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Back to The White Rabbit39C Harding Road
 • 07 Apr 2014 1 review 0 follower
We went back to try our luck again...should have learned the first time. We tried the fixed price menu. Beware - its not at all fixed price. They weave lots of little extras in. The food was average - only to be outdone by the absolute lack of substance. If you want to go home hungry, pay top dollar for so-so food - then this is the place for you.
It was interesting to watch the wait staff - wired up with two way radio - then to see them pass the buck to one another(by radio of course) rather than simply attending to the guests and acting directly on the request. The system high tech system took almost 20 minutes to deliver the first drinks to the table. A little less high tech and a little more old fashion service would be nice...especially at the kind of prices they are charging.
As they say, diner beware!

I spent $312 per person.

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