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Review for The Missing Pan

Soonorsooner • 10 Feb 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Lousy service great food though

Had a gathering of 9adults and 1 child. we were all full of anticipation after i dined there on a week night. The experience was good enough for me to recommend to my friends for a gathering.
The food portion was generous. it's good tasting food. solid and fresh.
The berries milkshake one of us ordered was heavenly. The rosti stack was laden with wonderful layers of bacons and the crisp was just right. The 62deg egg benedict with smoked salmon was tasty and wonderful. however one of the burger came with the wrong doneness of the steak. My friend asked for medium rare, it turned out medium well. The other burger was good. And oh the fries were good! lightly salted and perfect. The kid enjoyed it alot as well as some of us.  However, we were extremely disappointed with the service and the cooking team. The birthday girl had to wait 1+hrs for her order to arrive. despite us checking with the crew if her order was ready repeatedly 2-3times. 
and i was told the orders were mixed up because of 2 orders that came in later. That made the kitchen crew confuse. To me and to my friends, that's unacceptable excuse.
We all agreed that we would have strongly recommend The missing pan to our friends given the quality of food But the handling of a large group and the waiting time for our orders to arrive which took 45mins on average for the rest of us, just did not make it a happy brunch place.
To be fair, the 2 cakes we ordered were waived on the account of the cafe.
And also, they definitely fare better in handling smaller groups of 2-4.
Must Tries
62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, berries milkshake
Recommended for
Breakfast, Brunch
Average Spend
$318 for 9 pax
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