only children 6-12 years of age will be charged. I disputed this charge and only then did they void it. Obviously after this experience I will not be returning. To the people at W hotel, if you want to do a high end buffet brunch please do it graciously and do not let your customers feel short changed. After all you are charging $188+++ per head. If you need guidance you should take cue from the champagne brunch at Ritz Calton Singapore.  
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