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The Peranakan Flavours

AsianNonya / Peranakan

We serve authetic Peranakan food that comes with the ambience and cozy feeling.

+65 67891001
$24 based on 6 submissions
Yu Wei

nice place to dine in.

authentic taste of peranakan. the portion is not a lot but enough to eat. slightly expensive. about $23per pax. it's inside a hotel with good service and environment. worth to try.

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04 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

nice place to dine in.

authentic taste of peranakan. the portion is not a lot but enough to eat. slightly expensive. about $23per pax. it's inside a hotel with good service and environment. worth to try.
22 May 2014 • 1909 reviews • 258 followers

Niche Peranakan Restaurant

Located at Ardennes Hotel on Jalan Klapa, this smal little eatery offers authentic "Melecca style" Peranakan food.

Prior to arriving, make sure to pre-order the yam cake in advance as it is off menu and takes time to prepare. This melt in the mouth dish is a must try here.

Another dish to try is the Ikan Sambut and otah, combined together as one item to provide a rather firm bite with a power spicy finish.

Do also try the Sotong Hitam, fresh squid cooked in its black ink sauce.

Some slightly modernised dishes include the Nanas Yong Tau Fu, of which the sour finish overpowers the usual more lemak flavours. There is also the fried laksa - can i say mod sin?

Finally, end with the Puloh Hitam, a sweet way to end the hearty meal. As seating is limited reservations is recommended in this boutique hotel.
21 May 2014 • 31 reviews • 6 followers

Chef with a heart into peranakan food.

Chef Ben cookes with a heart.  He cooks with a seasoned feel for the ingredients.

Food:  We had the "see kok tau" salad - four angled beans with a sour dressing, slight chilli.  My favourites were the pork with belimbing fruit - a fruit from the same family as the star fruit,  the fish fillet with otah filling, and the assam pedas with yong tau foo-a fusion of Peranakan and Chinese.

Value:  Reasonable for large servings.

Service:  Pleasant

Ambience:  Set in an old shop house,  it is refurbished and quiet in the restaurant.

20 May 2014 • 711 reviews • 83 followers

Malacca's peranakan in Singapore

Fairly new opening but seasoned chef helms this quaint joint in the Kg Gelam arts. Food: Peranakan style embellished with tamarind and be limbing fruit.  It is primarily mainstream Peranakan style food, especially with the dutifully prepared sauces with multiple spices, but with a strong hand on the fruitily sour ingredients like Buah Belimbing,  and tamarind juice.

Our first dish was the four corner bean served with a lightly chillied sour dressing,  the vegetables were thinly sliced and well tossed with this sauce.  Delicious and appetising.

We were given a treat to Chef's special yam cake, fried to a crisp with soft inside.   Only for special orders, not served daily.

We had the Ikan Sambut which is fish fillet (no bones for the kids to eat,  Ben, head chef said) with a filling of otak spices.  Pan fried to a crisp and served like slices of sandwich breads.  Delicious again.

Following that we had two pork dishes:  one with "chincalok" as a seasoning, and the other with the buah belimbing (this is a fruit like starfruit, but the size of a mini-cucumber)  more sour and sweet, it is an important ingredient in Perkanakan cooking.  My preference is for the Belimbing-pork dish.

Following that we had the famous assam curry with yong tau foo and the fried noodles with laksa sauce (not main stream Peranakan) but very tasty.  The yong tau foo were prepared in the kitchen and did not have the trademarks of factory produced yong tau foo.

We asked for and were served the deliicous sotong in blackened sauce.  I would have rathered they use the squid ink to blacken it but the sauce was similar to the belimbing-pork dish.  Still good with white rice !  We tried the ayam buah keluak but it's not to my taste,  which prefers a stronger "nutty" taste.

Ended with pulut hitam which was well prepared.  Chef Ben promises chendol the next time around.

Value:  Prices are above hawker centers but below the high end restaurants that serve Peranakan food.  Affordable.

Service:  Low staffing level because of the size of the restaurant.  Kelly helped out a lot with dishes, service etc.

Ambience:  Parkingis an issue but Victoria street is single yellow line so free parking after 7pm.  The place is quaint and fitted out like an old English hotel.  15 room boutique style hotel.
Nanas Yong Tau Foo
19 May 2014 • 96 reviews • 35 followers

Lovely Peranakan cuisine

Head Chef Ben Teo churns out dish after dish of yummy Peranakan dishes. You could just stay here and simply enjoy the food and company. This is a place I will return with my friends.    For the uninitiated, Peranakans are fiercely protective and loyal to the receipes unique to their own family. Comparing every other Peranakan chef’s interpretation of the classic dishes to your own grandmother’s interpretation is unfair and impossible. You must first take away your own coloured lenses so that you can appreciate various kitchen’s version of the same classic dish.   Most of the dishes we tried during this sponsored food tasting were spicy but really yummy. Pork dishes including chinchalok pork ($15), belimbing pork ($15) were tender and meat were thoroughly flavourful. They go very well with rice. Even a simple dish like kacang botol ($10) was refreshing. Yam cake is only available if you preorder as its not in the menu. Patrons familiar with Chef Ben Teo would purposely ask him for it.   Nanas Yong Tau Foo ($20) was another successful effort in infusing pineapple and Yong Tau Foo infused with fish meat. This is a less spicy dish.   Laksa goreng ($15) tasted like satay bee hoon and laksa mixed into 1. I personally liked this dish very much. Ikan sumbat ($30) is another of my favourite. The sweetness of the fish sandwiched with otak served piping hot was simply wonderful.   In comparison,  sotong hitam ($18), ayam buah keluak ($15) were less outstanding.