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Not your typical cafe

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 101

Tucked away in the stretch of shophouses along Bukit Timah sits The Missing Pan. Featuring an open kitchen concept at both levels with the first level showcasing their daily bakes and second level whipping up delish food serve up to our table tops. I like the chic and cozy setting of The Missing Pan, the perfect environment to spend your time with a cup of coffee accompanied by a plate of pastries or mains.
 We ordered some munchies for sharing – Missing Wings ($10) and all time favorite Truffle Fries ($12). Missing wings turn out to be a little different from what i was expecting that is wings marinated with hot sauces. Instead it came out deep fried with its batter filled with spices and herbs. Crispy on the exterior with the crunch and juicy, piping hot in the interior. Not too bad an alternative i would say.
 These shoestring Truffle Fries are so addictive and awesome. Well seasoned with parmesan cheese and herbs tossed in truffle oil. Not only does it brings out a piquant truffle aroma, but i like how the texture of the fries are – the combination of crisp on the outer and soft in the inner.
 Instead of ordering one main each, we decided to order 2 of their Signatures, Crackling Pork Eggs Benedict ($18) & Beef French Toast Salpicon with Skewered Chicken ($23). It was something special to see Crackling Pork in the menu of brunch food, who would expect a combination like this. I find the pork a little too dry but at least it’s not too fatty, and the most important, your can hear the crackling sound as you bite off the skin. It’s also quite an intriguing use of orange flavored brioche in replacement of the typical white toast. You could really taste the orange flavor with a sweet orange scent, quite pleasant overall. The poached egg was a little disappointing though, besides the yolk being soft and runny, it lacks the lustre and seasonings. The taste and flavor of hollandaise sauce wasn’t really uplifting and the whites tasted really plain especially in the absence of hollandaise sauce.
 One of my favorite for the night is definitely this Beef French Toast Salpicon with Skewered Chicken. A very innovative twist made to a typical french toast. Juicy mushrooms and beef chunks well hidden within the french toast that was topped with tropical fruits and skewered fried chicken. A delish to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings at the same time. The french toast has definitely not lost it’s natural beauty, the eggy taste! The pairing of french toast and stew within is indeed a delightful combination while the additional of fruits add a little sweetness and healthy touch to the dish. for full review with pics

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New cafe option at Bukit Timah

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 74

For the full review and more photos, do visit

Taking over the space of 7-Eleven is this new cafe called The Missing Pan. Opened by The Organic Baker (who owns Meat the Butcher and Eat Organic a few shops away), they have formerly operated at OUB Centre and Circular Road as UpperCrust. Spanning 2 levels of seatings (there’s another 2 levels which I don’t know where it leads to), there is a lift inside the shop to facilitate the move between both levels (there is also a staircase right beside for people who aren’t willing to wait).

For a start, they served complementary baguette.


The Iced Chocolate is rather diluted. Otherwise, the quantity is a lot.


The Flat White is ok although it is slightly burnt and thus had a bitter taste. X had this last week while he was here and he had the same comments as well.


The Over Hangover consists of chicken schnitzel, bacon and sunny-side egg sandwiched by the sourdough, bacon vinaigrette and served with chips. Besides the chicken schnitzel being a bit too dry, this is great to order as the egg and bacon is cooked nicely.


The Crustacean is rather acceptable. The serving is rather generous, and the pasta taste great. However, some of the crustaceans were not thoroughly cooked and tastes rather raw. Notwithstanding, this is something that can be ordered if you want something pasta (provided you take seafood).


The 62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Ham had honey-grilled gammon ham, sauteed spinach and mushroom and buttered corn spreaded with in-house hollandaise sauce on top of 2 pieces of sourdough and served with salad. This is a definite must order. The ham tasted great. The egg is cooked to perfection (maybe it is really cooked under 62 degree heat!) with the yolk oozing out easily with a prick of the fork. The sauteed spinach and mushroom and buttered corn was excellent as well.


The Iced Mocha tasted better than the Iced Chocolate as it is more concentrated in terms of chocolate taste. The amount of milk added is also just right.


The Cioccolatto, a dessert consisting of a chocolate cream (in the form of a ball), sprinkled with Maldon salt flakes and vanilla-infused olive oil and topped with a sugared bread, came out rather disappointing as we thought the quantity would have been slightly more. The chocolate cream was rather rich (we thought it was chocolate ice cream at first and as such thought it tasted odd). The use of Maldon salt flakes and olive oil made the chocolate cream tasted odd as well. Probably I do not know how to appreciate this dish, but I feel it isn’t to my liking.


If you are around the Bukit Timah area and looking for a cafe to have dinner at with family and friends, this is the place to consider.

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Delicious All-Day Meals

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 285

Regardless whether you have visited in the past for the food, the Smoked Duck Risotto ($25) provided another good reason to dine here. Instead of slices of smoked duck breast, the meat was meticulously chopped into bite sizes, blending itself seamlessly with the rest of the ingredients including hojimeishi mushrooms and baby spinach. The bright zesty flavor of the semi sun-dried tomato lightened everything instantly and served as a good foil for the rich and creamy base. Full review on

The vigilant eye for consistent quality food is not kept to the main courses but also the desserts section, where non-conventional pairings like thyme ice cream and nutty brownie would invite you to linger for more. Take for example the Frozen Honey Nougat ($12) that was flecked with pistachio nuts, dried almonds, and jazzed up with a delicate and aromatic coconut tuile biscuit. I was amazed how this chilled meringue was so restrained in sweetness, even when consumed with the meringue sticks. This is definitely a wonderfully refreshing and healthier confection than the usual ice cream to tide sweet cravings.

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Quality has steadily declined over the past year

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 5

I've been going to Missing Pan ~2 times/month for the past year and will stop going there. The line-up used to be quite long (~30mins on Sat/Sun) but there's literally no line anymore - just show up and walk in. The eggs benedict was my favorite but the quality of the dish has steadily deteriorated over the past year. It used to be among the best I ever had, but now is so bad I wonder if they changed the chef. For one, the eggs used to be cooked perfectly, but on several recent occassions I have received two hardboiled eggs. The dish used come with two pieces ham but now it's just one. They also got rid of the mushrooms and corn that used to come with the dish, so now it's literally just two hard boiled eggs and one piece of ham on toast drenched with hollandaise sauce. 

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The management of The Missing Pan responded to this review:
10 Mar 2015
Dear WOOFWOOFBARK, Thank you for sharing your experience at The Missing Pan. Your comments are very valuable to us as we strive to maintain a high quality of food and service. We sincerely apologise that your recent visits did not turn out the way you expected. Please be assured that we will look into your feedback earnestly to improve ourselves and to deliver satisfactorily to our customers. We sincerely hope that you will still be one of them. Warmest Regards. The Missing Pa

quite nice

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Finally got to have a taste of eggs Benedict, though not so nice as expected. I don't really like uncooked salmon. Quite ex but good environment. The cakes are good. Try pot pie next time.

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