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I bought another hungrydeals voucher!

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I am still sorely lamenting the fact that I rushed from the office to Morton’s Bar at 6.15pm and I failed to get any of the free steak sandwiches. Greedy fellow patrons who grab two or three sandwiches at one go – shame on you.


We were starved after our martinis and needed dinner desperately. Since I had a hungry deal 30% discount voucher, I suggested checking out Tasting Room, located not too far at Marina Square. The place was packed on a Friday but I had called 30 minutes ahead to book and they very nicely showed our group of 6 to a small private dining area. Heh. I feel like a VIP.


The food orders came fast – excellent. A few of us had the duck confit ($23) and it was pretty tasty, albeit dry in some parts. I liked the mash potatoes. Others who had the seared salmon ($23) said it was fresh and well-cooked too. Only the pumpkin risotto ($18) was not well-received.


We couldn’t not try the wines, given that the place was called Tasting Room. Bert suggested trying a Burgundy (atas palate) so we got a lower-price-range bottle of Bouchard Père & Fils Beaune du Château Pinot Noir at $89. Hmmm, nice honeysuckle and chalk nose, soft and easy to drink, but it’s lacking liveliness.


We weren’t too impressed with the first pinot, so for our second bottle we settled for a good value $64 “cannot-fail-us” bottle Kiwi pinot – the Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir 2009. It’s nothing too elegant, just plain vibrant black cherries and plum, but we liked it.


I can’t say the food was fantastic but it was adequate enough for me to log on to hungrydeals again the next day to buy another discount voucher. Will return to try the appetizers and maybe a bottle or two of the other wines.

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Delicious Food, Reasonable Price!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Went for their dinner set during restaurant week. It was definitely one of the most value for money deals. For $35, we had a four course dinner which included selections such as Truffle Fries, Wagyu Beef Cheek, Duck Confit and Tiramisu. We calculate the ala carte prices for those items to be at least double the price we paid. Portions size was big as well so it shows they didn't cut down on portions size just to cut cost. Food was delicious and taste authentic. The wine list is also reasonable and extensive. Would definitely come back and recommend to others!

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Wine & Dine at Wallet Friendly Prices

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

A group of us went to Tastings Room for our friend birthday celebration after being recommended by other friend who went before. Upon arrival, we were promptly usher to a modernistic looking private room. Since we didn't request for it, it came as nice surprise. They served French and Italian food in the menu, with most of the mains below $30. We ordered the Moscato wine as they were all 1-For-1, who can resist moscato?

I had Duck Confit which was moist and fork tender while the skin retained its crispyness! My friends even said it was better than some restaurant in France and rank up there as one of the best in Singapore. Combine the duck meat with the orange sauce and the butter smooth mash potatoes and you get an idea of what a good Duck Confit should be like.

My friends had the other main which was a "Sous Vide" Pork Belly with Crackling Skin. Apparently the meat was cooked for more than 24 hours resulting in a melt in you mouth texture. The apple sauce added a nice balance to the dish.

Their pasta are also good, al dente with rich sauce and fresh ingredient. Highly recommend their Truffle Cream Wild mushroom pasta. Rich and creamy truffle infused sauce, with lots of mushroom, you cant miss this!

The birthday gal even got a complimentary Tiramisu cake! With its good food and wine selections, friendly prices and good service, definitely a place I would highly recommend!

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What an AWFUl, AWFUL experience !

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Very poor experience. Service was horrible, atmosphere no better than any sandwich shop located in a mall, food so-so.

Service: Felt about the same as the service you get from a flight attendants when flying in economy class on an economy airline. Actually, flight attendants are nicer and more professional. Then, there were large delays in serving the food once we had ordered. Furthermore, I was served my soup but my visiting American colleague was not. I had to ask for the server what happened to my colleague’s soup to get it served, after waiting ten minutes expecting it would be coming (and my soup getting cold). Then, the same thing happened with the main course, exactly the same thing; once again, they brought mine but not my colleague’s and I had to call the server over and point it out. (By the way, it is hard to get a server’s attention; they do not pay good attention to the customers in their assigned areas.) After we were finished, we just wanted to go and get out of there. Besides, there was a line of people waiting to get in. (The night, Sept. 11th, was the end date of the Groupon coupon we used, so a lot of people were there redeeming their coupons at the last chance.) We noticed this and I suggested we go right away so the next customers could have our table. And you would think the servers would notice the situation and be eagerly waiting for us to get up and go so they could seat the next customers. But, no . . It took us a good ten minutes to get the server’s attention to let her know we wanted to go.

The food: Limited to two linguine choices, we both had linguine,

which was a bit more tough and chewy than it should be. The

cheesecake was fluffed up and rather mild in flavor, with a vanilla over taste. A Sarah Lee cheesecake is better than what Tastings Room serves up. The Groupon promotion was to attract more customers, unfortunately, they had failed to attract me.

Overall, Tastings Room is over-hyped and overpriced. Once they get figured out, I expect they won’t be around for long.

Oh, and while they may think they’re being cute with the text on

the back of their menu, I personally found it rather in bad taste. There we were preparing to eat, and what do we get to read about? “p***” and “s***” (The back of the menu, trying to get you to drink wine, tells you that water has e-coli in it and that e-coli is a kind of “p***” and if you drink it, you will be “full of s***.’) It’s just completely tasteless, completely inappropriate to a fine dining experience, especially after a hard day's work or on a romantic date.

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deal from groupon

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I brought this groupon 3 course meal from the tastings room offer on the website.

My boyfriend and I went on a tuesday night. The restarunt is a bit cold but with the christmas song played in the restarunt got a bit feel of christmas coming.

We were served with hot water once we are seated. As is a 3 course meal and there is selection for all the 3 course, we each took one from the set.

I have the tomato seafood soup, which was served hot and very rich tomato flavor. I like it a lot since is a nice cold night. My bf have the parma ham and melon, tot it was refreshing with the dressing but can hv more slices od the melon.

Main course I had the duck confit and my boyfriend had the beef cheek. The the duck confit i had got a nice crispy skin and i am surprise that the mashed potato served together got mix with pumpkin seed and cranberry. But which to have more vegetable with it rather than just have french bean. ( Maybe carrot or spinach) For my boyfriend beef cheek , i am not a beef person but he said it was tender and juice but this time is served with plain mashed potato but when i tasted it , it do taste abit of garlic. but same only served with french bean and mushroom. can we have more vegetable pls ......

Dessert we both had the mango and chocolate mousse. As we are not a very creme burlee people. The dessert we can taste the mango with in the mousse. But the is seem like the dessert taste is good but not good enough there something missing in it.

Overall is a nice place with this 3 course we only paid 35 buck each that make up 70 dollor. They do served wine, beer and oher drinks but we not drinking people so we skip those. But no worry they do served ice water.

Hope they always come out with more offer like this on the website. Will wait for their next offer.

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good service good food

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

A group of us went to this newly open wine bistro last weekend. We read alot of review on the blog on this bistro. We had booked for a table for 4 and upon arriving the bistro were greeted by a friendly host which brought us to our table.

The bistro look cool with the nice dim red light hanging down. After we are seated we were presented with the menu and ask for hot or ice water. Which most of the cafe or bistro would just go ahead to pour you the ice water.

4 of us we ordered the 38 dollar main course set dinner. We order 1 mushroom soup, 1 seafood tomato soup and we top up $3 for a caesar salad and their singnature tomato salad.

Our main course we ordered the Beef Cheek , Seabass, Duck confit & Chicken. And dessert we all have the creme brulee, durain cake and Tiramisu. We wanted to order the white chocolate lave but it was already sold out (stated on the menu that they only serve limited amount everyday).

All the food came was above what we expected and really nice. I also impress that their plate for their main course was hot which most of the restarunt or bistro would serve their main course on cold plate, is a turn off. Aleast the chef know their food well.

The service staff always served with a smile and always constantly topping up our water and making sure that we are well taken care. To our surprise that day was really crowded at the tastings room. They seem to have some event going on with set dinner i guess so but the whole time we are well serve and taken care till we bill and leave the restarunt.

We hope that they maintain the stardard in their food and service. We will sure be back for more cos ... ( we have not tried the chocolate lave )

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