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$187 based on 68 submissions
Dinner (27 votes), Romance/First Dates (26 votes), Fine Dining (20 votes) ...

Perched on a cliff overlooking the South China Sea with gentle breezes, The Cliff at Sentosa features a show kitchen, cascading water features and a split-level platform over lush jungle. This alfresco style restaurant serves exquisite contemporary cuisine and wine.

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Wagyu Beef
Wagyu Beef
Alfresco Dining
Alfresco Dining
  • chicken 4 votes
  • desserts 3 votes
  • Oysters 2 votes
  • Belian OO oyster 1 vote
  • Chef's menu 1 vote
  • Cod Fish 1 vote
  • Duck 1 vote
  • Foie Gras 1 vote
  • Hokkaido Scallops 1 vote
  • Pan roasted black cod 1 vote
  • ROASTED "TRUE" COD 1 vote
  • Rocket salad 1 vote
  • Seafood platter 1 vote
  • Signature Baked Cod 1 vote
  • Taste of Oyster 1 vote
  • The Oysters 1 vote
  • cod 1 vote
  • everything 1 vote
  • freshly shucked oysters 1 vote
  • oysters with calamansi+martini sorbet 1 vote
  • passionfruit ice cream dessert 1 vote
  • roasted true cod (according to my boyfriend) 1 vote
  • seared tuna. the overall stunning environment. 1 vote
  • vietnamese tart 1 vote

Latest Review for The Cliff

Overall RatingBased on 42 reviews
Most helpful review:

Perfect Valentine's Date!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 94

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o you desire to fire up the love? A delicious 4-course meal at The Cliff is a perfect fit for any couple... With Appetiser, Soup, Main and desserts ,I had GREAT fun at the Cliff!

I ordered:
A Timbale of Avocado and Tomatoes served with baslamic sauce

Slow-cooked roma tomato soup

Breast from free ranged chicken

Grilled Seabass

Vietnamese Tart


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So tasty... Yummy...!

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

The food of this rataurant are very tasty. They are also have a great services for children. It makes my son happy in his birthday! We all love this restaurant!

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Overpriced dishes that did not satisfy

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 168

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1) White wine - $23


Fine de Claire Oysters- $8 per piece
 Having tried the Fine de Claire oysters at Onion, we were really excited about these oysters. And were hoping that they'd impress us more than the oysters from Lawry's! Sadly, the oysters weren't that fresh and they were pretty small too

3) Pan Seared Foie Gras - $36
 Apple Celarie slaw, lemon compote, green apple espuma
 I liked the ice cold green apple espuma. It was sweet and a little sour. you could taste the crunchy ice bits in it. The lemon compote was pretty interesting too. As much as they are good on their own, they just didn't complement the foie gras. The foiegras was warm, soft on the inside but it was hardly crisp on the out. Also, the taste of foie gras wasn't really brought out somehow. It wasn't tasty nor flavourful. We were definitely disappointed.

4) Veal Shank - $58
 Risotto, potatoes, mushrooms with braised veal
 It was the special main course of the day
 This dish was very fragrant and the veal was extremely tender. The mushrooms and risotto went really well with the veal, each bringing their individual tastes while blending perfectly together.
 Also, the portion was pretty big.

5) Red Gurnard - $60
 Butter fried, baby octopus, shrimp, clam, white wine sauce
 The fish was fresh and well-cooked. Very soft on the inside and does not carry the fishy taste.
 The foam tasted unique and was a little sour. It was quite special when mixed with the white wine sauce.
 Other than that, this dish was an absolute disappointment.
 There were only 3 shrimps. And by shrimps, I mean really tiny shrimps, about the size of the nail on my thumb. There were only 2 clams and 4 baby octopuses. 
 I can't help but feel that this dish was severely overpriced.

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