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Review for The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza 1)


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Address: #04-28, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, 228213
03 Jul 2014 • 181 Reviews • 8 Followers

Quality food at affordable price!

The Sushi Bar has since shifted from level 3 to level 4. But the queue still remains snaking long although they have shifted to a bigger outlet. Wow.
Upon checking their FB page, I realised they’ve since set up a reservation system on 22 May 14. They only take reservation one week in advanced, and I do recommend making the reservation 7 days ahead.
A little more onto their reservation policy:-
1. Reservation is through SMS only. No WhatsApp text
2. Reservation one week in advanced
3. No same day reservation
4. No reservation on weekend and public holidays
5. Upon confirmation of reservation, a reply will be sent via SMS
6. Last reservation is at 2pm for lunch and 7.30pm for dinner
7. Table will be held for 10 minutes from reservation time and everyone has to be present to be seated.
And with that, after having successfully made a reservation (7 days aheaad, of course), my friend and I headed down to The Sushi Bar on a Wednesday night.
And from the menu, we ordered:-
1) Wafu spaghetti, $10.90 – Or more commonly known as mentaiko pasta. This is so addictively good! The portion was good for 2 to share. A must try.

2) 7 kinds sashimi (chef’s selection), $148.90 – There’re 3 choices of sashimi platter to choose from. The first being 3 kinds (salmon tuna, hamachi) at $14.90, 5 kinds (salmon, tuna, tako, Hamachi, mekajiki) at $26.90 and 7 kinds which you’ll need to enquire with the staff for the price. Our 7 kinds comprised of otoro, chutoro, akami, hamachi belly, kanpachi, hotate gai, kimedai and uni. The slices from the blue fin tuna were so good! Yum. However, we had a little issue with the uni served. Good uni is of vibrant orange colour, soft yet steady such that they don’t easily disintegrate when you pick it up with your chopsticks. However, those uni which were placed at the bottom layer of our sashimi platter, had turned hard and brown. What a shame in terms of consistency.
Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, please continue to read my review on other dishes here: PART 2
Frankly, if you are not very strict about the ambience (Ie, you do not need the traditional setting of a Japanese restaurant), The Sushi Bar is a good place for quality food at affordable prices. Of course, the ‘price’ to pay for this deal is that you got to queue (if you did not manage to make a reservation).
Layout wise, the shop is somewhat divided into two. For the front half, the space is taken up by 2 rows of tables along the length of the space. I actually felt the space was slightly under utilised. On the other hand, the back half is closely packed with tables. And that is also where you get to see the chefs in action since the chef counter is located at the back half. I am not sure if you can state your preference in terms of where you want to sit, but the front half will be ideal for a ‘quieter catch up’ while the back half is noisier.
PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog
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$120 for 2 pax
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