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Specialising in fish head curry and other North and South Indian fare, this pleasant restaurant has been a landmark in Little India for over 30 years. Other than the fish head curry, try the chicken masala, mutton curry and tandoori chicken. Function rooms are also available.

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Chicken Tikka
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the hole. enough said.
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Curry on a banana leaf

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 258

Came for the classic banana leaf Indian dinner with friends. We ordered a range of dishes including Murg Tikka Masala, Chicken Kadhai, Chilli Chicken, Fish in Banana Leaf, Saag Ghost, Yellow Dhal, and some plain/garlic Naan. Overall we were happy with the quality of the food and service and think value is reasonable at around $20 p.p which includes a jug of beer. Some of the dishes like the signature fish head curry do seem expensive, and when I tried it before at the Racecourse Rd outlet I was not that impressed. Anyway I still consider this a good place to come, especially if we have visitors staying over and want to show them Little India. There is 10% if you have Amex or UOB.

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Terrible Service

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

I went to Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India on 9/5/15 alone during lunch time. I sat there and waited to be served, but everyone seems to be busy and no one attend to me even though some of them past by me. Then I raised my hand at two staffs, they showed hand sign to wait, the third staff I raised my hand came and took my order. Later when my veg set meal was served, there was an empty bowl in the tray which was meant for payasam. Before I could ask the waiter for the payasam, he disappeared. So I went to the counter and got the payasam and spoon by myself. After I finished, my waiter who took my order didn't came to gave me the bill so I've to find out the table number myself and pay my bill at the counter. Maybe, if we go there as single they don't entertain you. All their staffs need to be sent for customer service training as they don't knows what's the meaning of good customer service.

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Most Appalling Service Attitude

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 1
Total Review: 1

Made reservations for 8pm for a table for eight persons. Was there at 7.50pm and was waiting for my elderly parents and family. At 8pm, this bespectacled paunchy manager Rajendran told me that I had to give up my table as there was a queue outside waiting for seats. Despite me telling him that I had a reservation for 8pm,it was only 8pm then and my parents were walking towards the restaurant, this pathetic excuse of a manager kept insisting that there was a queue outside and he needed the seats. What is the point of making a reservation, only to be asked to give up the table when we were not even late? My entire family was seated by 8.03pm!! This experience really leaves me with a bitter and nasty taste! Atrocious service standard.

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The Banana Leaf Apolo – Celebrating 40 years

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 348

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As the Little Devil and her friends have cravings for Curry Fish Head, we decided to pop by one of Little India's renowned Indian restaurant for the Curry Fish Head. Located, behind the Verge shopping centre, we were lucky that we were able to find parking on this busy road.


The Banana Leaf Apolo at Little India Arcade is very spacious. The first floor is the general dining area while the second floor is used for function. Once you enter the restaurant, you can see the different dining sections that cater to the customer privacy before you enter to the main section where the cooked foods are displayed.


We ordered their famous Curry Fish Head (M) - $26, Butter Chicken - $13, Chicken Tikka - $12, Palak Paneer - $10, Plain Naan - $2.50 and Plain Rice w veg - $3.


First, the Curry Fish Head. The size of the fish head looks quite big and fresh. Unfortunately after the first bite, the dining experience is just went downhill from there. The fish meat taste a bit hard and the fish did not absorbed the flavor of curry. It tasted like that the fish was steamed first and submerged into the curry for flavour only. Truly disappointing!!


When we ate the butter chicken and palak paneer, it seems that the taste buds never recover from the disappointment of the curry fish head. There are only limited amount of chicken meat inside the butter chicken and it tasted a bit hard. While the palak paneer is slightly bland and stingy on the servings of cottage cheese.


Fortunately, the chicken tikka is well marinated, moist and tender. While the naan is soft and generous in servings, perfect to complement the chicken tikka. At the end, we use the gravy on from the butter chicken to finish up the naan.


Service here is very minimum. From the time we enter the restaurant until the time we left, it is difficult to get the waiter attention. It took ages for them to come to take our order while the restaurant is not a the peak dining period yet.


Overall, we find that this branch of the Banana Leaf Apolo does not live up their famous name. Comparing to the Racecourse Road branch, it lost in every department. Worse of all, you can actually find better food in any smaller establishment in Little Indian. I just hope that the management will look into this and take the necessary action to restore the restaurant reputation.  

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