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Lu Gang Xiao Zhen by The Asian Kitchen offers an impressive menu of traditional Chinese food such as their famous Eggy Rice dish, Herbal Guitar Duck and Stir fried Four Seasons Beans with Salt Egg Yolk.

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Cereal Fried Rice
Cereal Fried Rice
Moonlight Hor Fun
Moonlight Hor Fun
Mango Pudding
Mango Pudding
Cereal Fried Rice
Cereal Fried Rice
  • oyster mee sua 2 votes
  • Roasted pork 1 vote
  • T.A.K. Pork Belly 1 vote

Latest Review for Lu Gang Xiao Zhen by The Asian Kitchen

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(Dancing in the) Moonlight Hor Fun! :P

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 45

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Lu Gang Xiao Zhen is managed by The Asian Kitchen group, offering various Taiwanese dishes for passersby who may be allured by the tantalising aroma coming out from the restaurant. There are currently two branches: one in ION Orchard, and another in Nex.

T.A.K. Pork Belly - The best item of the day was the side dish which I ate as an appetiser. Served hot, the pork belly wasn't only crispy on the edges, but also lipsmackingly juicy and tender. Dipped into the vinegar with minced garlic, it made me crave for more even after I left the restaurant. Anyway, T.A.K. stands for The Asian Kitchen.

Cereal Fried Rice - I'm a big fan of fried rice and I love everything that comes with cereal oats. Frankly speaking, the fried rice wasn't particularly fluffy, even though it was pretty aromatic. The cereal oats were light and crispy without being overly sweet, but it was a pity that there were only crab sticks as the source of protein.

Moonlight Hor Fun - The dish is named so because of the raw egg put on top of the fried hor fun (Chinese flat rice noodle). Overall, it had quite an appetising smoky aroma. Accompanied by a few prawns and fish slices, the rice noodle was cooked with the right amount of dark soy sauce and was nicely chewy.

Mango Pudding - The mango pudding was, sad to say, passable. Served lukewarm, it had an overly soft texture. Besides that, it didn't really taste like mango pudding. It was more like cream pudding with an insufficient hint of mango flavour.

It was a pity that an otherwise good meal had to end with such a disappointing dessert item. Nevertheless, I'd love to dissect more of the Taiwanese street food offered.

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just fine

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

not as good as the one I have tried in other countries, althought it sells taiwanese food the taste has already been changed, its oyster mee sua but just not the same as  i ate bakc in taiwan, and the service is slow. not much to say about the ambience. 

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Bad service and meh food

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 147

Perhaps we didn't order the right things. But the meal started off on a sour note because of the maitre d', who refused to seat me and my bf at the only vacant table (a 4-seater) even though there were several ang moh couples who were seated at 4-seater tables. Instead he went up to the empty 4-seater table, moved the two tables apart (thus converting it into two smaller 2-seaters), then seated us at one of them. The entire restaurant is extremely squeezy to begin with and when we tried to move our table 2 inches further away from the other one, we were told by the waiter that we were blocking the thoroughfare.

We had the cereal fried rice, some kind of gong bao chicken in a claypot, and the hot plate tofu. All were unmemorable, which definitely made the bad service not worth it. 

I would never darken their doors again (nor that of any of their affiliates, e.g. the asian kitchen). It is exceedingly rude to split a table in front of your guests, which gives off the impression that they are not important enough to you, which we probably weren't. We felt like leaving many times during the meal, but didn't, because we decided to stay there longer (the amount of time it takes for two 2-seaters to turn) just to be petty :P Eventually we were chased away by the overall griminess (sticky tables) and squeeziness in the restaurant. 

There are so many restaurants to eat at in Ion and its environs, there is absolutely no reason to pick this one.

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