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Review for The Banana Leaf Apolo (Race Course Road)


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Address: 56 Race Course Road, 218564
19 Mar 2014 • 262 Reviews • 38 Followers

friendly service, good food, great family meal

Dining with toddlers and young children can very challenging cause u are juggling so many things like: keeping the kids behaved decently, ensuring they eat enough …… on top of what you normally try to do on a regular dinner: secure a comfortable table, choose the right dishes,  try to have some conversation with your spouse. On that basis I had an excellent family dinner out at Banana Leaf Apolo.
My strategy for the kids at Indian restaurants is to order naan for them as they don’t take spicy food. I also ordered some vegetable fritters made from chick pea flour which they took some. So my toddler and young children were happily using their fingers to tear the naan to smaller pieces with their hands and using their jaws to work their way through the freshly made & chewy naan. Oh, they also loved the papadam. I think my kids loved that fact that Indian food means eating with hands.
Only when the kids are settled, can the adults enjoy the meal. The large fish head curry is really huge and after 3 adult have their fair share, the tapau portion was able to feed another 2 adults. Compared to Muthu’s curry fish head, the Apolo version did not induce as much perspiration as it is less fiery and the spice blend is a bit … how would I say…… less spot-on compared to Muthu’s which I remembered really exploded the right signals on my taste buds. It was still good and the fish is fresh. We also had the chicken marsala which was delicious and the best I had so far. 

The staff are friendly, responsive and the service is very fast. Baby chair is set up prompt upon request. So a peaceful and satisfying meal for 3 adults and 3 kids for about $60 (after the UOB promo) is what I call a great dinner experience.
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