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The LoKal is a casual eatery that uses homemade ingredients and attracts locals from in and around Singapore. A twist on the classic Aussie café, we provide all our customers with great homemade food including yoghurt, sauces and pickles all made on site. 

Started in 2014 by local Aussie chef Darren Farr, The LoKal is located right beside the Goethe-Institut Singapore, giving Darren the idea to give the café a little German influence. With stellar sauerkraut and great goulash, The LoKal is for anybody looking for a casual café feel, along with influences from all over the world. 

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Lokal Lobster Roll ($22++)
Lokal Lobster Roll ($22++)
Weekday menu
Weekday menu

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Overall RatingBased on 44 reviews
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Food Review: The Lokal

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 26

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Toasted Banana Bread ($12++): I've heard so much about this banana bread that I decided to get it, despite me not being a fan of bananas. While I wasn't 100% convinced of its hype, it's still a good slice of banana bread, with it being moist and quite rich in flavour. What I love most is the yogurt! It's all made in house and it's got a little tinge of sourness. The caramelised bananas were quite nice too. And as usual, something crunchy to add to the whole dish is the toasted macademia nuts. Great combination overall and I swept the plate clean (especially of the yogurt)!

Lokal Lobster Roll ($22++): My friend tried this Lobster Roll which is made up of slipper lobster tails, gherkin (pickled cucumber), coleslaw, lemon mayonnaise and served with twister fries. The lobster meat was fresh, but a bit overpowered by the coleslaw and mayo. That said, I think they should adjust the ratio of lobster meat to other ingredients, because it feels like you're eating much more salad than the meat itself. But it's priced reasonably so maybe that's why...?

I believe that this cafe sells quality food, and if I come again I may try their sandwiches, which I heard are not bad too!

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Go there if you want to pay $1 for butter

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Review: 1

I went there for an early lunch today because I was on leave. I was Checking out some food blogs before deciding on the lokal which has pretty decent reviews. I ordered the slipper lobster roll which came with the fries. The prawn is decent and ok value for $22, although I find the fries too overfried. Prefer fries which were not fried with reused oil.

My partner ordered his brunch that came with bread. He waited for a few mins for something before asking me whether they served butter. When we asked for butter, we were appalled that we had to pay for it. We were both on leave and didn't want to make a big fuss, but that didn't leave a good impression for sure. Both of you happen to be the kind who need butter spread on our bread!

The waitress told us that the butter is chargeable because it is home made. But there was no choice to take a normal butter, and I don't think it's reasonable for a cafe to serve dry bread without butter. It's really not about the $1, I just thought the owners could think a bit deeper on providing customers options on the butters, perhaps put in the menu about the healthier version of their homemade butter and let their customers decide!

having said all these, it is still a cafe worth checking out just for novelty sake. 

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great food

Total Reviews: 52

look at all the curly fries that everyone has been craving and raving for! crisy and tasty is all it meant! I think my photo definately made justice to the food there! look at the food that we have! they looks extremely appetizing and taste great as well! super yummy and worth while! the mash potato was what I wished I had a second serving! the meat were.all nicely done and super juicy! I simply love the way they present their food.

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Total Reviews: 180

The restaurant is a casual eatery that uses homemade ingredients. The restaurant is packed during lunch time on Sunday in its small narrow outlet and there is a waitlist for a table. We are lucky not to have to wait long for a table. However we are showed to a narrow table where both of us have to sit side by side over looking the main dining room. The main dining room kind of becomes a show for us. There is hardly any space for us to put our bags. Its either the table or floor.

Warm mackerel salad ($18)
watercress, apple, pine nuts, pickled onion & herb dressing
Interesting salad. I am not a fan of watercress as I feel that the vegetable has a bitter taste. But in this dish it comes out alright.

Roast chicken ciabatta ($19)
avocado, romaine lettuce, tomato, bacon & aioli
The sandwich is served cold and quite messy to handle.

THE LOKEL baked eggs ($20)
Spicy beef or pork, mushrooms, onion, beans, potato, bacon & 2 eggs
This dish is served hot and is surprisely spicy in taste. Heavily flavoured, although I would prefer it to served with some toasts.

Toasted banana bread ($14)
homemade vanilla yogurt & toasted macadamia nuts It is one of most well known in the restaurant, yet I feel disappointed in having it. The banana taste is barely there. It is lucky to have the yogurt which makes it moist and creamy to eat.

Overall the food is not bad. Although we order 4 main dishes, we are only allows 1 1-for-1 in the Enterainer mobile app by the staff. The staff replies that we need to be at least 4 persons in order to use 2 of the promotion coupons, which is quite a disappointing experience for me. No matter what I said she still stands still. The place is quite loud and noisy. Another thing which I am annoyed with is the narrow table which we are dining on. There is barely space enough for the food and drinks, with everything been served including the dessert. We kind of feeling the need to rush through our meal in order to make space. The staff should have take note of the limited space and serves the food batch by batch. It is also difficult to get the attention of the staffs.

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