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Reviews for The Missing Pan

Zhang Yunqi

quite nice

Finally got to have a taste of eggs Benedict, though not so nice as expected. I don't really like uncooked salmon. Quite ex but good environment. The cakes are good. Try pot pie next time.
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27 Sep 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

quite nice

Finally got to have a taste of eggs Benedict, though not so nice as expected. I don't really like uncooked salmon. Quite ex but good environment. The cakes are good. Try pot pie next time.
18 Sep 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

The Missing Pan, more than just a pretty face?

Have you ever met a really pretty girl, it was love at first sight but only to find out that's all there is to it? Well my experience at The Missing Pan was kind of like that, unfortunately.

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The management of The Missing Pan responded to this review:
05 Jan 2015
Hello Andy,

Thanks for taking the time to write an article on your blog. The management will be reviewing your valuable inputs with our chefs and floor staff. Hopefully when you come by next time it won't be just pretended love at first sight but the premises of a true love story ;)


The Missing Pan
I wouldn't eat this even if you paid me to.
14 Sep 2014 • 14 reviews • 26 followers

Uncooked chicken, crummy service, lousiest brunch in a long time

I heard good stuff about The Missing Pan, so I suggested the venue for brunch today. Four of us adults and one 2 year old child. BIG MISTAKE.

Of the four of us adults, two of us ordered a Roasted Chicken Sandwich each, one ordered the Over Hangover chicken schnitzel, another the Eggs Ben with ham. We all agreed the sourdough bread was ridiculously tough. The eggs for eggs ben were sous vide, and way too runny to be served as eggs ben.

Halfway through our Roasted Chicken Sandwiches, we discovered that both chicken thighs were undercooked. We sent the thighs back to the kitchen, and asked for the chicken to be cooked further. I have a two year old who is sharing my chicken, and with young children you can never be too safe. The staff explained that sometimes cooked chicken can be pink (what?), and if the meat is white it means it is overcooked. I said sure, overcook it, my baby is eating it, I would rather have overcooked chicken that's safe for consumption than pink chicken that is dubious.

Fifteen minutes later, our chicken got handed back to us (the same slabs that were sent to the kitchen), as pink as before. See accompanying pictures to this review.

Now, I give kitchens the benefit of doubt, perhaps you were busy and undercooked the chicken the first time around. So I sent the chicken back, and told you to cook it thoroughly, I do not mind forgoing on the tenderness of the meat, because my two year old will be eating it. Instead of making sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly, you hand it back to me as raw as before. The pictures were taken of the chicken AFTER the kitchen handed it back.

Well, in the first instance, eateries worth their salt would prepare a fresh plate for the customer. They didn't. Then, They did nothing (sure looked like nothing!) to my raw chicken. I highly doubt they even bothered to put it back on the stove. The "manager" who tried to explain to me that pink chicken is alright was self-righteous and not in the least apologetic. Neither of us touched the chicken.

Then came dessert. So we thought, dessert should be safe, no risk of undercooked chicken. We ordered the banana cinnamon crumble. It looked pretty enough in the display. And when we cut it open, there was some pinkish purplish meat-looking chunks in the crumble.

I couldn't believe my eyes, raw chicken haunting me again??! I asked the service staff what's in the crumble. They took ten minutes to get back to me. And it was the "manager" who got back to me. HE USED MY FORK TO PROD THE PURPLISH CHUNKS. Hello! You made this crumble! I asked you what's in it, and you have to use MY FORK TO POKE THE CRUMBLE to figure out?! COME ON! He said it is PROBABLY BANANA.

Purple banana?! PROBABLY???

I told the dude to clear the crumble, I don't want this dubious thing that you just poked using my fork.

They gave us a 10% discount as an apology. No amount of discount appeases after the atrocities committed. The Missing Pan will have me as The Missing Customer henceforth.
The management of The Missing Pan responded to this review:
16 Oct 2014
Dear Joyce,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your kind feedback. It means a lot to hear from our customers.

With reference to your experience with the chicken, we have checked with the team on duty, and have confirmed that the dish was indeed cooked. Fully cooked chicken can sometimes appear pinkish in the meat, especially for young chickens. Please allow us to share this article that hopefully explains

With regards to the Banana Cinnamon Crumble, we apologise if you felt the Manager's response was inappropriate. When cooked, there can be instances when the potassium and the sugar in the banana reacts and could result in the colour turning pink and sometimes purple.

We hope the above clarifies and look forward to an opportunity to be of service to you again. Your feedback will push us to continue to improve our standards and we sincerely thank you for the inputs.

The Missing Pan